Tuesday, December 12, 2006

misc 2!

been watchin a crazy amount of youtube and so far have learned 2 things.

1.david letterman was king back in the day.

2.yo! mtv raps was the shit.



something i didnt finish drawing
while flippin thru a ricky powell book.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

tatted up 2!

just copped 3 shepard fairey posters!
OBEY bitches!
listening to:
cormega - the realness
nas - hip hop is dead
dangerdoom - the man and the mouse
ol' dirty bastard - nigga please
boogie down productions - edutainment


watchin the music video directors collection: spike jones
and the dvd reminded me of
one of the illest rap songs ever:
feelin' downtrodden
fresh kid turned rotten
i can't belive the "e" that i'm coppin'
over the years seems like i'm gettin' dumber
reminiscing to a time
when i was younger with a hunger
full of dreams
but now it seems
they hesitate to be on my team
you know the routine
when you winnin'
they grinnin'
all up in your face
like they was with you from the beginnin'
but on the flipside
when you washed up like a riptide
fools clown 'bout
how you slipped
and let shit slide
beside the fact
my voice is wack
clowns runnin' round
talkin' bout i smoke crack
aint got no homies that got my back
yeah i'm a brotha
but sometimes i dont feel black
my girl is white
my game aint tight
niggas who aint seen me in a while be like
"dude, you i-ight?"
(chorus x 3)
who am i kiddin
who am i foolin'
when they be like
"what's up fat lip?"
and i say
(krs-one sample: what do you expect when u rhyme like a soft punk?!)
goin out like a sucka
almost everyday
in the back of your mind
you probably thinkin' i was gay
but naw
i'm just a bitch ass nigga
the type to get jacked
above the ribs ass nigga
see ive been a loser
just about all of my life
type that try to turn a ho into a housewife
what do you expect
i give respect
and feel for hoes
niggas keep in check
i'm far from hard
emtionally scarred
on pico boulevard
i was regarded as a retard
i make myself sick
get on my own nerves
grown up nerd
has been emcee
on a label that's unstable
choppin bliggy on a table
(chorus x 3)
"what's up fat lip?" - fat lip