Sunday, May 16, 2010

chef and triple six!

recently added raekwon the chef and three six mafia.
ive been listening to only built for cuban linx 1 + 2
and funny three six mafia tracks.
i said 'beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiitttttch!'
three six mafia, ganksta nip, too short
has always fallen into the 'guilty pleasures' category
in my hip hop catalog.
so much shit talk and ho
cant get enough of that stuff.
the main reason i love hip hop over any
other music genre is it can attack ANY subject,
and get to the point.
whether its 'move bitch get out the way!' (ludacris)
or 'the ghetto' (eric b + rakim)
'whats up fat lip' (fat lip)...
man i love this.

on some other ish:
de la soul - keepin the faith
(i never heard this mix, but i like it!)
de la soul feat. redman - oooh

Thursday, May 06, 2010

wit the furs!

im watching funny booty bass vids
and wrestling vids?
what a weird combo.
ive been watching old 80s wrestling matches.
macho man was the shit.
ric flair was the shit.
love all those old fun talks up before matches.
(word to the ultimate warrior, hogan, piper and bobby heenan)

currently listening to:
dj evil dee - beatminerz radio (c'mon kick it!)
cam'ron + vado + dj drama - boss of all bosses 1+2 mixtapes
wu-tang clan - wu-tang forever 2lp
murs + 9th wonder - fornever lp
b.o.b. - the adventures of bobby ray lp
cypress hill - rise up lp
(this is so-so, gotta listen a bit more)
la coka nostra - brand you can trust lp
(on the fence with this one, gotta listen to it more)

i love this beat and music video.
(word to pete rock)
i used to watch the and1 streetball vids.
damn that shit was dope!
(word to hot sauce, skip to my lou, helicopter, professor, escalade....damn!)

and just because....
i love this 'transformers theme' sample.
plus (oscar/academy award winning)
three six mafia has always repped hard as fuck.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

cee oh, double em oh, to the en!

got some ass in there!
im way past this on the drawing right now.
gotta post more often damn.
listening to a bunch of miami joints lately.
lots of 'big booty hoes', 'shake that ass bitch' (google/youtube it)
2 live crew, poison clan...classic hilarious stuff

on some other ish:
since guru passed i thought i would
spotlight more emcees/dee jays that
should get thier shine BEFORE they pass.
ill try to find some off beat dudes,
that dont necessarily come off the top of the head.

first up chi-town.
before kanye, there's this producer/rapper
no i.d. (who mentored kanye)
he produced for common with some ill shit.
first vid is
common featuring no i.d. - check the method
id also like to big up common.
common featuring bilal - 6th sense (produced by dj premier)
'this is rap for real... something you feel'
(even though i recently posted some common, fuckit heres more)

favorite common joints:
bitch in yoo (ice cube diss)
i used to love h.e.r.
the food
soul by the pound
retrospect of life

and heres some other shit found via twitter....
i thought it fits the current subject on my drawing...WORD