Sunday, February 13, 2011

start of the sixth!

finally slowing down at work.
i can concentrate on this drawing,
and my running!
i just finished a 1/2 marathon, i beat my old time of 2h 01min.
(with 1h 54min).
so far on this drawing i gots:
urien (street fighter 3: third strike)
chun-li (street fighter alpha 3 costume)
skullomania (street fighter ex 2)
cammy (super street fighter iv alternate 2 costume)
and scorpion (mortal kombat 2)
im moving into the other games,
just to make sure i can fit them in
before filling in more capcom stuff.
next up:
probably more mortal kombat chars, then tekken.

on some other ish:
marvel vs capcom 3 is out this week!!!!
cant wait!!! that is going to be tha hypeness!!!
not sure about teams...havent seen any chars im really attached to.
maybe: wolvie, c.viper, haggar?
i know as i typed that out
the team is not that competitive.
seems like everyone is going to have
storm, sentinel, magneto, dante on thier teams.
whos knows, but anyways im gettin stupid hype.

currently listening to:
raekwon - only built for cuban linx 2 LP
r.a. the rugged man - legendary classics LP

one of my favorite r.a. the rugged man tracks.
black + white feat. timbo king
renaissance feat. tragedy khadafi + hell razah
(trag always brings it! r.a. blacks the fuck out on the last verse!)