Friday, January 29, 2010

love out!

checkit, i added summo ish.
one of my favorite rappers of all time is cormega.
i added a title of one of his songs: 'love in love out'
it sounds like something u would write as a tattoo on a back.
since i have been looking at tattoo books lately,
i thought it would be an awesome line to throw on there.

to the left i am going to add more type.....
but what? hmmm.

i bought a copic airbrush yesterday....
ive never tried airbrushing (minus photoshop, that does not count)
but somehow i want to get back to traditional mediums and try it out.
soon i will post some of those disasterous drawings/hack jobs.

Copic's ABS DVD Series Promo from Pushplay Productions on Vimeo.

currently playing:
tatsunoko vs capcom (wii)
street fighter iv (360)
call of duty: modern warfare 2 (360)

(anytime cats are dressed up = awesome)

'next time you mention somethin bout me mention i aint fake'

Thursday, January 14, 2010


heres some of the new new.
i added gza cause i was listenin' to some wu-tang.
im also lookin at house industries lettering lately,
and some west coast tattoo lettering.
gonna add 'love in, love out' to the left of gza.

check it, heres my top groups with gatz, with a twist.
i picked my favorite tracks and not
neccessarily the most hardcore/gangsta ass tracks.

1.mobb deep

the easy pick would be,
mobb deep - shook ones pt. 2 (the best track for the mobb ever)
but im going to dig a little deeper.
front to back, 'hell on earth' lp was the shit.
but the final track was baller.
'mobb deep - apostle's warning'

2. m.o.p.

first off r.i.p. roc raida,
heres one of my favorite m.o.p. tracks, beat is ridiculous.
'x-ecutioners feat. m.o.p. - let it bang'
honorable mention:
m.o.p. featuring kool g. rap - stick to ya gunz
kool g. rap totally blacks out with the rhyme on this one.
(and with 99% of his tracks)

3. n.w.a

despite straight outta compton and gangsta gangsta,
i always had a place for epmd/tag team style rhymes
for a group with tonz o gunz,
one of my favorite trackz from these guys is this:
nwa - somethin' like that
'kickin' mucho ass'

honorable mentions:
geto boys - 'still'
looking for this video, i thought this was ridiculous,
but awesome at the same time.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

torture attack!

added bayonetta to my drawing!
(how lame is that?)
been playing that over the weekend and it is the hot shit!
2010 starts off with a great game of the year candidate.
(until super street fighter iv comes out)
maybe ill add some torture attacks into the drawing as well.

onto some other ish...
if u dont know el mac, ... check it out right now!
i like the youtube vid of the mary image,
its now 'art' and not vandalism.
word to banksy.
on the music tip...
been back on the native tongue tip.
'boomin in ya
boomin in ya
boomin in ya jeep
or your honda
or your legend
or your beemer
or your benz
the rave of the town
so tell your foes and your friends'
q-tip and phife just blackout on this track,
one of my favorite tribe tracks of all time.
the de la soul track is one of my favorites because its with dj premier.
still kickin soulful rhymes to this day.
word to tribe, de la, black sheep, l.o.n.s...
shout out to rap with no bling,
and how many gunz you and/or your posse has.
on that tip, ill post my favorite gun tracks of all time.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

bbq wingz!

in an effort to update more it is!
in keeping up with another resolution,
i have been drawing for at least 1 hour everyday.
6 days down, 359 to go.
im really happy with the lettering so far,
hopefully i can keep up with the consistency.

cool kids come back with the heat!
my music of the year:
raekwon - only built for cuban linx II
cormega - born and raised
cam'ron - crime pays
lil wayne - the carter III
clipse - til the casket drops
jay-z - blueprint 3
cool kids - gone fishin' mixtape
disappointments (and there were alot of hella duds this year):
busta rhymes - back on my b.s.
jadakiss - the last kiss
eminem - the relapse
50 cent - before i self destruct
rock the bells 2009 in vancouver

Monday, January 04, 2010

new yearzo!

another year, and another drawing!
time to get off my ass and achieve the following in the new year:
- 3+ new drawings
- get to 15000gp on street fighter iv (^above^ is 11396)
- drop down to at least 180 and run a full marathon
- draw, take photos and update more often

games of the year:
1. street fighter iv (of course)
2. call of duty: modern warfare 2 (yup, its that crack)
3. borderlands (surprize hit for me)

currently listening to:
slayer - christ illusion (holy crap)
dj premier - live from headquarters
mister magic and marley marl - rap attack
marley marl - in control
dethklok - dethalbum II