Thursday, December 20, 2012

grind time!

oh snap frozen hood
its holiday season!
for me, its grind time!
since i haven't been home for xmas or new years for....
10+ years,
this is my time to grind on some drawing
since i don't have shit to do.
i've done that since....96ish?
the plan:
video or time lapse alot of the drawing sessions.
what am i going to draw? who knows.
hopefully i also get to catch up with some peoples on skype.
geppi's museum
an awesome comics and culture museum.
super awesome shit.
below that is one of the shots i had from my recent
calgary and edmonton trip.
peace and love to all my canadian peoples.
i miss the snow alot.
i dont need alot...
just one week of it.
something about it is very peaceful and quiet for my mind.
listening to:
game - jesus piece LP
big boi - vicious lies and dangerous rumors LP
alicia keys - girl on fire LP

i just saw the first vid today.
im hyped to hear some new shit from inspectah deck.
he was my favorite mc from the wu-tang clan.
his verse on "triumph" was THE SHIT.

the next video is a song on the
"pretty sweet" video.
this is a skateboard video from
girl + chocolate skateboards + spike jonse.
that video IS THE SHIT.
the song choices are awesome.
if you can find it,

the final video is on "pretty sweet"
but a different version.
demo versions are cool since you hear (sometimes)
completely different verses and/or
completely different beats.
r.i.p. adam yauch.