Thursday, December 03, 2009

off to the next!

f'd up the face but whatever,
keep rollin, and consider it practice.
i dont like the line weight on the face compared to the hair.
i think thats the problem with all of the other drawings in this series.
but thats how i work on a style.
to level up faster, i should try to work on pencils alot more before
finishing it off....thats the benefit of working as a freelance illustrator.
(forced to level up...instead of messing around like me)

i finish a couple of cammy images,
but turned out horrible.
those will never see the light of day,
but i will consider those practice for a bigger piece later this month.

Monday, November 30, 2009

4 dead...2!

^at this point^
i liked the way the lighting is goin down,
its starting to come around.
im only worried about how im going
to tie in the rest of the face.

on friday....
i gotz tha left 4 dead 2!
its my crack right now.
i thought that was going to be trash,
but they fixed alot of the mistakes made in the first one.
continuing the gaming tip,
im getting my tekken skillz back, and trying to level up my lili.
i will premiere my lame lili online soon.
hopefully the online isnt trash,
but now its time to split my fight night time away from sf4.


Saturday, November 28, 2009

why they!

currently sitting at work....waiting for a build.
i should have had more posts by now, but this week has been nuts.
above is finished pencils.
at this point, i got too ansy (as usual)
and i kept going, instead of starting another drawing to go side by side.
one of these days ill calm down.
i just bought spectrum 16,
gonna crack that open right now,....
more thoughts on that later.
listening to/ on repeat shuffle:
bang along - the game
let it be clear - cormega
why they - cam'ron
(duck down weave the right, 2 shots peace... good night!)
^thats^ my cod modern warfare 2 theme music, on repeat 1)
funky enough - the d.o.c.
run's house - run dmc

the beat on this song is ridiculous.
(i dont like the chorus that much, but the verses are tight)

other beats in this catagory (for me):
mind's playin trick on me - geto boys (youtube search that shit if u havent heard it!)
today was a good day - ice cube (word to sir jinx)
juicy - big (word to easy mo bee)
s.d.e. - cam'ron
i gave you power - nas
shook ones pt. 2 - mobb deep

Saturday, November 21, 2009

in a funk!

start of the sixth image.
in this case, its rashida jones.
ive already finished this,
but i need to spread out the posts lol.
i think looking back is helping alot with personal process,
and i am definitely seeing some leveling up.

some thoughts on this particular drawing at this stage:
- general framework is there
- some angles on eyes to face seems to be off
- need to get even looser with the rough
in order to get some lines i would never get.

lately i have not been motivated to draw,
or play games, or do anything.
which led me to watch a full basketball game,
(which i havent done in about a year or so)
and a couple of lame hockey games.
i dont know what it is, but realizing it is happening helps ALOT.
i cant let this funk get at me for too
long and hope to mix things up this weekend.
(even though i working on saturday)
next image should be.....?
i have been threatening to do a cammy,
maybe thats what i will go with.
and this time ill do alot more studies.
(classic '96 acad style)
just realized ive made my sunday!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


one two three fouh fiiiiif!
finish is so-so...
some parts in the hair i like,
but like i said before,
i want to better attack the lighting and expression.
once again, the ink line quality was good.
id like to improve to the next set of drawings
with a pause right int he middle (just before inking)
and compare 2 drawings at once.
we'll see if i have the patience to do this. i go.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

defeating the flu!

had the worst flu of my life.
even though i wasnt diagnosed at all,
i know i had the h1n1.
missed a whole week of work (oof).
anyways, im on the home stretch of defeating this evil,
and its back to drawing....for only a day.
monday is the first day of work where ill have to live there
for a while in order to catch up on all of the work i missed.

with the picture ^above^...
at this stage i was pretty happy with the start of the drawing.
looking at it 9 days later....
i think i should have proved out the lighting alot more,
and really attacked the expression alot more.
maybe exaggerating here and there,
and hopefully pumping up the image from its original reference.

on some other ish...
got to the 10 000 gp mark (now im g2-a grade) with cammy as a main char.
ive got over 1200 matches with cammy, about 1800 matches total.
also got 160 hours logged (holy crap) on the game.
ive learned a ton,
and im now taking on the japanese mentality:
"playing to learn"
once that happened, my gameplay has improved dramatically
and im just messing around and
winning more often and without trying.
my instincts are alot better,
and im starting to find patterns
alot faster with opponents online.

currently playing:
call of duty: modern warfare 2 (xbox 360) - finished single player!
street fighter iv (xbox 360) -g2A grade!
tekken 6 (xbox 360) -working on stupid campaign mode
borderlands (xbox 360) -which is now finished!

Friday, November 06, 2009

fouf finito!

next! (oof)
i messed up on the overall finish of this image,
and the habits continued onto the next drawing.
there are some things i like...
overall craft and line quality,
but i dont like the lighting, proportions,
and expression.
(pretty much hate everything,
but live and learn...and i learned alot, namaste)

onto games ish:
got to level 41 (of 50) as a siren on borderlands.
get that loot and treh-shaa!
also stuck at 9600gp on street fighter champ mode.
so painful working with a lower tier char (cammy).
u definitely cannot make any mistakes.
u can win with the char,
but damn....random uppercuts, ultras
from higher tier chars drive me mental.
i gotta be more disciplined.
(just like in my drawings lol)
im gonna stick with cammy,
....but damn, times are hard.

Thursday, November 05, 2009


i know this picture is ass,
but with it lol.
i started and finished this and another image....
not too happy with the finish of ^this^ or the next one,
but bleh, gotta keep truckin' (<<im gonna try a different approach on the next couple...
and work on them both at the same time!
ill post the preview side by side and take a step back.
check em out, breathe out... and ink em in one sitting.
(we'll see if i have the patience to do this for reals)

currently listening to old school mix shows:
***this is a... super mister super mister super blast blast blast (echo + fade out)***
mr magic + marley marl - rap attack show (i miss mister magic)
marley marl - in control
dj premier - live from headquarters
stretch armstrong + bobbito + lord sear

Thursday, October 29, 2009


another done dealzo.
off to the next ish.
still puzzled about the next drawing....
the saga continues.

currently listening to:
raekwon feat. ghostface killah - only built for cuban linx II
cormega - born and raised
m.o.p. - foundation
de la soul - art official intelligence

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

another randomzo!

continuing on with the randoms.....
i liked the light in the original ref,
so i decided to draw that....
pretty close to finishing off the ink...hope to post on thursday.
next up after this....hmmm....
i bought a darkstalkers tribute book,
and i might draw my version of a darkstalkers char,
or i might still go with the orignial plan of cammy from sf4.

im now over 9000gp
im on my way to g-2A (which is at 10 000).
over 1700 matches, and i still suck ass.
o well, thats what i get for picking a lower tier character.

currently playing:
street fighter iv (xbox 360)
borderlands (xbox 360)
dirt 2 (xbox 360)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

price done!

done deal!
i like how this turned out,
i wish i could get a solid flat black in fills.
(like with gouache but with a marker)
off to the next....
i got a reference folder set up for my cammy image(s)...
im going to do a couple of warmup images in order to
find the right face or style in order to get the
right attack goin into the final drawing.
(what does that mean?)
well, right now im thinkin that im not confident in
making a full page, one character, full figure image.
maybe ill have to go and get some inspiration....

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

another random!

another random piece....
thought id show some new drawing,
but a little bit of process...
(only a little)
so... i went over to imdb,
saw a shot of some show
'lipstick jungle' (what the eff?)
and drew
lindsay price.
in hindsight,
i should have picked a picture with a better facial expression,
or glasses, or more interesting hairstyle,....
but fuckit!....just gotta finish anything right now!
at this point im pretty happy with what i gotz,
and im gonna move straight into final ink.
ill square out the bottom,
and make a funky outline shape on the top,
to make a cooler sihlouette.
at this point ive worked on it about 70 min-ish?

outsville...more later.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

not totally dead yet!

didnt realize it was soooooooooo long between posts...oops!
to update,
ive been taking a long ass break
(which is dumb)
and work has been gettin nutz (so that doesnt help).
but i thought something that i normally do to get out of a block.
i pick a random image off the net.
in this case i hit imdb,
kate walsh happen to be on the front page,
and i drew her right off the bat...
and got a decent drawing out of it.
i think ill do more rnadom ish (i got a couple in the bag now)
and move on to some real projects.

things i wanna work on:
1. better description of lighting thru ink lines alone
2. grey scale marker stylez (gotz my copicz son!)
3. better line choices overall (i might explain this one day)
4. more patience in the early stages
5. better expression and body weight in psoes

heh on some completely other ish:
street fighter iv!!
now at 8600GP (g-2 b grade) and main char. cammy.
ive learned a crazy amount in the last couple of months,
and im now getting out of the 'scrub' level.
(to less dirty scrub)
ive got 900 matches as cammy under the belt
and workin on g-1 grade (15000 GP) before
super street fighter iv hits the shelves.

things to work on with cammy:
1. matchup vs. dhalsim, chun-li, rufus, vega, blanka
2. execution: (tiger knee) cannon strike
3. execution: cannon spike, focus attack dash-cancel, cannon spike
4. execution: cannon spike, focus attack dash-cancel, ultra
5. general + new shenanigans

i will make a drawing of cammy in the next couple of weeks,
as an exercize to work on better expressions.
another post this week? (hope so!)

Monday, August 10, 2009

3 and a half done dealzo!

time to start the cycle once again.
i actually finished the image thursday night.
what to do on the next one.
i really want to make more details and make things more intricate,
but these drawings are endurance tests.
i usually break mentally 60% into the battle.
i have to train, work this new one at a different angle.

the weekend of violence is over.
friday night was sengoku 9...
hornbuckle with possibly k.o. of the year...poor gono.
saturday morning was pride 31...
it just came out on dvd (which was a nice surprize).
mark coleman vs. shogun rua (what a nasty arm break)
also it was the setup for the openweight gp in '06.
saturday night was ufc 101...
damn, anderson silva served dat ass!
bj penn is always prime time.
sunday night was wec 42...
damn, hoping for miguel to keep the title,
but everyone gets caught.

overall good weekend...
im glad it rained and i had reason to stay inside and chill.
hope it continues for a couple of weeks.
i can start to work on the next drawing
and edit some recent photos.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

so close!

so close to finishing this image.

i thought it would be done,
but i forgot about:
1. it was a long weekend
2. rock the bells (which was i-ight)*
*a review of rock the bells will happen once i edit
all of the photos...and post em.
3. it was super nice outside
4. it was a long weekend

i did get a good dent into the drawing,
and i am probably looking for the kill shot
this coming weekend.
(for reals this time)
im a little bit further than the image above,
i just have the sides and the bottom corners.


Wednesday, August 05, 2009

a moment of silence.

on a serious note...
i found out yesterday that an old friend
from high school had passed on sunday morning.

to reflect:
i met him in high school,
we went to opposing junior high schools,
but that didnt seem to matter.
he joked around alot and didnt stay with
the traditional cliques in high school.
he got along with everyone,
and was the bridge for alot of different cliques.
i think he was the first person i met in high school who wasnt from
my old junior high/elementary.
in fact, i would say he introduced me to alot of
cool people in h.s. since i was so socially inept.

the good times i remember come from:
clowning around in art class,
playing a ton of street hockey
and football together in whitehorn,
hanging with the crew
during many a lunch hour
goofin around.

one of the things im going to have to look for,
(that he was super proud of)
is his kick ass tackle during the
high school city championships...
one day ill find it, and post it in his memory.

the last time i saw him in person was
in 2004 for a high school reunion.
it was great to see him.
he was the same happy go lucky guy
i remembered in high school.

he always had a place in my heart,
since he along with everyone
who was a part of that high school crew,
brought alot of great memories in high school.

with a heavy heart,
i hope the family stays strong in these tough times...
my prayers go out to them.

rest in peace gin
i will miss you.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

too hot!

this is the hottest summer ive had in a long time.
i cant really do anything outside, or sleep that well.

but since it is so hot outside,
the only thing i can really do is draw, read or watch tv.
(something with minimal movement)
^this^ drawing is coming down to the final stretch.
i just have the top left side and the bottom corners.
hopefully be done this weekend. (50-50 chance)

i cant wait til rock the bells this weekend...
should be hella hawt. 9 hours of hip-hopness
looking forward to seeing common, pete rock and supernatural.

currently playing:
king of fighters xii (xbox 360)
street fighter iv (xbox 360) 5400 gp!! g2 grade c
marvel vs. capcom 2 (xbox live arcade)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


havent been updating as much as id like.
most of it is uploading photos off my camera to the computer,
and how i update.
im still trying to figure out a new routine
in order to update more often.

lately ive been dreading fireworks this year...
and the mayhem that is coming to the west end.
there will be pics to accompany this....
hopefully i can show some of the madness that goes down.
so many people, many douchebags.

o yea, speaking of douchebags....

(funny the commentary)

currently watching:
obsessed (a&e) - dopest show out there right now....daaaamn!
intervention (a&e) - been watching a&e lately can you tell?
hell's kitchen (fox) - i shouldnt be watching this,
but i love watching people doin dumb ish and gettin yelled at.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

4000 plus!

forgot to mention these photos are from my d70s
that has come back to life!
is the drawing almost at its current state.
time to get summo drawing in,
and hopefully get this done in 2 weeks!

got a long weekend coming up
(thanks to canada day)
and im ready to go back into photo mode.
hopefully there will be some cool events to check out.
(but i imagine most of the canada day stuff would
have happened last weekend or on wednesday).
the current plan is to find some industrial parks
with graffiti and take a buncha shots of that.
also hit da beach,
and get alot of reading in.

on some other ish:
i passed 4000 on my street fighter gp (grade points)
on championship mode.
its really a crappy number considering,
to get into the upper tiers,
u have to be over 10 000 gp.
oh well, time to level up!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

te stick #2!

got a good run in
on this drawing last weekend.
(above is progress from thursday)
ive added a bear, and working on a bulldog.
time for more animals....and work on stylizing them.

on some other ish,....
i bought another street fighter 4 tournament edition stick!
it came directly from the capcom usa online store,
and got it THE NEXT DAY. WTF!!!!
so now, ive got a stick at work and one at home.
(how gay is that?)
soon i will rule the world with my (weak sauce) street fighter skill.

currently listening to:
boogie down productions - edutainment
lil wayne - the carter 3
common - be
beastie boys - check your head (anniversary ed)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


realized i didnt show where
i stopped on the last drawing.
after this drawing i may go back and finish this,
but somehow i doubt it.
i didnt like the overall quality,
and thought i could do better.
i think too much time has passed and
cant get back into the groove of this one.
all of the drawing definitely represent
a period of my life and what is going on...
on alot of the drawings i can recall what happened,
and in some ways its a journal/diary.

my xbox got da 3 light red ring of death.
i was really bummed out,
but i got more time to concentrate on drawing...
which is what i should be doing anyways.

anyways, i started cleaning up the xbox accesories
which is where i kept my zapped camera and lenses.
i noticed the camera had power. (what?!!!)
my camera had been dead for at least 2 months.
so i turned it on and BAM! it works!!!
i dont have to get a new camera and
now i can put financial focus to the computer.
(high five to god)

i have a new focus for photography,
since i had this downtime without my camera.
i spent the time reading up
on some of my favorite photographers.
(martin parr, stephen shore, joel meyerowitz)
ive some ideas as to what to attack for my next project(s).
time to get buzy over the summer,
and come up with some documentaries and
some thoughts of vancouver life.

currently listening to some gangsta ish:
ganksta n.i.p. - the south park psycho
(the most hardcore gangsta album ever lol)
geto boys - the resurrection
(remember office space? smash that ish!!!)
n.w.a. - straight outta compton
(if it aint ruff, it aint me)
ice-t - home invasion
(yea ice, ice m. f. TEE!)
tim dog - penicillin on wax
(tell 'em whos stompin'! f*** compton!)
slayer - reign in blood
(just for more angry ish - angel of death!!!)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

part two!

got a bunch of tips over at the comic con,
and some new ideas for drawings.
theres were lots of unknown artists,
who were great to talk to about getting into the industry...

got a bunch of books out of the trip:
5 adam hughes printed sketchbooks,
shane glines' book - cartoon retro 1
stuart immonen's book - centifolia

dave johnson signed print
snk art collection book
function junction 1 book (a collection of japanese digital illustrations)
elite beat agents 2 (jpn nintendo ds)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


because i forget these things....
the company i work for made a little game called
punch-out!!! for nintendo wii.
the game is baller!
and a throwback to the classic punch-out.
im happy to have worked on it for half a second,
and pumped that its finally out for people to enjoy.
(sorry for the late notice).
on the
punch out website!
im happy that my pixelated loading character made it on there.

before i start posting the next set
of images from the seattle comic con,
ill throw up a current state of the drawing
ive been working on.
im starting to draw more animals.
so far: a dog, pidgeon, and a cat.
next up: maybe a bear, squirrel, an eagle.
this drawing is turning out alot better than
the last thinking of actually redoing the last one.
(even though im already 60+% done that one)

currently listening to:
damien marley - welcome to jamrock (my summer anthem for 08)
cam'ron - crime pays
jeru the damaja - the sun rises in the east
krs-one - return of the boom bap

currently playing:
street fighter iv (xbox 360) currently at 3405 gp
raiden fighters aces (xbox 360)
punch-out!!! (nintendo wii)
ufc 2009: undisputed (xbox 360)
call of duty: world at war map pack 2 (xbox 360)

Monday, June 15, 2009

part one!

yo im goin backwards to april.
heres some pics of some stuff i got from the seattle comic con.
came out of the con with some cool stuff.
the first 3 things are:
- mike huddleston page from gen 13
- frank cho signed print
- brian churilla page from the engineer
more coming soon...

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

number 4!

been a long time,
but i hope to post now on a more regular basis.
(for reals this time)
the reason for NOT posting is
because of my computer is sooo sloow.

anyways i started on drawing number four.
im having alot more fun with this one over the other ones.
the size of the characters and also a new plan of attack
should be fun for this one.
im going to make some smaller drawings,
and....color them?
gonna give it a shot,
lately ive been into markers again.
there was a big sale over at the art
store and they were blowing out tria markers.
i also plan to get a set of copic markers (wtf).
who knows if this fad will die out like it did during college,
but im giving it a shot.
i didnt think id get back to drawing on a regular basis....

but here i go again....

Thursday, April 30, 2009


tumbleweed on the blog for the last month or so,
since i have no camera, and computer has been flaky.
to update quickly:
went to emerald city (seattle) comic con,
got 3 original comic pages,
a bunch of signed prints,
pics with some of the artists.

then a week off with homeboy mike in town.
it was more a nature week with
visiting the bird sanctuary,
greater vancouver zoo (didnt even know van had a zoo),
and a more exploration in stanley park.

visited a ton of new restaurants, and my cell phone is full of meals.
damn i gotta do a gigantic post on that.

tail lights biatches.

Monday, March 16, 2009


been a tough couple of weeks.
last week i had a bottle of juice crack open in my backpack,
and my camera died, so, pics for a while.

also, my computer has been acting up
(since it is 5+ years old)
and probably need to be replaced.

new computer and new camera in the next couple of months?
oh crap.

a calf injury has put my training to the side.
now i have to find other alternatives for cardio.
the sun run is coming up april 19th (i think)
and i just found out the half marathon is in early may.
which kinda put 2 events in jeopardy...
unless this injury heals quick!

on the positive tip,
ive bit into the drawing, and hope to
finish the top corner this weekend.
maybe ill post a pic from my other camera later in the week.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


damn ive been sick this week.
not able to do much for the first couple of days.
now getting over the hump,
im able to do a bit of drawing then
go back to the couch and watch a movie.

im now up to 30 wins on the ranked wins (about 1100 battle points
in street fighter 4.
moving on up!
heres what ive learned so far:
1.dont fierce uppercut on wake up.
2.throw one crouching jab punch or eat lots of pain.
3.block after knocking them down.
4.there are lots of ken ryu and akumas online. patient, and time out if u have to.

i also broke my hori ex2 arcade stick so
im in the middle of modding that bad boy.
its going to be a mutant, but i do what i gotta.
controllers suck to use when playing sf4,
but im learning how to calm down,
and rely on other moves to win.
pokes rule!

anyways enuff ghay sf talk,
im 5000.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


whoops, i had a bunch of time this week to post something
but i ended up playing street fighter 4 for most of it.
(and it dee-stroys)
above is the drawing at the beginning of last sunday,
and the end of last sunday.
got quite the chunk done,
and now it is goig to be tough to pull me away from the 360
to keep this moving.
not a big deal i guess, but it is effecting my posting to the blogzo.
during the week i also went to the kool keith concert,
which was totally kick ass.
ill have to post pics (if any of em turned out)soon.
and hmm....
i guess its time to go back to some street fighter biz-nitches!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


just bought house of the dead: overkill (nintendo wii)
pretty good for a wii title.
it 60 bucks (wtf),
but its better than most of the games out there on wii.
props to headstrong games for putting out a quality wii title.

when playing house of the dead,
it reminded me of the track below.
cee-lo before gnarls barkley, damn.
goodie mob - cell therapy
this track was that shizz back then.
good to have on your playlist when buckin fools down online.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


heres the drawing as of early last night.
i think i already need to do a sequel for this theme
since i dont think it is hitting its mark.
but, im having fun just clowning around.

ordered some gear last night (uh oh)
in preparation of sf4 (how gay is that?).
gots me the official street fighter iv guide book WITH frame data!
(if u dont get what the hell that is, then this book is not for u)
also oredered a 2007 martin parr book called "small world".
(kick ass street photography, or at least i hope so).
also got an epmd, gangstarr and yo! mtv raps shirt on the way WTF!

pete rock & cl smooth -
"t.r.o.y. (they reminisce over you)" w/"the creator"
these two tear shit down.
mecca and the soul brother will get some spins this week fo sho.
i wish pete and cl would get back together and make some soul type shit.

Thursday, February 05, 2009


here's the drawing as of tuesday night.
im a little bit farther than this,
and hope to get finish the corner this weekend.
hope i can squeeze in some gaming in,
but somehow i dont think so.

im watching old episodes of yo! mtv raps...
damn that show was the shit.
which got me to listen to golden era jams.
busta rhymes - the awakening (his first solo)
was the sheeit, and underrated.
and the first erick sermon solo album...damn!

oh and its 12 days to street fighter 4 on consoles.
the countdown continues.

listening to:
dj rectangle - vinyl combat
dj revolution - wake up show archives vol 1-6
hip hop nation (on sirius radio) - leo g/gmixx

oh and below is some coolish mike k sent to me....
damn i gotta get one of these machines for my turntable sessions.

below that is a hip hop classic:
blahzay blahzay - danger
'when the east is in the house, oh my god, DANGER!'
danger part 2 is gangsta too.
'now im gonna show ya how the east coast rocks'

Tuesday, February 03, 2009


no snow trucks
things are starting to pick up on the current drawing.
im finally getting into a groove,
and try to knock out alot of the bottom half this week.

currently watching:
(season premiere was i-ight)
(first four episodes are out of control)
celebrity rehab presents: sober house
(steven adler is out of control)
biggest loser
(very good season so far)

Thursday, January 29, 2009


dangerous area
park fog
pretty happy i made it thru the week,
and posting on a more regular basis.
now i have to work on getting some more stuff for next week (uh oh).

on a sad note...
im in the video games industry,
and its sad to see the current wave of layoffs industry wide.
nexxon (vancouver) was the latest to get hit and the company is gonzo.
90 people suddenly out of jobs wtf.
ea laying off most of black box employees wtf (150-200 people).
and it sounds like alot of companies around town are taking the hit.
well, i thought i would take this time out
to acknowledge those who lost thier jobs,
and hope they find new and better opportunities else where.
damn,....times are hard as f.

on some completely other ish,
im listening to sirius radio and it was a whole block of wack ass music.
rappers got to get off the crappy ass vocoder/autotune trash.
i keep listening to lil wayne and kanye west tracks that are garbage.
no where near the right key (when they sing/rap).
i actually dont mind one track....maybe every other album...
but this crap is spreading.
let the real singer live and get them for your track and
stop the garbage on wax.
(i gotta start the movement)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

word to the third!

above is 2 pics from the snowstorm in van late in 2008.
i thought i had taken alot of good pics, but meh.
alot turned out like trash and wish
i spent more time walking around finding the ultimate shot.
live and learn i guess.

heres the find for the day:
xiangyuan jie
great paintings.
wish i had these skills...i gots too much on my plate right now.

currently listening to:
kool g. rap - live and let die
(ill street blues, operation cb, classic front to back)
notorious big - notorious (original soundtrack)
(kick ass demo tracks "guaranteed raw" wtf, and basically a greatest hits album)
cam'ron - public enemy #1
(why they, dead the funeral, and lots of kick ass tracks)
lord finesse - return of the funky man
(classic album)
masta ace - take a look around
(classic album)
audio two - what more can i say?
(top billin, i like!!!)
(nyc in full effect)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

two in a row!

fog chin ups
fog tall
yea wtf two days in a row?!
i guess its time to roll out some pics from the past couple of months.
i dont have that much for photos,
but im trying to take this time out
to catch up.
above is the photos from a weekend of fog.
ive never seen fog hang around for 3-4 days.
at times u couldnt see 50 feet in front of u driving.
blah blah.
anyways, i should start on my drawing tonight and hit these goals i set out.
word out.

Monday, January 26, 2009

back to the top of the list!

ive been neglecting writing down thoughts for the moment.
so i'm going to put this back back up to the top of the priority list.
first off,
above is the drawing at its current state.
(not much to look at).
but, the goals for the week are...
1. get 25% of this done.
2. get pencils for a contest drawing done.
3. post the tail end of 08 pics, and start of 09 pics.
its alot for me, but i think i can put my head down and barf out alot.

Monday, January 19, 2009

buzy blahzay!

went to see norm macdonald on saturday night and that destroyed.
since coming to van ive seen:
chris rock, norm macdonald, george carlin (on his last tour),
don rickles (and i got insulted so i can die now), and henry rollins
(not necessarily a comedian, but hes entertaining).
its hard to rank norm after all those names,
but he is top tier, and everyone ive seen has been top tier.
hmmm, only guys i wanna see as far as comedians go is
bill cosby, seinfeld, hmmm....not too many others.
also watched ufc earlier in the day and that was so-so.
there were some highlights on the card,
(henderson/franklin, davis/lytle)
but shogun/coleman was hella wack.
2 tired guys fighting wtf.
it was also double xp weekend on call of duty:world at war
for the multiplayer mode (uh oh).
got in lots of that,
got some drawing in, finally started inking on some parts.
went over to anton's restaurant (which is hella dope).
ill have to get the pic off my phone to show off
"the realness".

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

bunch of nothing!

yea a whole bunch of nothing going down in the last couple of weeks.
im spinning my wheels,
trying to get this year started off.
i wrote down all of my goals for the year (artwise)
and the list is long.
i threw out the first version of drawing no. 3,
and i gotta start over.
i think i have to be more disciplined as far as jumping into inking the drawing.
this one is going to be different.
so far, for this year,
i have planned.....
6 large drawings,
2 skateboards,
painting a blank toy,
and a contest that has popped up which is due march 1.
sounds like alot,
but now its time to budget the time and follow thru.
i hope to output the most personal art this year
since college. (while working)
lets see what happens.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009


first post of 2009!
its been a while, ive been offline and a hermit for the last month.

above is a link i found today,
looking for stuff for wk interact, obey and banksy.
damn these guys are top tier.

ive finally started on drawing number 3 on monday night...
(monday january 5th)
see how slow or fast i can finish this bad boy.
maybe a pic at the beginning of next week.

on some other ish,
im gonna see norm macdonald next weekend! (word up!)
im gonna see kool keith next month! (word up pt. 2!)
hope theres more shows coming in the next couple of months to jumpstart this year!

time to figure out how to pace myself,
and get the following things done:
drawings (up to 6)
photography (entering year 3)
reading (get these 3-4 books out of the way in 2 months or so)
exercize (how many hours are there in a day??!!)
gamning (cause thats part of my job!!)

ill try to post the solutions as i figure them out.