Tuesday, February 14, 2012


for the first time in a loong time,
i posted something i just finished.
i really want to make an effort to do this more,
just to keep myself busy.

this took me...
2-3 hours total?
but spread out since sunday night.
i just gotta pound out more of them,
and keep trucking on the big drawing as well.

listening to:
tyler the creator - bastard
kam - neva again
phonte - charity starts at home

pulled out the kam album while diggin in my cds.
there was only a couple of tracks that kicked ass on it....
but damn,
those two tracks kicked so much ass.
one was 'peace treaty'
and the other was:
kam - still got love 4 um
i wonder what happened to storytelling in rap?
or storytelling over a dope ass, soulful beat.

speaking of soulful,
out of all the new rappers out,
i really enjoy phonte (of little brother, aka tigallo)
this song is like the old school duo rhyming
like epmd...

phonte feat. median - eternally yours (produced by khrysis)

Wednesday, February 08, 2012


heres some old shit from when i was on the plane
flying to interviews around the states.
i thought i had some decent line quality,
but on close inspection,
i could see the shake form the plane in those lines.

things are going steady.
im getting a little bit of video editing done every night.
im realizing that it is hard as fuck,
unless u have a clear vision before you start.

now to get some drawing done...
how to fit it into a 3hour window at night?
time to get even more efficient.

on some other random news,
today i weighed myself...
and i hit the 22 pound mark!
(of the original goal of 30 pounds)
this is a 2 part attack.
first 30, then another 30.
slowly cutting the crap out of my life,
and gaining steam.
(is now the mantra, and i love it)

currently reading:
j-zone: root for the villain - rap, bullshit, and a celebration of failure

currently playing:
battlefield 3 (xbox 360)
super street fighter iv arcade edition ver. 2012 (ps3)
soul calibur v (xbox 360)

inspiring shit:
new bruce timm book
new ok go video (had a smile on the whole time)

Saturday, February 04, 2012

not enough time!

above is some leftover shit from june....not the greatest stuff, but stuff laying around.

there is not enough time in the day!
ive got the big drawing to work on,
editing video,
learning how to edit,
gathering footage,
learn more about baltimore,
get even more footage...
draw more...
test time lapsing on my camera...

gotta organize my time better,
and get ready to tackle all of this.
this is a good problem to have.

shout out to mike, mike and jung...
for the inspiration this week!

just bought:
tomer hanuka - overkill
bruce timm - naughty and nice
hori - ultimate marvel vs capcom 3 arcade stick (ps3)

listening to:
common - the dreamer/the believer
evidence - cats & dogs
tyler the creator - goblin
cypress hill - cypress hill
m.o.p. & the snow goons - sparta
eric b & rakim - dont sweat the technique