Monday, December 08, 2008


i dont really have the time to find the absolute best stuff
from the stuff i found this year....
heres some of the best of 2008:
laser biscuits
mark behm
maybe some more as i find more links.
this weekend was a trip,
had the company christmas party which was dope.
total hangover on saturday and cold lampin on sunday.
nothing much went down,
but i do have a theme for drawing number three,
and ill show it off once i actually start.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


after the worst of 08 as far as hip hop goes....

the best in hip hop 2008:
of course, tha cool kids
(best beats, and a throwback to the golden era)

busta rhymes - dont touch me (remix)
(another throwback track,
look out for big daddy kane at the end)

ice cube - gangsta rap made me do it
(the album wasnt that hot, but this track was awesome)

j-zone and chief chinchilla gators-n-furs radio show
(for those hardcore hip hop fans that want
some hard to find tracks, and some cool ass themes)

on some other ish:
tomorrow, ill continue the best of 08 trend,
and try to find the best artist/artist releated finds of 08.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

the worst!

"and a good day to you sir"

it's time to jump on the negative tip!

biggest hip hop disappointments of 2008:
kanye west - 808s and heartbreak
(to me, its hella wack)
mos def at rock the bells
(i love mos, but his set was tough to sit thru...
it was a tribute to reggae,
when i wanted to see mos.)
nas - untitled
(it wasnt like this album was a total disappoinment,
but god's son brought back nas.
this felt like nastradamus)
wu tang clan - 8 diagrams
(i generally liked this album,
but listening to their concert on dvd
live at monteux,
this album fell way short of what it was supposed to do)

there's alot of positive stuff that went down this year,
and tomorrow its all pos.

Monday, December 01, 2008


i bought the new kanye west -808s and heartbreak and....
its a coaster!
i like kanye, i liked all his albums but damn...
i enjoy a vocoder/autotune songs,
from people who can actually sing.
(like roger troutman and to a degreee t-pain)
but a whole album of a guy constantly being auto tuned,
and ish is hella wack.
i dont mind exploring new directions in creativity,
just ask the beastie boys about that.
(the mix-up is dope)
then i heard a leak of the new common album.
common is dope,
but this so-so.
hopefully what i heard was throwaway tracks.
i heard ALOT of pharell williams and neptunes beats.
which sounds like a good idea at first,
but not with common.
well on tha flip side....

top good suprizes of 2008 (music):
kool keith - dr. dooom 2
dr octagon (r.i.p) is the shizz!

j-zone presents chief chinchilla: live at the liqua sto
i wish zone would come out with another full lp...
but this is the next best thing.

the cool kids
of course i must show the track of the year!

the bitchwhippaz (is)
dj knowwhatimsayin
uzi sub machine gun
and heineken jones

its the worst rap ever,
but the best shit ever.
it is so over the top,
but nothing is serious.
i love how it sounds extremely white,
but it is hard as f.
theres a track on their last album where they have a rapping parrot
as their lawyer, over the gravediggaz beat.
damn it was bonkers.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


i wish i had more time to run around and take pics in the fog.
(since it is so rare)
well last night was 'super street fighter 2 turbo hd' remix night.
im now 10-15 on the leaderboards,
and i plan to keep playing tonight.

what to do with the blank sheet of paper in front of me.
i also have a 3foot x 15 foot roll i could start on too.
its tempting to do the big one,
but i think i have to work on smaller ones to get experience.

time to think....
and fight!


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

done deal!

over the weekend, i finished the drawing.
so happy im done with this one.
i now realize that it was a good stretching exercize,
but im done with the warmups.
its time to get very real.
i gotta figure out a theme for number 3 and fast.

over the weekend
finished gears of war 2.
great looking game and i give the props to the team for coming up
with a top tier effort.
(cept for the long ass credits with a 2 line audio clip wtf)

currently playing:
gears of wars 2
battle fantasia
super street fighter 2 hd remix (tomorrow!)
ac/dc rock band track pack (fiya!)
no more heroes


Wednesday, November 19, 2008


so sleepy at work these days.
inbetween projects makes things blahzay blah.
i work best in the middle of the fire.
'give'r and get'r done' is what id like to be right now...
but things are on pause as far as work goes.
short update today, i gots to bail....
word out

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

younger and stronger!

heres the drawing as of just before the weekend.
this weekend was interesting.
saturday was street fighter 4 during the day
and ufc by night.
damn....was hoping for experience to pull thru.
i feel for couture...
i hate it when it when the fight
was decided not by skill,
but by size.
sure lesnar won,
but i dont think he deserved that fight.
all of the hard work by other fighters and everyone
behind him in history...
but i guess thats why i like the sport as well...
anything can happen.
the whole card was pretty good,
finishes all over the place.
one guy i didnt like was jorge gurgel.
a jiu-jitsu black belt who decides to punch his way thru everything.
its painful trying to watch this.
sunday was super quiet...
chilliin and listening to tunes,
and pounding away at this drawing.
i try to put the time in when i should be doing real life ish.
something inspirational...
i watch biggest loser every week,
and in alot of ways i feel for everyone on that show,
since im going thru the same battle.
i wish i had all day to lose weight.
and the money for someone to kick my ass,
and teach me how to really change my life.
but im going to try and not let life pass me by.
gotta continue to read health books,
get creative with the daily routine,
and stop bein a bee-itch about life.
the key to change doesnt start on january 1st '09,
with new years resolutions....
word out.

Monday, November 17, 2008


no pic!
tonight i tried to go and see quantum of solace, and they sold out!
monday night wtf!
its almost a good thing, i can concentrate on cleaning and regular ass
jobs round the apt.
this weekend was super productive,
i have a 1 inch strip down the right side of the drawing.
so close. so damn close.
anyways, more of a better update tomorrow.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

two of two!

heres the second update...
i have more done since this pic.
the pens mark where the edge of the paper is.
ive benn out of the concept/digital painting scene for about 4 years....
in the last couple of days,
ive been catching up with those sites and seeing what the
latest trends are.
places like, or deviantart were the usual places,
but i recently stumbled on, and some of the
zbrush and mudbox forums.
so many talents out there,
and ill try to gather up some favs, and post em soon.
word out.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

one of two!

heres the drawing as of last week.
tommorrow, ill try to post the drawing as of a couple of days ago.
ive got the right edge to work on, and a 2 inch strip along the top.
so close to the finish line....its ridiculous.
and then what...oof.
time to think about number 3,
and possible themes.
im considering doing 8 instead of 6,
and the first 2 will be considered as warm-up/
throw away images.
but we shall see how things go over the next year.
heres some current photo influences,
as far as what i would like to eventually shoot.
i just bought his book (sao paulo - yes the one with tha ass)
last weekend and its great.
joel meyerowitz video
heres another photographer thats awesome....
i wish i could afford his last book "aftermath" (a book on 9/11).
joe holmes
i visit this site once a week...
reminds me of my trip to nyc and i wish i could be back there.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


whooo..tubleweed throughout the company today.
its rememberance day and i took yesterday off
instead of today.
kinda weird sitting there with not alot of people there.

today i spent reflecting on what i should do next since
(at work) im inbetween projects.
i think its time to start drawing at work as well as draw at home.
spent most of today looking and other peoples art blogs and going from link to link to link.
saga of seven was one of the blogs found today.
i think i have to go back to finding inspiration and spreading it around.

mk ultra mike huddleston
eric canete ive posted this link before, but i havent been there in a while.
katie rice is another link ive posted before,
but i think im going to post stuff that i am currently looking at.
maybe tomorrow it will be current photo stuff.
tail lights!

Monday, November 10, 2008


long weekend for me....
friday was gears of war 2 play...
saturday was checkin out the new stussy store.
(open for reals this time)
then it was a gears horde mode marathon which was cool.
sunday was taking the time to rearrange my drawing setup.
i gots my books setup better and tv + music setup for ambience.
ready to rock ish out.
today was getting a good chunk of this drawing done.
(which reminds me i gotta take another picture)
also another street fighter 4 session.
its good to be back in the arcade,
and i dont care how loser-ish it might sound,
but i like to live out my days as a teenager more often.
just an update for the moment...

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

truckin along!


obama on tha takeover!
hopefully he follows thru with 'change'.
cant really trust politcians...
but its also the whole system.
nothing can go thru without a long process.
which reminds me, i gotta stop watching us news,
and stick to canadian and local news.
damn the internet and cable tv.

well im keeping the course to finish this drawing,
its closer to finished than i tought.
maybe a couple of weeks out.

currently playing:
rock band 2 (xbox 360)
guitar hero: world tour (xbox 360)
nba 2k9 (xbox 360)
warioland: shake it! (nintendo wii)
ninja commando (nintendo wii virtual console)
ninja combat (nintendo wii virtual console)

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


aero garment
x'd out
as much as i love fighting games and sports....
tonight its red vs blue.
hopefully blue takes over,
but who knows.
early polls suggest landslide,
but even then....
i loved nbc declaring winners of republican states
with 0% of the votes in. wtf?
i guess theres no way alabama will vote democrat.
also, with some senators were declared with only 2%
of the votes reported in.
something fishy going on...
either that, or nbc is poor at explaining how
the projections work.

Monday, November 03, 2008


heres a shot of the drawing at its current state.
you can also see a now doubtful entry into
the street fighter contest.
ive got til the 7th, and i dont think i can hit the date.
i could probably put up a halfway coloring job, but meh.
im tired of halfway shizz.
anyways, its time to buck up and work on the main drawing.
i think i will finish the sf drawing later on,
but i need to keep working away at the big one.

this weekend was pretty quiet.
no haloween parties, just chill.
saturday was some mild drinkin and chatting.
sunday was hanging out, and fighting off a mild sickness.
success! now that i am living heathier,
i think i can easily fight this crap off,
cause i feel good today.
now its time to work on this drawing tonight....

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

on a roll!

more pork one

this week has been great for drawing.
im also gonna try to enter another
street fighter art contest for nov.7th.
i found out about it late,
but i think i might be able to pull this off.
damn, i gotta take some pics of summo progress.
and maybe some pencils of the sf contest piece.

word out.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

cough cough!

gas attack!
while drawing and then taking a break and playing some guitar hero....
i start coughing, shortness of breath,
my eyes watered up, and my lungs
were burning.
i run out onto my balcony and realize that everyone else is on their balconies.
damn i thought i was having a heart attack.
and just after i was turning my life around with exercize and
eating healthier.
anyways, i make my way out of the building
and there must have been 5 fire trucks.
we were "quarantined" off in an area across the street.
eventually they told us there was a high concentration of
carbon monoxide.
i thought it was a silent killer,
(no smell, and very quick)
kinda like as if u were getting choked out.
but this was more like breathing in chlorine,
or at least the thickness of the air felt like that.
anyways, i made it onto tv!
too bad no one watches local news anymore.
i get mine from crappy u.s. news sites
that cant be trusted, wtf.
hope the worst is over...

Monday, October 27, 2008


ufc this weekend was like....damn.
there were some good matches in there,
but damn.
cote could have pulled it out, but somehow....
i dont think so.
now its time to figure out what went down in the last couple of days.
another great session of street fighter 4...
ufc of course....
photo session on sunday....
got guitar hero world tour...
and whats up for the rest of the week?
the plan is to go hard on the drawing.
knock this one out,
and off to the next.
no quit.

word out

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

out of the comfort zone!

im a big fan of the biggest loser tv show.
one thing ive learned from that and from yoga is to turn things up.
i dont think i will lose anything unless i push myself to the edge.
im running harder, and starting to get results.
i knocked off 2 minutes to my time over the past week.
i think for the last 2-3 months ive been just maintaining weight,
even though i have been working out more.
its probably the amount of food im eating.
i gotta do more research on what to eat and
how to regenerate energy more quickly after exercize sessions.
this'll be fun project.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


time once again to try something different.
im learning to switch the weekly schedule up as often as possible.
workout times, what the activities are,
what kind of production i am getting from myself daily.
usually it take something like how tired i am,
or general boredom,
or find that my week to week routine is like clockwork,....
to make me think about switching things....
to the positive.
how to switch things up?
im not sure, but i can find inspiration thru books,
and just getting outside.
time to... reflect?

Monday, October 20, 2008


heres the first of some pics from a session during the thanksgiving weekend.
some pretty good pics outta this one,
i gotta find more industrial parks around town.
theres gotta be some more graf spots round there.
friday got guitar hero 2,
played call of duty: world at war with paco and his bro....
saturday was cleanin, and ufc and more cod:waw.
sunday was nfl, more cleanin,
and henry rollins!
rollins was really good,
i always enjoy his great insight to the world views.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


stay the course,...and concentrate.
its week, 3? of the new fitness schedule.
now its 100% mental.
to keep a regular workout schedule is hella tough.
but i gots me a stop watch,
and some motivation to kick some ass, word.
tracks for the moment:
black mags - cool kids
let the beat build - lil wayne
dr. octagon r.i.p. - dr. dooom
you ain't got nuthin - lil wayne, fabulous and juelz santana
so whatcha want - beastie boys
original lyrics - boogie down productions

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


downloading call of duty 5: world at war.
who knows if this is good,
but paco hooked me up with a beta key,
and im gonna give it a shot.
the shot above is where the drawing is currently at.
havent been able to touch the drawing for a week now,
i gots to clean tha place and do some chores.
its gettin hella nastee round here, word.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

giving thanks!

canadian thanksgiving is over.
pretty good weekend overall,...
thanks to howard who came down and visited for the weekend....
thanks to lauren and the thanksgiving dinner posse...
thanks to simon for the photo hunt....(got some good pics on the way)
thanks to sean-ski for the hunt for a good boozin spot....(round 2 coming soon)
and time to give thanks for everything in life. (not to get gay or anything...oops)
gots me taiko drummaster for ps2,
it is tha shit.
word to the japanese for coming up with
different forms of rock band before rock band.
also got a good session of street fighter 4 in.
word to metrotown.
canadian election goin down tonight.
i hope for a pc minority government.
but does anyone care?
i think more people care about the american race.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

more randomness!

since this pic,
ive only added about 2 inches on the top.
surfing the web today,
i saw some inspiring drawings.
which made me think about a more themed image.
i like the randomness of the drawing...
but made i can narrow it down a bit.

anyways, i watched the
2 hour heroes season premiere
and the episode after that.
damn, to the zo, to the ski.
pretty good season so far.
im glad they are keeping up the pace in story.
i wonder what lost will do.

o well, time to get back to tha drawin.

Monday, October 06, 2008


what a slow ass day today.
its grim outside,
but damn im glad to be home...unwinding.
im watchin monday night football,
which is turning out to be an interesting game.
currently listening to:
kool keith - dr. dooom 2
jedi mind tricks - visions of gandhi
lil wayne - the carter 3
boogie down productions - edutainment
canibus - can-i-bus

Sunday, October 05, 2008


heres some of my first shots with my 70-300mm lens.
stupid unpredictable nfl...
my fantasy football team is taking a beating,
and i cant really predict this year
who is gonna hit paydirt from week to week.
i thought the colts and patriots were money this year...
i was hella wrongzo.
or hows about shamrock outta the main event,
(damn hes gotta get smarter training partners)
then kimbo gettin served with a jumping (backward) jab?!
'ninja' rua got served...
(guess he shoulda got some cardio 'mr. flabbo'!!!)
mainly another weekedn of chill after a craze-o late week drink fest.
wed night was light boozin after some interesting news.
(that i cant talk about for a long time)
thurs night, shane + exit strategy played over at the cobalt....
friday night was more hangin out and boozin in gastown.
thyis weekend was more about chillin out and gettin
some time in on the drawing, football + mma.
(and maybe some rock band 2)

Thursday, October 02, 2008


end of the first week of full time workout.
the morning workout is tough,
but the running after work is brutal.
my thoughts on my own body and running si starting to change.
i think i needed to kick my own ass,
in order to move forward with the day to day fitness.
for 2008, i hit a plateau and didnt know where to go.
now running like this, this week.....
hopefully ill see some results in a month.
(crossing the fingers)

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

what the pho!

i started my collection of wacky establishment names.
some spots i want to get to,...
hair it is,
hair today...gone tomorrow,
hair we are,
(i wonder if there's a theme here...)
gotta find more spots.
finished disc one of season one weeds.
pretty good casual watch. im sure it will ramp up.
got a small piece done on the drawing...
gotta get back in a good groove
and knock out a shit load.
maybe during disc 2...heh.

Monday, September 29, 2008


rock band 2,
ace of spades '08,
drums are fun....
but hard as f.
offa that geekyness,
and major relaxation this weekend.
chilled out and worked on the drawing for a bit,
drank a slurpee,
played alot of rock band 2,
watched some weeds season 1,
watched some football,
an old school '00 type weekend.
for this week....who knows what is goin down.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


a rare weeknight with a slurpee.
one of my favorite treats while drawing on the weekend.
time to chill and draw tonight,
maybe watch some weeds season one.....
currently playing:
warioland: shake it
battle fantasia
rock band 2
geomtery wars evolved 2

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


the first time in a while i can just chill and draw.
i think ill get some quality time this weekend,
pray for rain.
tonight is the ultimate fighter,
maybe ill actually get to the heroes season premiere.
but chances are slim and none.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


no blog posts lately due to homeboy/metalman shane in town.
last night we went to carcass/suffocation/aborted show
over at the commodore.
overall good show, spread out my knowledge a bit on metal.
lets see what happened this past weekend.
played some street fighter iv,
hung out with shane, todd, sean, john g., airika...
boozin, then peelers (first time in van),
sunday was aftermath....
hangin out over on granville isle,
then vallarta's (kick ass mexican joint).
and finally the metal show last night.
hopefully a drawing update image thursday...
(gotta draw tomorrow night)
tonight is, laundry and dream 6 (japan mma event which happened last night).

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

midweek violence!

gotta love ufc fight nights.
its a good midweek break.
im now hungry for hockey games,
or nba games.
i guess the new shows are starting to kick in...
looking forward to heroes,
kitchen nightmares,
biggest loser,
and ultimate fighter: mir vs nogeiura.
im happy for my pvr....
i can watch most of these shows in 10 minutes.
its the only way to watch tv.
well, back to watching the rest of the fights,.....

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

back on the grind!

yep yep,
its back to the grind for many different things in my life.
i decided i want to run the half marathon next year (the bmo one)
and run 2 10k runs (sun run and nike run).
saturday was the first day of punishing training.
the aim: (eventually)
4 yoga sessions in the morning,
4 short 7k runs after work,
+ 2 longer runs on the weekend (anywhere from 10-21k)
with friday as my day of rest.
time to get serious and really lose this weight.
right now,
im at 3 yoga sessions in the morning,
1 short 7k run after work,
and 1 10k run on saturday.
time to let the beat build...biiiiiiiiiiiiiitch!
(to quote lil wayne).
im back to regular drawing sessions,
and im around 30% done.
currently listening to:
lil wayne - the carter 3
the game -lax
de la soul - mosaic thump
beastie boys - check your head
gang starr - daily operation/hard to earn

Monday, September 15, 2008

monster meals!

a classic drink, and a classic meal.
cheese ramen? (kintaro ramen - robson + denman) gotta try it once.
that was tasty.
some other memorable meals good and bad:
the diner dog in edm (wish i could remember the bar)
(hot dog injected with cheese, wrapped in bacon and the whole thing is deep fried).
im a sucker for ultimate flavor/grossness/food.
marco's double burger (marco's burgers - whyte ave edmonton)
double cheese burger, milkshake and fries (peter's drive in - 16th ave calgary)
(sounds normal but it not, me)
any specialty roll + spicy salmon roll (kadoya sushi - davie + thurlow vancouver)
(word to roll combo g)
fajita (monster) burrito (vallarta's - renfrew + broadway vancouver)
damn i love food wtf.
i gots to upload the photos off my phone and show off some of these monster meals.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


had problems with internet at home for the past 2 weeks,
but thats small time news.
to sum up the last little 2-3 weeks....
nolan was in from australia,
(word up, havent seen him for a couple of years)
then virg was in town for a weekend,
(kick ass weekend, had fun just lampin')
saw chris rock,
(he destroyed, very refined set)
then warren was in from tha e,
(word up, havent seen him since i bailed from there)
then virg was back in town on labour day weekend,
(yup yup, did some explorin round town thx to the gps unit)
then mike was in town for a week and we went to
(got some sweet ass kicks, pho and kick ass clothes)
the gorge ampitheatre for the 'rock the bells' hip hop festival.
(which rocked, props to tha cool kids ^above^)
while that was goin on i had some freelance jobs i had to squeeze
in there, so i couldnt do much on the big drawing front.
im ready to chill the f out this weekend.
rock band 2 is out sunday,
and im ready to just cool out with that.