Monday, November 30, 2009

4 dead...2!

^at this point^
i liked the way the lighting is goin down,
its starting to come around.
im only worried about how im going
to tie in the rest of the face.

on friday....
i gotz tha left 4 dead 2!
its my crack right now.
i thought that was going to be trash,
but they fixed alot of the mistakes made in the first one.
continuing the gaming tip,
im getting my tekken skillz back, and trying to level up my lili.
i will premiere my lame lili online soon.
hopefully the online isnt trash,
but now its time to split my fight night time away from sf4.


Saturday, November 28, 2009

why they!

currently sitting at work....waiting for a build.
i should have had more posts by now, but this week has been nuts.
above is finished pencils.
at this point, i got too ansy (as usual)
and i kept going, instead of starting another drawing to go side by side.
one of these days ill calm down.
i just bought spectrum 16,
gonna crack that open right now,....
more thoughts on that later.
listening to/ on repeat shuffle:
bang along - the game
let it be clear - cormega
why they - cam'ron
(duck down weave the right, 2 shots peace... good night!)
^thats^ my cod modern warfare 2 theme music, on repeat 1)
funky enough - the d.o.c.
run's house - run dmc

the beat on this song is ridiculous.
(i dont like the chorus that much, but the verses are tight)

other beats in this catagory (for me):
mind's playin trick on me - geto boys (youtube search that shit if u havent heard it!)
today was a good day - ice cube (word to sir jinx)
juicy - big (word to easy mo bee)
s.d.e. - cam'ron
i gave you power - nas
shook ones pt. 2 - mobb deep

Saturday, November 21, 2009

in a funk!

start of the sixth image.
in this case, its rashida jones.
ive already finished this,
but i need to spread out the posts lol.
i think looking back is helping alot with personal process,
and i am definitely seeing some leveling up.

some thoughts on this particular drawing at this stage:
- general framework is there
- some angles on eyes to face seems to be off
- need to get even looser with the rough
in order to get some lines i would never get.

lately i have not been motivated to draw,
or play games, or do anything.
which led me to watch a full basketball game,
(which i havent done in about a year or so)
and a couple of lame hockey games.
i dont know what it is, but realizing it is happening helps ALOT.
i cant let this funk get at me for too
long and hope to mix things up this weekend.
(even though i working on saturday)
next image should be.....?
i have been threatening to do a cammy,
maybe thats what i will go with.
and this time ill do alot more studies.
(classic '96 acad style)
just realized ive made my sunday!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


one two three fouh fiiiiif!
finish is so-so...
some parts in the hair i like,
but like i said before,
i want to better attack the lighting and expression.
once again, the ink line quality was good.
id like to improve to the next set of drawings
with a pause right int he middle (just before inking)
and compare 2 drawings at once.
we'll see if i have the patience to do this. i go.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

defeating the flu!

had the worst flu of my life.
even though i wasnt diagnosed at all,
i know i had the h1n1.
missed a whole week of work (oof).
anyways, im on the home stretch of defeating this evil,
and its back to drawing....for only a day.
monday is the first day of work where ill have to live there
for a while in order to catch up on all of the work i missed.

with the picture ^above^...
at this stage i was pretty happy with the start of the drawing.
looking at it 9 days later....
i think i should have proved out the lighting alot more,
and really attacked the expression alot more.
maybe exaggerating here and there,
and hopefully pumping up the image from its original reference.

on some other ish...
got to the 10 000 gp mark (now im g2-a grade) with cammy as a main char.
ive got over 1200 matches with cammy, about 1800 matches total.
also got 160 hours logged (holy crap) on the game.
ive learned a ton,
and im now taking on the japanese mentality:
"playing to learn"
once that happened, my gameplay has improved dramatically
and im just messing around and
winning more often and without trying.
my instincts are alot better,
and im starting to find patterns
alot faster with opponents online.

currently playing:
call of duty: modern warfare 2 (xbox 360) - finished single player!
street fighter iv (xbox 360) -g2A grade!
tekken 6 (xbox 360) -working on stupid campaign mode
borderlands (xbox 360) -which is now finished!

Friday, November 06, 2009

fouf finito!

next! (oof)
i messed up on the overall finish of this image,
and the habits continued onto the next drawing.
there are some things i like...
overall craft and line quality,
but i dont like the lighting, proportions,
and expression.
(pretty much hate everything,
but live and learn...and i learned alot, namaste)

onto games ish:
got to level 41 (of 50) as a siren on borderlands.
get that loot and treh-shaa!
also stuck at 9600gp on street fighter champ mode.
so painful working with a lower tier char (cammy).
u definitely cannot make any mistakes.
u can win with the char,
but damn....random uppercuts, ultras
from higher tier chars drive me mental.
i gotta be more disciplined.
(just like in my drawings lol)
im gonna stick with cammy,
....but damn, times are hard.

Thursday, November 05, 2009


i know this picture is ass,
but with it lol.
i started and finished this and another image....
not too happy with the finish of ^this^ or the next one,
but bleh, gotta keep truckin' (<<im gonna try a different approach on the next couple...
and work on them both at the same time!
ill post the preview side by side and take a step back.
check em out, breathe out... and ink em in one sitting.
(we'll see if i have the patience to do this for reals)

currently listening to old school mix shows:
***this is a... super mister super mister super blast blast blast (echo + fade out)***
mr magic + marley marl - rap attack show (i miss mister magic)
marley marl - in control
dj premier - live from headquarters
stretch armstrong + bobbito + lord sear