Wednesday, June 25, 2008

ticket to rz-ide!

the game i worked on for the last 6 months
has been released on xbox 360 live arcade.
a simple board game, "ticket to ride"
is available for download right now!
the experience in building the game was awesome,
really fast paced schedule,
and small team.
quite the change from the big ol'
rpgs, and 100+ man teams.
there was 10-15 core team members,
and things were super awesome.
i gotz to bail and play this bad boy.

Monday, June 23, 2008

now a member!

went to the "krazy" show over at the
vancouver art gallery.
(which features art from comics, anime, manga and video games).
and now i have a membership to the gallery.
pretty good deal, and it will pay for itself in 3 trips.
it will force my ass to get a little cultured.
weekend was decentzo,
checked out the new stussy store in gastown,
(which was wack for now, but in a couple of months...)
gots me new alife + lrg shirts.
drawing update:
im now about 7x7 inches done on the drawing.
damn i gotta get some progress pics.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

back to the beginning!

im starting a drawing like
one of first big drawing projects i did back in 95-96ish.
inspired by the brave art show,
ive started a new pen and ink mash up of characters.
which is quite fun and relaxing.
maybe some progress pics coming,
but odds are, im going to keep goin and finish this bastard....
and not worry about photos since im also lazy as f.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


gettin grim out here...
i figure itll mess up this weekend wtf.
i want to do the grouse grind,
i hope to do that in around an hour.
i gotz basketball to watch,
go celtics!
pretty good series so far,
would love to see paul pierce and kobe in a shooting match.
i love the comeback in game 4,
that was hella craze-o.
'be kind rewind' just came out on dvd,
go out and get that shit!
the movie is great, word to michel goundry.

Monday, June 16, 2008

sun shiny!

sun shiny til the rains come later in the week.
or so they predict.
weekend was nice, got in a bike ride,
gots me some art supplies,
saw an art show (braveart),
watched some movies,
watched dream 4 (which was the sheeeit!),
watched adrenaline mma show (which was okay),
watched pride fc 34 (just out on dvd),
ate some diner food,
yum yum singapore food.
van rocks.
out to the ski.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

its official!

last night i had my car broken into.
i now join the official elite club in vancouver.
i hear the stories, but now i feel it.
ah, isokay,
i could be more bummed out about it,
but not.
last night i was too buzy to worry about it and i bailed,
and went and silkscreening workshop.
it was really fun and i had a great time.
im gonna do it again,
and make cooler graphics.
it brings me back to high school,
and spending so much time in the lab
makin cool shit.
i did something different on a weeknight!
call it a victory,
despite stupid asshat criminals.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

off day!

every tuesday and friday is the off day for exercize.
but this may not last long.
i may go back to a 6 day workout week.
i wanna set a new goal of 185 (middleweight lol) by august 10th.
it will be tough,
but its good to set some sort of deadline
or i will never get it done.
time to start cuttin weight!
currently listenin' to:
'victory' - j-zone gator$ n fur$ radio show
'the n****r mixtape' - nas and dj green lantern
'public enemy # 1' - cam'ron
'kingdom come' - jay-z
'ready to die' - notorious big
'the realness' - cormega

Monday, June 09, 2008


finally over this flu crap.
and now for a buncha random shit.
finished gta 4, and half way thru ninja gaiden 2.
saw kung fu panda on friday,
and did some drinkin over in yaletown.
so now im over the limit on movies for the year wtf.
saturday i saw homeboy sung and j-yo frum tha e...
ufc was questionable on saturday afternoon.....
saturday night was art show opening which was i-ight.
sunday was triathlon day and i took a shit load of pics,
but most of the pics turned out like ass.
ill post tomorrow, if i get to editing.
sunday night was a yum yum chinese dinner.

now what?
the week is kinda open....
how do i change things up from the regular blahzay blahz?
weekends seem to be full of activity....

and now....
the best diss recorded on wax.
'second round k.o.' - canibus
canibus won the battle in my eyes.
l.l. was never the same since canibus tore a new
asshole into l.
not alot of rapper say who they are battling,
and go this deep into the personal history.
ass kicked around the block 500 times over.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

sick 2!

havent been to work for now a couple of days....
i *think* im passed the worst.
now the coughing is starting to develop,
and hopefully im over this tomorrow.

thanks to the flu im now finished gta4!
65.93%, over 30 hours...been a long time.
last mission was tough, but i served dat ass.
bored out of my mind im working now on assassin missions,
chasing criminals, and flying choppers.

do i try to finish to 100%? meh.
excellent game, worth the time.
i think they could have knocked off 5-7 hours,
and still have a great game.

"shook ones part 2" - mobb deep
one of my all time favorite songs.
im no gangsta, but this song takes u into that world.
the hook, the beat,
theres so many samples
off p's verse,...out of control.
the second vid:
"survival of the fittest" - mobb deep
'the infamous' lp was classic.
just another dark ass beat,
queensbridge represent!

Monday, June 02, 2008


i have a sickness starting sunday night wtf.
no photos for today, i gotta edit a whole buncha photos.
which is long overdue.
lets see what went down over the last little while.
wednesday and thursday was movie watchin....
(some old kevin smith movies...a good laugh)
friday was a cool party and dancin'...
(which was hella fun, havent done that in a looong time)
saturday was hangover city, shopping, and elite xc on cbs...
(which was good and bad)
sunday was hangin out at the arcade, wec 34, and sukiyaki...
(which was tasty, havent had it since '99)
today is sick city, which now thinking back,
i probably got from the arcade..oof.
btw, after burner was cool, metal slug 6 is dope as f.
next, i gotta try tekken 6 and drum mania.