Sunday, April 29, 2012


no post last week.
i was so sick,
but still did a drawing.
finished it, and started another.
above is another time lapse drawing,
and below is a more realistic drawing of parasoul from skull girls.
 hopefully ill try to finish it off mid week and post that
to make up for last week.

listening to:
mick boogie - beastie boys mixtape
gangstarr - mass appeal best of gangstarr lp
gangstarr - daily operation lp
group home - livin proof lp
one of my favorite tracks from tha beasties...
beastie boys - sounds of science
group home - livin proof
"leave it up to me while i be livin proof
 to kick the truth to the young black youth"
(props to inspectah deck for the hook off "c.r.e.a.m.")

Sunday, April 15, 2012

sunday drawing!

whats up yo!
it has been a decent week of work and play!
didnt have that much time to draw.

i have been researching how to make better videos
and work on video setups.
im trying to learn garageband
and other simple programs.
ive got adobe audition and captivate...
maybe i should try those as well.

i just finished another fast drawing...
the sunday afternoon hour long time limit is
forcing me to make faster decisions
and i think overall it will up my speed.
as for quality,
im going to work on some fanart stuff
and come up with
better quality drawings,
or full color?

skullgirls just dropped on psn/xbla,
and i like the game alot.
im going to try to make a
couple of images based on that game,
maybe build some momentum.
i played parasoul, filia and valentine so far.
so ill try soem images of those three.
ms. fortune is cool visually too.
the time out, lose animation is
something to base a drawing on too.

currently playing:
skullgirls (xbla)
street fighter x tekken (xbox 360/ps3)
battlefield 3 (xbox 360)

currently listening to:
diplomats - diplomatic immunity 2lp

below is:
diplomats - your way
(jr writer, juelz santana + camron)
a taste of what skullgirls is like.
i like the animations,
and its a north american made fighting game!
its good too!
i wanted to make a fighting game very badly at one point.
it was the whole reason i moved to vancouver,
but maybe ill save that for a video story later on.

Sunday, April 08, 2012


heres another drawing i finished today!
i exported my first 2 time lapse vids,
and will export this one too and show it at some point.
its all a big learning process,
and its tough to learn and create new content all the time.
im trying to juggle other real life stuff at the same time.
no doubt about it,
im having alot of fun these days.

i wish i could have more time to figure this stuff out.
maybe ill have to start going all in,
like the old college days.
(just to finish this stuff off)

listening to:
ofwgkta - the of tape vol. 2 lp
notorious b.i.g. - ready to die lp
apathy - honkey kong lp

classic trackz!
i ended up blasting this the other day...
biz markie - just a friend


new edition - cool it now

Sunday, April 01, 2012


finished another time lapse drawing.
i tried to use people who have unique features....
in this case,
more bugged out eyes.
i like how the hair turned out,
but eyes are too bugged out for me.
meh, no biggie.
another one in the can.

on some other ish,
im starting to get hyped to check out
the east coast.
maybe its the sunshine...
ive been driving around the area,
and finding random shopping so far.
mostly small towns for now,
but maybe another trip to dc is in the works,
or maybe philly?
i think i need to figure out a series of trips i can do on my own,...
since it is me against the east coast right now.
food shacks?
art related stuff?
civil war stuff?
hmm....ill have to sit and stew on this for a bit.

listening to:
raekwon - only built 4 cuban linx lp
raekwon - only built 4 cuban linx 2 lp
raekwon - shaolin vs wu-tang lp
golf wang.

on the subject of buggin,
i thought id add one of my favorite tracks
from top tier album...

a tribe called quest - buggin out
(from 'low end theory' lp)