Sunday, March 25, 2012


its tax time!
im done the u-s-eh!
now over to the second phase of taxin,

damn i miss canada.
shout outs to ken + dhenny
shout outs to all my peoples in canada
that i roll with...still.

im starting to get the itch for the big drawing again.
i definitely go in phases
where i dont want to work on it.
im now glad that
im drawing other stuff,
and working on other creative projects.
(rather than doing nothing,
which is super easy to do).

im not exactly happy with what ive done
as far as the drawings i have posted in the last month or so.

no big deal at all.
its just better that it is on the regular.
more drawings, more often,
equals.... improvement?
maybe, maybe not.

OH, ive also recorded another time lapse of this drawing.
it will get posted in the near future.
maybe on a week where i get buzy with life stuff
and i dont get drawings done.

listening to:
ofwgkta - the of tape vol 2. lp
cool kids - bake sale lp
boldy james - trapper's alley: pros and cons lp

im rockin a ton of boldy james right now.
i first heard him off 'tires' on the cool kids mixtape.
the voice, the flow and the production is solid.
here's 3 vids:
cool kids featuring boldy james - tires
(roll the windows down
turn the EVERYTHING UP!!!!!!)
boldy james - gettin flicked
boldy james - concrete connie

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

so soon!

whaa? a post so soon?
i got a drawing done on sunday,
so i thought id post asap.
which happens to be tuesday.

i made a time laspe vid of this
just as a test,
and ill post later to figure out the whole
posting to youtube mess.

listening to:
ofwgkta - the of tape vol. 2 lp
(super ignorant rap, + LOVING IT)
rick ross featuring styles p - b.m.f. 12"
koot keith + kutmaster kurt - diesel truckers lp
pusha t - fear of god 2 lp

pusha t featuring diddy - changing of the guard
this track got me amped...
first track on the 'fear of god' lp.
lep bogus boys featuring the cool kids - countin my money
just plain bonkers.
something to ride my bmx to.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

like they do in the future!

finally finished a drawing.
im starting to get my legs back after
flipping my schedule,
and rearranging to fit in other activities.
i think i can manage what ive got and post
about once a week.

currently listening to:
beatnuts - milk me lp
dj premier + bumpy knuckles - kolexxxion lp
too short - you nasty lp
beastie boys - the mix up lp

just watched:
drive (top tier, yo damn!)
columbiana (decent action)
hangover part 2 (was meh)

currently playing:
street fighter x tekken (xbox 360 + ps3)
battlefield 3 (xbox 360)

this shit is out of control!
cant wait for this new el-p album!
el-p - the full retard
takes me back to when i was hype for the company flow albums
and i finally found the beatnuts - milk me album on cd!
this second vid is:
beatnuts featuring greg nice - hot
i know i could have bought that shit on itunes, but fuck that.
im old school and like finding the physical copy.
also found the too short - you nasty lp

Sunday, March 11, 2012


hey yall,
been super buzy this weekend running around,
and random errands.
but rest assured,
i started a drawing tonight.
will try to post later this week
to keep the half way regular posts going.

update on video editing,
ive got 1:30 of 3min on both videos done.
damn this is taking forever.
i know the vids are going to be ass,
but i think i know how i want to shoot next time.
i need way more variety shots.

currently listening to:
apathy - honkey kong lp
cam'ron + vado + dj drama - boss of all bosses 3
s.o.d. - march of the sod

currently playing:
battlefield 3 (xbox 360)
street fighter x tekken (xbox 360 + ps3)
street fighter iv arcade edition 2012 (xbox 360 + ps3)

below is:
apathy - make alot of money
i liked the beat alot..
b.o.b featuring asher roth - fuck the money
same sample!
joni mitchell - the river
juelz santana featuring cam'ron - you ought to know
billy joel - moving out
heart at-tack-ack-ack-ack-ack!

Sunday, March 04, 2012

catch up!

catching up on drawing in general.
havent drawn in a while,
thanks to too many hobbies.

ive been learning final cut pro,
going to start after effects,
probably in the next couple of months.
gotta capture new video!
gotta get new photos!
gotta draw moar!
gotta learn the md/dc/va area!
gotta do amuricah!
gotta keep playing vid gamez!

currently listening to:
cam'ron + vado + dj drama - boss of all bosses 3
apathy - honkey kong
little brother - leftback
kool g rap - live and let die

ive added one of my favorite epmd tracks all time.
epmd f/ das efx - comin' at cha
the beat is real deal raw.
the raps is off the charts.

the second song is older cam'ron + vado.
ive been way into production from araabmuzik.
damn... dude is a beast.

the final vid is araabmuzik GOIN OFF.
insane on the MPC.