Thursday, January 29, 2009


dangerous area
park fog
pretty happy i made it thru the week,
and posting on a more regular basis.
now i have to work on getting some more stuff for next week (uh oh).

on a sad note...
im in the video games industry,
and its sad to see the current wave of layoffs industry wide.
nexxon (vancouver) was the latest to get hit and the company is gonzo.
90 people suddenly out of jobs wtf.
ea laying off most of black box employees wtf (150-200 people).
and it sounds like alot of companies around town are taking the hit.
well, i thought i would take this time out
to acknowledge those who lost thier jobs,
and hope they find new and better opportunities else where.
damn,....times are hard as f.

on some completely other ish,
im listening to sirius radio and it was a whole block of wack ass music.
rappers got to get off the crappy ass vocoder/autotune trash.
i keep listening to lil wayne and kanye west tracks that are garbage.
no where near the right key (when they sing/rap).
i actually dont mind one track....maybe every other album...
but this crap is spreading.
let the real singer live and get them for your track and
stop the garbage on wax.
(i gotta start the movement)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

word to the third!

above is 2 pics from the snowstorm in van late in 2008.
i thought i had taken alot of good pics, but meh.
alot turned out like trash and wish
i spent more time walking around finding the ultimate shot.
live and learn i guess.

heres the find for the day:
xiangyuan jie
great paintings.
wish i had these skills...i gots too much on my plate right now.

currently listening to:
kool g. rap - live and let die
(ill street blues, operation cb, classic front to back)
notorious big - notorious (original soundtrack)
(kick ass demo tracks "guaranteed raw" wtf, and basically a greatest hits album)
cam'ron - public enemy #1
(why they, dead the funeral, and lots of kick ass tracks)
lord finesse - return of the funky man
(classic album)
masta ace - take a look around
(classic album)
audio two - what more can i say?
(top billin, i like!!!)
(nyc in full effect)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

two in a row!

fog chin ups
fog tall
yea wtf two days in a row?!
i guess its time to roll out some pics from the past couple of months.
i dont have that much for photos,
but im trying to take this time out
to catch up.
above is the photos from a weekend of fog.
ive never seen fog hang around for 3-4 days.
at times u couldnt see 50 feet in front of u driving.
blah blah.
anyways, i should start on my drawing tonight and hit these goals i set out.
word out.

Monday, January 26, 2009

back to the top of the list!

ive been neglecting writing down thoughts for the moment.
so i'm going to put this back back up to the top of the priority list.
first off,
above is the drawing at its current state.
(not much to look at).
but, the goals for the week are...
1. get 25% of this done.
2. get pencils for a contest drawing done.
3. post the tail end of 08 pics, and start of 09 pics.
its alot for me, but i think i can put my head down and barf out alot.

Monday, January 19, 2009

buzy blahzay!

went to see norm macdonald on saturday night and that destroyed.
since coming to van ive seen:
chris rock, norm macdonald, george carlin (on his last tour),
don rickles (and i got insulted so i can die now), and henry rollins
(not necessarily a comedian, but hes entertaining).
its hard to rank norm after all those names,
but he is top tier, and everyone ive seen has been top tier.
hmmm, only guys i wanna see as far as comedians go is
bill cosby, seinfeld, hmmm....not too many others.
also watched ufc earlier in the day and that was so-so.
there were some highlights on the card,
(henderson/franklin, davis/lytle)
but shogun/coleman was hella wack.
2 tired guys fighting wtf.
it was also double xp weekend on call of duty:world at war
for the multiplayer mode (uh oh).
got in lots of that,
got some drawing in, finally started inking on some parts.
went over to anton's restaurant (which is hella dope).
ill have to get the pic off my phone to show off
"the realness".

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

bunch of nothing!

yea a whole bunch of nothing going down in the last couple of weeks.
im spinning my wheels,
trying to get this year started off.
i wrote down all of my goals for the year (artwise)
and the list is long.
i threw out the first version of drawing no. 3,
and i gotta start over.
i think i have to be more disciplined as far as jumping into inking the drawing.
this one is going to be different.
so far, for this year,
i have planned.....
6 large drawings,
2 skateboards,
painting a blank toy,
and a contest that has popped up which is due march 1.
sounds like alot,
but now its time to budget the time and follow thru.
i hope to output the most personal art this year
since college. (while working)
lets see what happens.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009


first post of 2009!
its been a while, ive been offline and a hermit for the last month.

above is a link i found today,
looking for stuff for wk interact, obey and banksy.
damn these guys are top tier.

ive finally started on drawing number 3 on monday night...
(monday january 5th)
see how slow or fast i can finish this bad boy.
maybe a pic at the beginning of next week.

on some other ish,
im gonna see norm macdonald next weekend! (word up!)
im gonna see kool keith next month! (word up pt. 2!)
hope theres more shows coming in the next couple of months to jumpstart this year!

time to figure out how to pace myself,
and get the following things done:
drawings (up to 6)
photography (entering year 3)
reading (get these 3-4 books out of the way in 2 months or so)
exercize (how many hours are there in a day??!!)
gamning (cause thats part of my job!!)

ill try to post the solutions as i figure them out.