Monday, February 11, 2013

duece duece!

2013 super bowl champions:
baltimore ravens
almost at my 3 month fitness goal!
i am currenly at 22 of 30 pounds lost and have about 8 days to go.
i dont think the goal will be met,
but i'm not really worried.
this was only part one of the goal.
next stop is ANOTHER 30 in 3 months.
lets go!

i am more worried about maintain this lifestyle forever.
mistakes or cheats are allowed, which makes this more sustainable.
hard work in the gym and mental is key.

listening to:
gangstarr - daily operation LP
gangstarr - full clip: decade of gangstarr 2LP
a$ap rocky - long live a$ap LP

pete rock & cl smooth featuring rob o - worldwide
notorious big - guaranteed raw
(this beat is hard as fuck)
a$ap rocky - lvl
(favorite track on the long live a$ap album)