Monday, August 10, 2009

3 and a half done dealzo!

time to start the cycle once again.
i actually finished the image thursday night.
what to do on the next one.
i really want to make more details and make things more intricate,
but these drawings are endurance tests.
i usually break mentally 60% into the battle.
i have to train, work this new one at a different angle.

the weekend of violence is over.
friday night was sengoku 9...
hornbuckle with possibly k.o. of the year...poor gono.
saturday morning was pride 31...
it just came out on dvd (which was a nice surprize).
mark coleman vs. shogun rua (what a nasty arm break)
also it was the setup for the openweight gp in '06.
saturday night was ufc 101...
damn, anderson silva served dat ass!
bj penn is always prime time.
sunday night was wec 42...
damn, hoping for miguel to keep the title,
but everyone gets caught.

overall good weekend...
im glad it rained and i had reason to stay inside and chill.
hope it continues for a couple of weeks.
i can start to work on the next drawing
and edit some recent photos.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

so close!

so close to finishing this image.

i thought it would be done,
but i forgot about:
1. it was a long weekend
2. rock the bells (which was i-ight)*
*a review of rock the bells will happen once i edit
all of the photos...and post em.
3. it was super nice outside
4. it was a long weekend

i did get a good dent into the drawing,
and i am probably looking for the kill shot
this coming weekend.
(for reals this time)
im a little bit further than the image above,
i just have the sides and the bottom corners.


Wednesday, August 05, 2009

a moment of silence.

on a serious note...
i found out yesterday that an old friend
from high school had passed on sunday morning.

to reflect:
i met him in high school,
we went to opposing junior high schools,
but that didnt seem to matter.
he joked around alot and didnt stay with
the traditional cliques in high school.
he got along with everyone,
and was the bridge for alot of different cliques.
i think he was the first person i met in high school who wasnt from
my old junior high/elementary.
in fact, i would say he introduced me to alot of
cool people in h.s. since i was so socially inept.

the good times i remember come from:
clowning around in art class,
playing a ton of street hockey
and football together in whitehorn,
hanging with the crew
during many a lunch hour
goofin around.

one of the things im going to have to look for,
(that he was super proud of)
is his kick ass tackle during the
high school city championships...
one day ill find it, and post it in his memory.

the last time i saw him in person was
in 2004 for a high school reunion.
it was great to see him.
he was the same happy go lucky guy
i remembered in high school.

he always had a place in my heart,
since he along with everyone
who was a part of that high school crew,
brought alot of great memories in high school.

with a heavy heart,
i hope the family stays strong in these tough times...
my prayers go out to them.

rest in peace gin
i will miss you.