Tuesday, April 20, 2010

a moment of silence.

i found out today that one
of my favorite rappers had passed.

rest in peace
gifted unlimited rhymes universal
keith elam.

that was my high school/college jams.
my favorite guru tracks
dwyck (i wreck the mic like a pimp pimps hoes)
take it personal (never the less cleverness cant impress)
so wassup?! (tear that bitchass up... so wassup!)
the ? remains (i remember hearing that for the first time in japan,
its my japan trip anthem)
b.y.s. (to all you phony ass rappers imma bust your shit)
ex to the next girl (must i stop? naw, i think not)
(check the rep when i speak...) check the technique
(im here with the skillz you missed) you know my steez
man... i could go on and just list the gangstarr catalog.

definitely a top tier emcee
that shaped my musical tastes back in the day.
proud that he was a part of the golden era of rap
which will not be touched.
i repeat posts with gangstarr shit...
but its so ridiculously hot!

peace out guru

ill leave with
gangstarr - in memory of....
gangstarr featuring lil dap + jeru the damaja - i'm the man

'ill kick your can
from here to japan
with force you cant withstand
cause im the muthafuckin' man!'


Monday, April 19, 2010

by myself!

drawing moving along slowly.
ive been inspired to work on it,
but ive been holding back from going wild on it.
im going against what i normally do and freestyle it.
time to style on it, level up the game
and breathe easy.

ran 15k on sunday!
after that it was a wrap.
or at least it should have been.
i walked around for 2-3 hours,
then finally sat down
and the feet were in a world of hurt.
good thing this is a lighter week in running woot!

got a ticket to epmd!!!!
cant wait to see em again!
heres 2 harder to find joints
epmd - give the people (jeep/ pete rock mix)
(i never heard this version til this week)
epmd - brothers from l.i. (b-side to crossover)

listening to:
murs + 9th wonder - fornever lp (hotness)
cam'ron + dj drama + vado - boss of all bosses 2
little brother - leftback lp
alicia keys - the element of freedom lp

the new little brother is HOT!
'even when im by myself'

9th wonder/khrysis is killin' it on all fronts!
its like where kanye should have gone,
but turned to the darkside (with autotune wackness).

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


canada, neh?!
my theme for the next drawing is:
hip hop

i grew up on the stuff,
and still learn about hidden 80s/90s groups all the time.
(which makes me love it even more)
i live it all day everyday.
i thought about how to attack this drawing ALOT.
and decided that this is what it means to me,
everyone else can fuck off lol.
ive already made some contraversial decisions,
so we will see in the end how it all plays out.
but in the end, its just another drawing
with a little bit more focus.
hopefully within 3 drawings i can see 20/20.

listening to:
jay-z - the blueprint 3 lp
n.o.r.e. - the iron liver lp
n.a.s.a - the spirit of apollo lp
cool kids - the bake sale ep
capone n noreaga - the war report lp
krs-one - return of the boom bap lp

return of the boom bap IS the shit and will always be top tier.

"back in the day i knew rap would never die"
here's krs-one with my personal favorite track outta here:
'hip-hop vs. rap w/outta here' live on yo! mtv raps
and another version:
'the mc w/outta here' live (word to grandgood)

Wednesday, April 07, 2010


500 posts!
i wasnt really paying attention to the count
until the 490s.

anyways my how things have changed.
to celebrate, i thought i would collect
all four drawings and put them in one place.
i tried to place them in the first post ever,
but blogger has some weak sauce bug.
oh well fuckit.

on some other shit....
been upping my workout routine lately,
i now run 3 times a week,
not too shabby for a tubby dude lol.
in a month i plan to go to
gooooooooo team healthy!

ive decided on a new theme for the next drawing.
i thought this time it will be about mental stamina,
and see if i can push thru,
rather than give up half way and do 'whatever'
like i usually do.
(i will shed more light on the next post)

since it is post 500,...
2006-2010 (aka the vancouver era) most listened to music:
(in no order, just off the top of the head)
notorious big - ready to die lp
ice t - original gangster + home invasion lp
cormega - the realness + the true meaning lp
epmd - business never personal
nas - illmatic
ice cube - death certificate
slayer - reign in blood
kool keith aka dr. dooom - first come first served lp

after writing those albums,
i thought....interesting how there is no new albums.
i am officially old.
fuck new school. heh.

and on that note...
ive been listening to A TON of ice-t lately.
damn it is so classic.
ice-t - it's on
and cant forget COLORS COLORS COLORS

wow late find!
geto boys - i aint with bein broke (live on yo!)
forgot abot that classic single!