Friday, September 28, 2012


ive been down and bumming out
for the last couple of weeks,
real life happens sometimes.
not to worry,
i recognize these things alot faster than 5-6 years ago,
and i attack these things alot faster.
im now back on the positivity tip.
 im ready to turn things around and kick ass once again.
sometimes it is tough to get through
or figure out life in general...le sigh.

not to worry, ive snapped out of that shit...
im back on my grind and inspired to
continue on my projects.

(ill post something this weekend!)

now playing:
borderlands 2 (xbox 360)
(playing as siren)
tekken tag tournament 2 (xbox 360)
(trying to get good with lili and nina)
torchlight 2 (pc)
(playing berserker)
 now listening to:
g.o.o.d. music - cruel summer
common - the dreamer, the believer

fart projects:
random drawings
video edits (lots of rearranging)
i found common's first album,
and now on a common trip.
below is my favorite track off the last album:
common - celebrate
(i think about this when i reach home,
or probably when i get back to van.)

and another all time fav,
common featuring lauryn hill - retrospect for life
so much soul in this one,
it is missing in this bullshit rap thats going on right now.
sucks that common wasnt in cruel summer more what the fuck.

Sunday, September 09, 2012

comiccon 2012!

baltimore comic con 2012!
i always get inspired at these things to level up.
i saw all levels of drawing at this one,
and was surprized at how everyone's game
has stepped up.
(in comparison to seattle comic con)
i think overall the seatlle one was better,
since it was bigger.
but this one had a different flavor and could measure up in time,
if it keeps growing. 
im super happy to meet the artists above:
brandon peterson
brian stelfreeze
jeff darrow (holy shit!)
i had a chance to meet some
others but didnt get good pics so i didnt post.
ill probably post these to flickr soon.
ive got some video from the con,
hope to post those at some point...

but for now i have to find out where and how to post those.

still blastin epmd!
below is a remix i havent heard:
epmd - give to the people (erick and parrish remix)
and this one i have laying around soemwhere:
epmd - headbanger (remix) 
i love how in both remixes,
the drums and bass were dropped super heavy.
wheres that at in todays music?
thats one to grow on.

Friday, September 07, 2012

good week!

holy shit im putting in work in illustrator!
i finished the black and white,
now its time to try....color?
how the fuck am i going to color this shit.

anyways...step one is done!
now off to the next step!
 time to put in work.

my shiny nickel process
fucks up my video editing,
but meh...
i always ride shit out.

currently playing:
 civilization v: gods & kings (pc/mac)

currently reading:
eat to live - joel fuhrman

this weekend is baltimore comic con!
im gonna check that out,
hopefully get some cool pics
and possibly some cool original artwork!

current project:
illustrator face stage 2 - color

 ive been on a hit squad fix.
been blasting epmd...and now k-solo.
the beats are so classic.
k-solo - i cant hold it back
moving form posse to posse,
im also listening to the altlantic/priority posse.
a bunch of audio 2, positive k and mc lyte
but this is super hype:
positive k - a good combination

Tuesday, September 04, 2012


yo yo yo
another quick post.
finished the drawing a while ago,
but now im working on it in illustrator.
what a pain in the ass that program is wtf.
hopefully ill have something done soon!
im making good progress though.

leftover shit: van streets 2011 

ive been listening to a shitton of epmd these days.
they STILL kick so much ass.
epmd - you're a customer
the raps is BOSS, the beat is DEF.

also: roli rho (5th platoon djs)
he tears up the "youre a customer" beat at about :55 seconds.
epmd featuring ll cool j - rampage remix
i love all of the verses...this song kicks so much ass...but
the final verse yo damn.
"when i come around
homeboy watch yo nuggets
im a master on the beatdown
my style's rugged
when i attack the microphone
close the zone
rap see danger
can't roam
security is packed wall to wall
cant fall
my rap tank is full
so i cant stall
my microphone is filled with premium
any wack em cee that flexes
im creamin em
not with lotion
bust the motion
when im rockin the mic
im like coastin
underneath fatigue
at my peak
yo still seek a style
cause yours extra weak
new method
to rip the stage at my age
and get loose
and kick like bruce
when i rage

Sunday, September 02, 2012

chillin with moo cows!

swangs prized moo 
went to the state fair yesterday! 
finally took some photos and posted to flickr! 
had fun, not as much as the first time i went, but it was still fun.
im gonna try to find some of the other pics
ive taken over the past couple of years
and catch up on flickr.

i kinda thought my pics were ass,
(which is why i kinda fell off)
but now looking back...
its my shooting style and my subject matter.
 i still like my old photos,
even if some seem boring or too simplistic.
there is something to those photos for me,
that i dont see other photographers do.
so fuckit.
im gonna try to take more photos more often,
or at least post em more often than before.

heres the set:

currently playing:
civilization 5: gods & kings (pc/mac)

current fart projects:
batgirl cover (in illustrator?)
new face (in illustrator?
inks done, ill post tomorrow-ish?)
video editing! (final cut pro x)

currently reading:
eat to live by joel fuhrman (learning bout food!)
daredevil #17 (cause its mike allred)
before watchmen: dr. manhattan #1 (cause its adam hughes)
avenging spider-man #9 (cause its terry dodson)