Wednesday, January 31, 2007


lampin', im lampin', im cold cold lampin'.
top 10-ish favorite tunes for the moment:
40 cal "fuck it all/dear fan"
game f/nas + just blaze "why u hate the game"
dr. dre f/snoop "deep cover"
epmd "get off the bandwagon/nobody's safe chump"
eric b. & rakim "juice (know the ledge)"
boogie down productions "we in there"
audio two "top billin/i like cherries"
positive k "step up front"
common "6th sense/the light"
das efx "hard like a criminal"

Sunday, January 14, 2007

f'd up!

bakinaffek for 07.
start the new year off right by
f-in' up hard on your first drawing!
word to all the peoples i saw in cowtown during the holiday:
king evil, chad + shannon, wyatt + nancy, GRILLS (congrats yo),
virgil, teak, mr. fritz, arun c, smalltime, bug + whiz, 5-hole,
master pimp + the tabloid. (hahaha...yeah come get me).