Thursday, October 29, 2009


another done dealzo.
off to the next ish.
still puzzled about the next drawing....
the saga continues.

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raekwon feat. ghostface killah - only built for cuban linx II
cormega - born and raised
m.o.p. - foundation
de la soul - art official intelligence

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

another randomzo!

continuing on with the randoms.....
i liked the light in the original ref,
so i decided to draw that....
pretty close to finishing off the ink...hope to post on thursday.
next up after this....hmmm....
i bought a darkstalkers tribute book,
and i might draw my version of a darkstalkers char,
or i might still go with the orignial plan of cammy from sf4.

im now over 9000gp
im on my way to g-2A (which is at 10 000).
over 1700 matches, and i still suck ass.
o well, thats what i get for picking a lower tier character.

currently playing:
street fighter iv (xbox 360)
borderlands (xbox 360)
dirt 2 (xbox 360)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

price done!

done deal!
i like how this turned out,
i wish i could get a solid flat black in fills.
(like with gouache but with a marker)
off to the next....
i got a reference folder set up for my cammy image(s)...
im going to do a couple of warmup images in order to
find the right face or style in order to get the
right attack goin into the final drawing.
(what does that mean?)
well, right now im thinkin that im not confident in
making a full page, one character, full figure image.
maybe ill have to go and get some inspiration....

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

another random!

another random piece....
thought id show some new drawing,
but a little bit of process...
(only a little)
so... i went over to imdb,
saw a shot of some show
'lipstick jungle' (what the eff?)
and drew
lindsay price.
in hindsight,
i should have picked a picture with a better facial expression,
or glasses, or more interesting hairstyle,....
but fuckit!....just gotta finish anything right now!
at this point im pretty happy with what i gotz,
and im gonna move straight into final ink.
ill square out the bottom,
and make a funky outline shape on the top,
to make a cooler sihlouette.
at this point ive worked on it about 70 min-ish?

outsville...more later.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

not totally dead yet!

didnt realize it was soooooooooo long between posts...oops!
to update,
ive been taking a long ass break
(which is dumb)
and work has been gettin nutz (so that doesnt help).
but i thought something that i normally do to get out of a block.
i pick a random image off the net.
in this case i hit imdb,
kate walsh happen to be on the front page,
and i drew her right off the bat...
and got a decent drawing out of it.
i think ill do more rnadom ish (i got a couple in the bag now)
and move on to some real projects.

things i wanna work on:
1. better description of lighting thru ink lines alone
2. grey scale marker stylez (gotz my copicz son!)
3. better line choices overall (i might explain this one day)
4. more patience in the early stages
5. better expression and body weight in psoes

heh on some completely other ish:
street fighter iv!!
now at 8600GP (g-2 b grade) and main char. cammy.
ive learned a crazy amount in the last couple of months,
and im now getting out of the 'scrub' level.
(to less dirty scrub)
ive got 900 matches as cammy under the belt
and workin on g-1 grade (15000 GP) before
super street fighter iv hits the shelves.

things to work on with cammy:
1. matchup vs. dhalsim, chun-li, rufus, vega, blanka
2. execution: (tiger knee) cannon strike
3. execution: cannon spike, focus attack dash-cancel, cannon spike
4. execution: cannon spike, focus attack dash-cancel, ultra
5. general + new shenanigans

i will make a drawing of cammy in the next couple of weeks,
as an exercize to work on better expressions.
another post this week? (hope so!)