Thursday, July 31, 2008

finishing touches!

so close to finishing.
ive covered the whole piece of paper.

i just have to fill in little pockets here and there...

what to do this weekend.

its a long weekend for me (b.c. day)

so i gots ta figure out some shit.

of course some sexbox is in order,

some drawing is in order (since it is supposed to be shitty outside).

ah the dilemma.

currently listening to:

cool kids - the bake sale ep

k-solo - tell the world my name

krs-one - return of the boom bap

young jeezy - thug motivation 101

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


heres some shots from the first night of fireworks a week ago.
tonight is another night of fireworks and drunken stupidity.
played some soul 4,
got geometry wars 2....
its high score time.
but before that,
im goin to update the blog and finish this drawing.
the plan is to start another drawing this weekend.
what it will be,
i dont know.
but i also have to get down to editing alot of photos,
so i can post more often.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

the soul!

soul calibur 4 is out today!
time to get some soul skillz.
i suck at this game, but i think its time to jump into this series of fighting game.
im also 95% done the drawing,
should have pics towards the end of the week.
now to catch up,
grills came up for the weekend, that was fly.
good seein peeps, from back in the day.
hung out and saw some fireworks,
played some guitar hero,
and did lots of walkin round.
sunday was super duper chill.
cauight up on some drawin.
got a big chunk of this bitch done.
and now ive only got the finishing touches to work on.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


last night was a trip.
i have an idea,
lets go and get drunk and watch fireworks!
fun times, during the annual fireworks here in the west end.
i like how drunks fight at the fireworks,
over what....who knows.
everyone around was drinkin beer,
or was stoned.
nobody really started ish,
but things did get rowdy towards the end.
every 30 seconds somebody yells 'woooooooooo'!
cause 'its the fireworks, son!'
damn, people like to watch shit explode.
and if near anyone else, or in a huge crowd + drinkin (or smokin a j),...
its a wrap....VIOLENCE!!!
straight comedy.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

75 percent!

im 75% done the drawing....
this has been a cleansing experience.
hope to keep goin tonight,
unless geometry wars on xbla takes ovah.
love the shooters. plus the high score leaderboard is addictive.
i did the drawing during the dream 5 event which totally rocked.
lightweights are awesome, and im amazed they have knockout power.
states side, i cant think of any real lightweights with k.o. power.
to rank the 3 events i saw this weekend,
1. dream 5, (aka doo-ree-moo fi-voo)
2. affliction,
3. ufc.
affliction barely beat out ufc because
of the super stars they had on the card.
ufc, had some spectacular finishes
which might have put them ahead of the affliction card.
plus it was free!
overall no event sucked,
and it was the ultimate violence weekend.

Monday, July 21, 2008


weekend of violence ends tonight!
ufc fight night = awesome.
rory markham knockout was so ridiculous.
affliction banned = awesome.
fedor's knockout/sub was ridiculous.
and tonight it's dream 5, which is a replay,
but the results are craze-o.
also got pride 33 - second coming (wanderlei vs dan henderson)
to complete this weekend of violence.
i think i had my fill.
maaaybe not.
what's next?
elite xc on cbs july 26.
then ufc on aug 6.
word out.

Friday, July 18, 2008

school night!

a rare night walk on a "school" night.
i dont do any leisurely walks during the week,
since i wake up so early to work out.
i now wonder if i have to change up the program in order to enjoy the....
am i missing anything? probably not.
right now im enjoying drawing at night,
watching dvds, listening to old school tunes,
staying inside....during the summer wtf.
maybe ill change the attitude soon,
but for some reason, im not really
hyped to get outside.
i enjoyed the walk tonight,
which makes me wonder if i should get out more often.
again, am i missing anything? hmmm...
i think im gonna change things up for the rest of the summer.
more updates on this game plan later.
lemme hit the bowl and....reflect? lol

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

tha hump!

its hump day,
and im listening to 'the humpty dance' by humpty hump of digital underground.
the summer of old school continues.
i bought the new nas album,
listened to the first track, and went back to golden era shizz.
currently listening to:
kool g. rap - 4,5,6
n.w.a. - efil4zaggin
boogie down productions - edutainment
eric b. and rakim - paid in full
warren g - regulate
public enemy - there's a poison goin on

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

sky pigz!

gotta love vandalizm.

i cant wait for this weekend of violence.
in celebration,
im watchin a whole bunch of pride fc dvds while drawin.
gotta love the japanese and thier love (or respect) for violence.
i think the affliction card is kind of like the old japanese events.
lots of big names and top to bottom sounds like a good card.
ufc always has good up and comers,
but u dont realize how good they are until waaay after the fact.
dream 5 should be awesome...i kinda hope for uno to win the thing,
but i think the deck is stack way too high for him.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


since there is no new stern this week,
i have been listening to 2001 shows.
interesting to hear the thoughts immediately after the towers fell.
it makes me angry that iraq is in shambles,
and all of the soldiers are down there for....?

im also listening to ice-t 'home invasion' and 'o.g.' albums.
interesting how things havent changed at all.
listening to the last track on both of those albums,
'aint a damn thing changed' and 'ya should have killed me last year'
talk about desert storm, george bush and soldiers dying over some bullshit.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

game show!

game show week on howard stern's channel on sirius radio.
i normally hate it when he goes on holiday,
but this week has been awesome.
my personal favorite is 'the nearlywed game',
which should appear later this week.
im listenin to alot of golden era hip hop these days.
it takes me back to high school and college.
the first wu-tang album takes me back to c-train rides,
back and forth from college on those 1 hour trips.
right now im listening to 'shorty the pimp' album from too short.
i remember listening to that on cassette during lunch hour in high school.
damn, too short was the shit back then.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

the heat!

damn son,
shizz b blazin.
hot in the office,...
i imagine it's gross out on the beach,
and i would burn in 15 minutes.
august should be nas to the tee.
listening to:
redman - doc's da name lp
kool g. rap - 4,5,6 lp
cool kids - bake sale ep
cool kids - thats stupid mixtape
epmd - business never personal lp
public enemy - revolverlution lp

Monday, July 07, 2008


kind of.
the down and dirty cleaning that needs to be done oof.
did some of the drawing,
almost done the bottom half... hope the top half goes faster.
on some other ish,
i think rampage won the fight this weekend...
but u should never leave it to the judges.
i give props to forrest for a great game plan.
he could have destroyed, but he didnt for whatever reason.
overall, the ufc was a good card this weekend.
some notes on the pics above,
the car reminds me of the 'hitchhiking' we did on the island.
we were walkin along the side and a nice guy stopped and drove us
to our b and b.
it seems to be the norm on these islands.
everyone is super helpful and the sense of community is strong.
the other photo is about this one day show called 'cheaper'.
every piece was 200 bucks or cheaper and there was a ton of cool ish.
it ranged from juxtapoz type pieces to realistic pieces.
word to the third.

Thursday, July 03, 2008


a quick story about the 'notice' sign,....
we came up to this sign, read it,
then we heard gun shots in the distance and decided to back the f up.
turns out we could have gone thru,
and there was a rifle range in there.
there was no way we could have known that by the map we had.
nice tourist map.
the other photo is part of a trip to gastown.
visiting the new stussy store,
we came across this sign.
gotta love people's instinct to 'f' with things for a quick laugh.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


back to business at work.
im feelin a bit crabby cause i gotta go back,
but i guess i have to get back in the groove eventually.
above is the midday adventure over at galiano island.
really quiet and peaceful.
not a place for me (im city fo life),
but it was a great trip.
tuesday night is great...
i gots 'i survived a japanese game show'
and 'wipeout'.
its not as good as real jap game shows,
but at least its something to get rid of the golf and
baseball blues.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

looooooooooooong weekend!

ive been bad with the posting over the last month or so,...
been busy conductin thangs.
above is the three stages of my mash up drawing.
i think craft has been gettin better, but its a long way to go to finishing this bastard.
lets see what went down this long ass weekend.
friday, i had the ticket to ride event with the team which was cool.
pitch and putt which was super fun and eats over at the rain city grill.
then saw wall-e which was *okay* but i liked the other pixar movies more.
saturday was art store day,
and i now have gigantic pieces of paper for future projects.
(3feet by 15 feet)
sunday was a trip to galiano island.
its the island directly to the east of vancouver island.
tiny, about 40 kms x 5 kms.
it was very quiet, and lots of stories to tell from one day of action.
maybe some stories in the coming days.
i came back on monday,
bought guitar hero: aerosmith and finished it on hard difficulty.
it isnt the best version of gh, but the run dmc tracks are worth gettin.
and today,...
its all about drawing,
and some gh,
and some chill the f out.