Tuesday, May 27, 2008

kingdom come!

watched indiana jones movie today....
i thought it was over the top and meh.
how could this be?
maybe i gotta watch the old ones again to
figure out how cheesy the old ones were.
it did feel like an eighties story,
but something was missing.
how could they come up with a kick ass sequel?
how could they over come high expectations?
i have no answer,
im just glad harrison came back and did this movie,
and didnt give a shit.
i hope they keep makin more.
even if shia in the drivers seat.
i think they gotta do movies on the sneak tip and just put em out.

Monday, May 26, 2008


365 posts....that took a while.

detroit must be goin nuts.
if both the teams win the championships,
the city will burn down.
wish van still had the grizzlies.
nobody here like basketball wtf.

on some more random ish,
im listening to a ton of m.o.p.
damn those guys roll hard.
i love the 'stomp the shit out ya' attitude.
i gotta rip these cds for gta and stomp some dudes out.
first vid is
'rugged never smooth (dj premier remix)'
the definition of m.o.p.
the second vid is
'stick to ya gunz' - feat. kool g rap.
g rap kills it at the end (like always).

Sunday, May 25, 2008


been off and on as far as photos , drawing and posting.
finally have some sort of social life goin on,
so it has been difficult to post,
or work on post processing on photos.
anyways 1st off,
ufc 84:WHAT!
wanderlei iz bzack.
penn destroyed.
and machida is boring to watch.
i hope somebody stomps his ass.
he is very good technically, but damn.
listening to:
(just bought these 2 cds)
m.o.p. - ghetto warfare
m.o.p. - to the death (hard to find)
erick sermon - no pressure
onyx - bacdafucup pt 1 and 2

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


some more shots from the scientology center.
i see these guys protesting alot.
pretty dedicated bunch.
now playing:
grand theft auto 4 (xbox 360) 43%
fatal fury archives volume 2 (ps2)
world heroes anthology (ps2)
guitar hero 3 (xbox 360)
rock band (xbox 360)
fatal fury was a nice surprize,
real bout fatal fury 2 is decent (for looks).
i only hope that they release
garou: mark of the wolves in a third volume.
world heroes is not quite like i remember it,
actually its ass.
but whatever, its brings back
memories of the ol' arcade at village square.
damn that was a kick ass arcade.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

summer heat!

after a long hot weekend,
im back from a long ass layoff.
computer has been acting up
and i couldnt edit any photos for a while.
on some other ish,
dallas stars are out....wish they could have pushed it to game seven.
wish the flyers coulda pushed it to seven.
wish the hornets coulda taken out the spurs.
(damn those spurs).
anyone but the spurs to win the nba title.
game 7 celtics-cavs was incredible.
pierce vs. james was nutzo.
hope the cavs step up next year into the top tier.
maybe a hornets-cavs final next year?
probably not.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


no photos today,
gotta figure out what up with the computah.
i dont go to the movies that often....
maybe 2 a year.
harold and kumar and iron man in a span of 3 days?
maybe indiana jones this coming weekend who knows.
iron man was pretty top tier.
i put it above spiderman 1 as far as comic movies goes.

Monday, May 12, 2008

time killers!

buzy alot and nothin, and alot of nothing at the same time.
played alot of rock band,
bought guitar hero 3 for 360,
played a buncha that....
watched harold and kumar,
(awesome by the way)
ate at some cool restaurants,
and had some very different food,
which is always cool.
it kinda felt like i did alot, but then i didnt really do anything.
no drawing,
no photos...
maybe this long weekend coming up, who knows.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

more food!

i cant get enough of it.
heres a bunch of food shots,
and actually remembering to take more photos of the food.
i had alot of different foods over my holiday,
but still lost 2 pounds that week, wtf.
probably all of the walking did the trick.
whats up for the weekend?
maybe a start to the restaurant tour of the city.
where to start?
kingsway vietnamese could do the trick,
or richmond chinese joints,
or how about posh kits restaurants.
time to do research.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

gotta get more gats!

kinda weird not caring about the nhl playoffs this year.
both my teams are out (bruins and flames) and
i just dont care about whos in.
(maybe except the stars for the sake that
they took out the oilers for a couple of years).
just another one of those random ass thoughts.
im excited to get back to drawing, but then again,
i dont think i will get to any of it until
i finish gta 4. fuckit.
i get all of my creativity out on the new project i am workin on
during the day, and need to lay down on the couch
and bust a move on cappin foos.
damn its sunny outside.
i should have an ice cream or some shit,
but the 360 is calling.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


yum yum i loves food.
i gotta goto more places around town.
ate over at the keg on sunday...
damn that shit was taste to the tee.
i think im going to start a tour of restaurants
over the next couple of months.
and maybe rate them?
im too lazy, maybe not.
on some other shit,
i found out "rock the bells" tour is coming to vancouver!
the line up is nothing like the one i went to,
but the reunion of tribe called quest and pharcyde....
is still pretty good.
also nas, rakim, mos def, murs, and the cool kids....wtf.
i gotta get a ticket somehow.

Monday, May 05, 2008


here's my attempt at some nature shots.
overall, i think they are better then my last couple of attempts,
but i wish i had my wide angle to get alot more.
this is early on in the holiday where we (mike and i)
were travelling to 3-4places a day checking out
the greater van area.
ive got some sketches on the way,
i just have to shoot them from my sketchbook and post em.
also, i have to get back on the grind of my album cover.
its super tough since i have gta4
and i have to put a cap in datass.

Sunday, May 04, 2008


im now 33% and over 12 hours into gta4.
its the longest ive played any game in a loooooooong time.
its kinda sparked my love for games...
im actually looking forward to getting ninja gaiden 2.
been a quiet weekend...and now its finally time to relax.
o wait the weekends over, shit.
looks like a pissed it away playing games.

Thursday, May 01, 2008


i ate an incredible amount of food over the holiday.
and found some new spots to check out.
some highlights,
the ricless sushi (above),
reno's restaurant (above) which was a dive but good diner food,
bon's off broadway wich was another dive but full of characters,
olympia pizza in kits-ish area (whole wheat pizza?)...
and summo tomorrow.
im preparing for mma weekend,
dream 1 and 2 (which have already happened in japan)
are premiering on hdnet, and they should be good cards.
cant wait!