Sunday, March 17, 2013

marchin along!

totally messing around these days with drawing.
havent had the time to draw for the last couple of weeks,
but no big deal.
been concentrating on work and working out.

starting to move back into drawing since things have been calming down.

ive been working on a new random goal for the year...
run a half marathon distance every weekend this year.
so far i have been able to keep up.
this goal came by accident since i was already doing it.

currently playing:
super house of dead ninjas (PC)
tomb raider (xbox 360)
uncharted 3: drake's deception (ps3)
dead nation (ps3)
listening to:
a$ap rocky - long live a$ap LP
dr. dre - the chronic LP
snoop dogg - doggystyle LP
czarface - czarface LP
iliza schlezinger - iliza live LP
blahzay blahzay - blah blah blah LP

earl sweatshirt featuring tyler the creator - whoa
 rhymin and flow is top tier.
weird video, but i would expect nothing less from golf wang.
good shit!

my favorite track off the czarface album.
inspectah deck has another monster opening line.
i liked ithe beginning of "triumph" back in the day,
but this is just as good (to me).
"i spit it like 8 a-k's
murder verse
spray first
circle when i say they names"