Thursday, December 20, 2012

grind time!

oh snap frozen hood
its holiday season!
for me, its grind time!
since i haven't been home for xmas or new years for....
10+ years,
this is my time to grind on some drawing
since i don't have shit to do.
i've done that since....96ish?
the plan:
video or time lapse alot of the drawing sessions.
what am i going to draw? who knows.
hopefully i also get to catch up with some peoples on skype.
geppi's museum
an awesome comics and culture museum.
super awesome shit.
below that is one of the shots i had from my recent
calgary and edmonton trip.
peace and love to all my canadian peoples.
i miss the snow alot.
i dont need alot...
just one week of it.
something about it is very peaceful and quiet for my mind.
listening to:
game - jesus piece LP
big boi - vicious lies and dangerous rumors LP
alicia keys - girl on fire LP

i just saw the first vid today.
im hyped to hear some new shit from inspectah deck.
he was my favorite mc from the wu-tang clan.
his verse on "triumph" was THE SHIT.

the next video is a song on the
"pretty sweet" video.
this is a skateboard video from
girl + chocolate skateboards + spike jonse.
that video IS THE SHIT.
the song choices are awesome.
if you can find it,

the final video is on "pretty sweet"
but a different version.
demo versions are cool since you hear (sometimes)
completely different verses and/or
completely different beats.
r.i.p. adam yauch.


Thursday, November 29, 2012

new me!

been bummed out for the last little while,
more than expected.
i recharged myself in calgary for 10 days.
i am focused,
and ready to change my lfe.

first off shout outs to everyone i saw while i was out there in cgy AND edm.
it was the first time i went back to edmonton
YO OH! shout outs to dave c, warren and mike....
plus the bioware posse that was still holdin it down out there.

shout out to my family,
ken, dhenny, chad, shannon,
josh, GRILLS, and anyone else i missed...
and i missed out on a bunch of people in cgy,
but ill hit u up next time.

anyways, this is week one of a 3 month "life changer."
a change in diet and cooking.
a change in excerize (now going to run and crossfit)
a change in mindset
a change in scheduling my off time.

sounds like alot?
its not.
alot of friends told me its alot.
i choose to think positive, and i can do anything.
so get hype for me, and its ON.

i will document this somehow.
keep an eye on this page for some ish.

currently listening to:
alicia keys - girl on fire lp (shit is FIRE)
die antwoord - tension lp (shit is FIRE PT 2)
currently playing:
a whole bunch of nothing! (wtf?)

found this song through VICE.
this take me back to starter caps andair force 1s
oh snap! - bill cosby sweater

apathy + dj premier featuring celph titled - stop whatcha doin
"the humpty dance" sample in the chorus is HYPE.
premo doin it like he always doez.

celph titled featuring majik most - baldwin brothers
always loved the nwa beat "something like that" (dre and ren)
which reminds me i gotta blast some nwa later....


Saturday, October 06, 2012

yo o's!!

was goin nuts last night....
won some tickets from work for game one ALDS vs. the yankees,
but would only get to go if they beat tha texASS rangers last night.
i love cheering for underdogs and smaller team markets.
texas had thier glory last year,
now hopefully its baltimore's time.
what a grind....
it sucks that after a 160+ game season it comes down to 1 game.
and it also sucks that this coming series is a best out of 5.
i am going to be goin nuts tomorrow night.
the crowd will be amped.
well, maybe i will get on tv? haha probably not.
damn i am so hype.

growing up...i could give 2 shits about baseball.
but i remmeber my dad being into japanese baseball,
and couldnt get it.
but now that i am here,
espn constantly running stats and basically teaching me the hype about the game,
and help but go nuts.

its like tsn and sportsnet constantly showing nhl shit.
i miss hockey,
there is no coverage here
 thus no one cares.

ahopefully tomorrow during the day ill jump back to drawing again.
been off the train being bummed out,
but i think ive snapped out of it.
im ready run game and wreck shit.
time to step up the game and get buzy.

rare dj premier...
teriyaki boyz - you know what time it is
just the beat, even though i liked how the boyz rocked on it.
just good to vibe to while running
or on a bike ride.


Friday, September 28, 2012


ive been down and bumming out
for the last couple of weeks,
real life happens sometimes.
not to worry,
i recognize these things alot faster than 5-6 years ago,
and i attack these things alot faster.
im now back on the positivity tip.
 im ready to turn things around and kick ass once again.
sometimes it is tough to get through
or figure out life in general...le sigh.

not to worry, ive snapped out of that shit...
im back on my grind and inspired to
continue on my projects.

(ill post something this weekend!)

now playing:
borderlands 2 (xbox 360)
(playing as siren)
tekken tag tournament 2 (xbox 360)
(trying to get good with lili and nina)
torchlight 2 (pc)
(playing berserker)
 now listening to:
g.o.o.d. music - cruel summer
common - the dreamer, the believer

fart projects:
random drawings
video edits (lots of rearranging)
i found common's first album,
and now on a common trip.
below is my favorite track off the last album:
common - celebrate
(i think about this when i reach home,
or probably when i get back to van.)

and another all time fav,
common featuring lauryn hill - retrospect for life
so much soul in this one,
it is missing in this bullshit rap thats going on right now.
sucks that common wasnt in cruel summer more what the fuck.

Sunday, September 09, 2012

comiccon 2012!

baltimore comic con 2012!
i always get inspired at these things to level up.
i saw all levels of drawing at this one,
and was surprized at how everyone's game
has stepped up.
(in comparison to seattle comic con)
i think overall the seatlle one was better,
since it was bigger.
but this one had a different flavor and could measure up in time,
if it keeps growing. 
im super happy to meet the artists above:
brandon peterson
brian stelfreeze
jeff darrow (holy shit!)
i had a chance to meet some
others but didnt get good pics so i didnt post.
ill probably post these to flickr soon.
ive got some video from the con,
hope to post those at some point...

but for now i have to find out where and how to post those.

still blastin epmd!
below is a remix i havent heard:
epmd - give to the people (erick and parrish remix)
and this one i have laying around soemwhere:
epmd - headbanger (remix) 
i love how in both remixes,
the drums and bass were dropped super heavy.
wheres that at in todays music?
thats one to grow on.

Friday, September 07, 2012

good week!

holy shit im putting in work in illustrator!
i finished the black and white,
now its time to try....color?
how the fuck am i going to color this shit.

anyways...step one is done!
now off to the next step!
 time to put in work.

my shiny nickel process
fucks up my video editing,
but meh...
i always ride shit out.

currently playing:
 civilization v: gods & kings (pc/mac)

currently reading:
eat to live - joel fuhrman

this weekend is baltimore comic con!
im gonna check that out,
hopefully get some cool pics
and possibly some cool original artwork!

current project:
illustrator face stage 2 - color

 ive been on a hit squad fix.
been blasting epmd...and now k-solo.
the beats are so classic.
k-solo - i cant hold it back
moving form posse to posse,
im also listening to the altlantic/priority posse.
a bunch of audio 2, positive k and mc lyte
but this is super hype:
positive k - a good combination

Tuesday, September 04, 2012


yo yo yo
another quick post.
finished the drawing a while ago,
but now im working on it in illustrator.
what a pain in the ass that program is wtf.
hopefully ill have something done soon!
im making good progress though.

leftover shit: van streets 2011 

ive been listening to a shitton of epmd these days.
they STILL kick so much ass.
epmd - you're a customer
the raps is BOSS, the beat is DEF.

also: roli rho (5th platoon djs)
he tears up the "youre a customer" beat at about :55 seconds.
epmd featuring ll cool j - rampage remix
i love all of the verses...this song kicks so much ass...but
the final verse yo damn.
"when i come around
homeboy watch yo nuggets
im a master on the beatdown
my style's rugged
when i attack the microphone
close the zone
rap see danger
can't roam
security is packed wall to wall
cant fall
my rap tank is full
so i cant stall
my microphone is filled with premium
any wack em cee that flexes
im creamin em
not with lotion
bust the motion
when im rockin the mic
im like coastin
underneath fatigue
at my peak
yo still seek a style
cause yours extra weak
new method
to rip the stage at my age
and get loose
and kick like bruce
when i rage

Sunday, September 02, 2012

chillin with moo cows!

swangs prized moo 
went to the state fair yesterday! 
finally took some photos and posted to flickr! 
had fun, not as much as the first time i went, but it was still fun.
im gonna try to find some of the other pics
ive taken over the past couple of years
and catch up on flickr.

i kinda thought my pics were ass,
(which is why i kinda fell off)
but now looking back...
its my shooting style and my subject matter.
 i still like my old photos,
even if some seem boring or too simplistic.
there is something to those photos for me,
that i dont see other photographers do.
so fuckit.
im gonna try to take more photos more often,
or at least post em more often than before.

heres the set:

currently playing:
civilization 5: gods & kings (pc/mac)

current fart projects:
batgirl cover (in illustrator?)
new face (in illustrator?
inks done, ill post tomorrow-ish?)
video editing! (final cut pro x)

currently reading:
eat to live by joel fuhrman (learning bout food!)
daredevil #17 (cause its mike allred)
before watchmen: dr. manhattan #1 (cause its adam hughes)
avenging spider-man #9 (cause its terry dodson)

Sunday, August 26, 2012


didnt really posting last week... been grinding on drawing, 
and life! 
the summer has been good, 
and i just need to stay in the moment. 

above is some random stuff.
i decided to draw on this comic pad i had
for the longest time.
i always wanted to make my own comic cover,
so here goes!
i think i will either:
a) redraw with better proportions and inking
b) redo in illustrator + colors!

i really want to get better with vectors in general,
so i think imight go in that direction.
im having fun just fucking around with drawing in general.
also have been getting inspired by
some artists on behance and dribble.
(cant forget to shoutout cghub and deviantart)
maybe ill post some of my faves on here on the next post to show
what i am looking at!

as i sit here,
im waiting through 2 tornado warnings
2 flood warning throughout the day.
the sky is BLACK.
yo damn.
but shout outs to random east coast weather.

been listening to:
m.o.p. - first family 4 life lp
 jay-z - the blueprint 3 lp
jay-z - in my lifetime vol 1 lp

fart projectz:
scarlet photoshop (about to be deaded, not happy at all with results)
batgirl cover (moving to step2)
videoz (still thinking about format, had to reedit a couple of times due to crashes)

one of my favorite 
jay-z/dj premier tracks - friend or foe '98
nas/dj premier - come get me
"if you ill come get me
cause i aint runnin
if your gun's off the hook
then we both be gunnin"

Monday, August 13, 2012


productive today!
i find life goes in cycles.
i had a major revelation yesterday,
and realized something major.
life changing.
i can recall major life changes like
moving to the three cities i moved to.
but also it was
finding running and yoga,
realizing myself through work and self reflection,
and lots of thinking.
all of that stuff has been valuable in my life,
but one of the most valuable lessons ive learned
this weekend was:
getting rid of the word "try".
 its the hardest thing ln life to do.
(at least for me)

my tendencies
(if you havent noticed)
is to start a whole bunch of shit and not really finish.
im not sure what it is that makes me stop.
but im determined to figure it out.
switch it so that my projects are smaller
and more managable with the time that i have.
i think im going to switch it so that i have more mangable pieces.

the project i have going on are not going to stop.
instead im going to do smaller versions of each
so that it is easier to copmlete.
once again im trying to achieve too much in so little time.
currently listening to:
vado - slime flu lp
large professor - professor at large lp
masta ace inc - slaughtahouse lp

wack list 2012:
rick ross - god forgives, i dont lp
nicki minaj - roman reloaded lp
drake - take care lp

not to really hate on new rap....
but damn. they are making coaster rap right now.
large professor featuring cormega and tragedy khadafi - focused up
so ridiculously hype.
i love the deeper cuts on albums that not really talked about.
masta ace featuring eyecyurock, uneek, lord digga + dj premier- saturday night live
masta ace featuring paula perry, mc negro, ignorant mc - slaughtahouse
so dope.
it basically called out the crazy murder rap of the times.
hall of fame rap for sure.
up there with my other 'ignorant' personal favs:
j-zone - 5 years
black sheep - u mean im not

Wednesday, August 01, 2012


whats up yo!
no drawings or videos to post!
enjoying summer, but still working on stuff.

recently been working on my painting skills
and slowly getting a look i like.
since i havent done it in so long,
its like coming up with a new style all over again,
and finding myself as an artist.
(which is great!)

the video editing has come to a screeching halt.
more because im having fun with the painting,
but itll be easy to get back into once i do!

current projects:
scarlet painting
 new 52 wonder woman drawing
2011-2012 videoz

currently playing:
currently listening to:
40 cal - mooga lp
mobb deep - hell on earth lp
funkdoobiest - which doobie u b? lp

below is from the newest funkdoobiest which went under the radar.
it sounds like thier original stuff which was awesome back in the day. 
to compare
its funkdoobiest from their first album (my favorite track by the way).

 "i flip do some kung-fu
you know that ive come to
freak that ill shit
you just cant un-do"

(shout outs to glenn barr for the rad album cover)

Monday, July 23, 2012

brotherly love!

nothing really to post but an update! 

went to philly! it was awesome!
cheesesteak = check!
rocky statue = check!
rocky steps? = check!
good shit philly, got alot of fun footage,
hope to post it sometime.

on some other shit,
i got a rca video cord to usb hook up for my mac.
ive got a camcorder with some super old shit on there.
dating back to my college dayz.
would be interesting to see a young version of me and all the peoples i hung out with.
maybe i will surprize people and drop that shit one day.

below is my favorite track off the phonte album.
phonte featuring median - eternally yours

listening to:
tribe called quest - midnight marauders lp
mobb deep - the imfamous lp
mobb deep - hell on earth lp
public enemy - welcome to the terrordome 12" (got it in philly!)

diablo 3 (mac)
super street fighter 4 arcade edition 2012 (xbox 360/ps3)
ultimate marvel vs capcom 3 (xbox 360/ps3)

fart projectz:
new 52 wonder woman sketch
scarlet photoshop b/w
summer 2011 van vid
fall/winter 2011 bal vid
spring/summer 2012 bal vid
time lapse video logz
??ACAD 1997 throwback vid??
 shit i got too much on the plate,
but its better than not having ideas to do shit.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

another summer post!

word on!

got some drawing done in the last little while.
been happy that i got some traction on that front.
also bought a new wacom tablet
(intuos5 sml)
need to get used to that since ive been on cintiq since i got to the states.
been sad for some of my homies who got layed off recently,
or had some serious shit go down in thier lives.
 i am thankful for everything i have,
but at the same time i know friends are bleedin out there.
if there is someone you know out there
that is hurtin,
just show some support.
people out there like to disappear when shit hits the fan...yo fuck that.
at the same time,
if you are bleedin,
shout out to your peoples for help.
sometimes people just dont know.
for example,
i dont live on facebook and twitter.
i like to holla at friends and see how they are for reals,
FUCK lookin at 1 sentence posts.
social media cold.

on some other shit...
just bought nas - life is good lp today.
seems decent so far.
i liked the god's son album...
its not quite as good as the golden era stuff,
but nothing really is.

listening to the current list of rappers,
everyone seems wack as fuck.

 listening to:
nas - life is good lp
tyler the creator - goblin lp
prodigy - h.n.i.c. 3 lp
mobb deep - hell on earth lp
 funkdoobiest - heavyweight funk lp

diablo 3 (mac)
super street fighter 4 arcade edition 2012 (xbox/ps3)
mortal kombat (ps3/xbox)

current fart projectz:
scarlet (gi joe) drawing - converting to b/w painting
short 2min time lapse drawing vidz

also to update on some video stuff,
it is still coming.
im still trying to figure out how to setup these vids.
basically ive got 8-10 1-hour sessions recorded.
i wanna speed them up and get them to....under 2min?
and maybe commentate over them.
i just have to come up with intro,
and maybe figure out how audio will roll.
ill continue to post progress,
and make this a real project.




Sunday, July 01, 2012


canada day!
i love me some canada,
and it is my first away from it.
one thing i learned out here,
dont take anything for granted.
you dont realize what you miss until you do not have it.

just being in canada meant alot.
alot of people in the states are shitting on obamacare,
and i realize how much canada rocks with healthcare.
i just finished a scorpion image,
need to work on new shit.
more fighting stuff is coming,
maybe back to the big one...who knows.

im also workin on 3-4 video projects....
right now it is in a super raw form.
i need to create intros, edit audio,
and some other cool additions during these videos.
maybe its because im trying to do this all at once,
instead of one at a time....
but my attention deficit disorder is really shining through.
im slowing grinding at all of these projects,
im not really bored with any of them,
so there is a good chance
 that these will get finished.

moment of silence to:
radical entertainment
(damn another vancouver development studio in pain)
big huge games
(but now epic games baltimore! some light out there)
day one studios
(shout outs to those guys, another murland studio)

im hoping things turn around in the industry.
i hope everyone has hope, and is well after the massive shake up.

currently listening to:
yellowman - mister yellowman lp
eazy-e - eazy duz it lp
 eazy-e - 187um dr. dre killa ep
funkdoobiest - golden b-boys lp

currently playing:
mortal kombat (xbox/ps3)
diablo 3 (mac)
super street fighter 4 arcade edition 2012 (xbox/pc/ps3) 

eazy-e featuring mc ren and dr. dre - ruthless villain
one of my favorite tracks on this album.
i always liked ren,
and wished he had kick ass production all the way through his career.
his first ep was tha shit.
he was
damn this beat is BANGIN.
GANGSTA GANGSTA thats what they yellin!

Monday, June 11, 2012


forgot to post some of this stuff for the past couple of weeks.
been dating, running around town,
working on new side projects at home which will see the light of day soon!
shout out to grills + mikernaut! we beez tha team son!
shit will be comin mad soon, and i will post here!

the stuff above is related to the work ive been doin...
so hopefully it will all make sense soon.

listening to:
cormega - the realness lp
jeru the damaja - the sun rises in the east lp
notorious big - ready to die remastered lp

diablo 3 (mac)
super street fighter iv arcade edition ver. 2012 (xbox 360/ps3)
king of the fighters xiii (xbox 360/ps3)

Sunday, May 20, 2012


been super buzay lately. 
ive got ^this^ done in the last little 
while which shows
how much craze is goin on right now.

im glad that my life has changed so much in the last 7 years. 
before i would just live at work, 
and i would be buzy from that.

but now its more about expanding horizons, 
and living life. 
 im so happy right now, 
and appreciative that im wasting less time in my life. 
that said, im trying not to whine or shit on anyone out there. 
times get hard, 
and people need positivity rather bullshit these days. 
why add to the hate train? 
shout outs to peoples that are still down with me. 
its SUPER EASY to be "out of sight, out of mind" 
but my true peoples stuck around and put up with some shit. 
also, i hopped off the facebook train 
and onto the real life experience train. 
im glad to see someone i havent heard from in a long time. 
i dont want to know all the shit they 
are up to before that. 
when i see em, 
i have something to talk about. 
and they have experiences to share. 
and ill keep it that way. 
i loved me some facebook back in the day to connect with old friends, 
and i am thankful for that... 
but time to keep it movin. 

 currently listening to: 
cam'ron - crime pays lp 
cam'ron - king of ohio mixtape 
commmon - ressurection lp 
juelz santana - from me to u lp 
tribe called quest - midnight marauders lp 

currently playing: diablo 3 (mac) 
street fighter x tekken (xbox 360/ps3) 
super street fighter 4 arcade edition 2012 (xbox 360/ ps3) 
king of the fighters 13 (xbox 360/ps3) 

currently LEARNING: 
final cut pro (mac) 
- multicam editing 
- basic editing - compound clips 
- adding and converting all formats and putting into one file 
adobe after effects (mac) 
- basic editing 
- importing photoshop files and animating

Sunday, May 06, 2012

le sigh!

first off, rest in peace adam yauch.
so bummed that cancer has taken so many people,
waaay too early.
something in the food in north america!
hope his family stays strong.

for me:
 my first cassette tape was licensed to ill.
my first 2 cds ever were licensed to ill and mama said knock you out.
those 2 albums got me through high school and college.
ive bought every beastie boys album at least 3 times.
am i a fan? kinda.
damn im bummed out.
its funny how last sunday
i was listening to that mick boogie mixtape,
and now mca is gone.
i spent the last couple of days listening to my rare vinyl,
and albums while drawing.

i gotta say,
i was looking forward to the next beastie project...
or hoping they would release hot sauce pt. 1.
my top 5 albums:
check your head
ill communication
the mix-up
hello nasty
to the five boroughs

my top 5 tracks:
so what'cha want
sounds of science
multilateral nuclear disarmament
get it together
jimmy james

while collecting my vinyl to take the pic above,
i forgot about how much exclusive stuff they had.
and if you are wondering,
YES i tried to buy everything in doubles.
(its a dj thing)
last month i found 'the mix-up' on vinyl,
which was the last full length album i needed.
now time to find a double!
(same for 'to the five boroughs')
love american style, was cool and had super rare shit...
b-sides galore.
i was a proud owner of a shitload of singles
and exclusive japanese versions of albums.

for 'ill communication' LP i gotz:
ill communication cassette
ill communication cd north america
ill communication cd japan (which had a shitton of extra tracks)
ill communication cd north america #2 (cause the first one was so scratched up)
ill communication vinyl
ill communication vinyl #2 (always get doubles)
ill communication cd remastered (which had all the remixes)
get it together single cd
get it together single cd version 2 (had other remixes)
sabotage single cd
sabotage single cd version 2
get it together single vinyl
sure shot single cd
sure shot single cd version 2
root down single cd
root down single cd version 2

and thats how it was FOR EVERY ALBUM.
i have lots missing,
and would like to get them all...
damn they cared for fans.
extra stuff if you really looked for it.

but to see someone its tough.
i felt this way when jam master jay went.
another legendary group that will not be the same.

yo shout out to mca.
ever listen to an album and know exactly where you were when you first heard it?
ill communication - was skipping high school,
walking home with my yellow sports walkman blasting that shit.
a week later i got accepted into college.
i blasted that album that whole summer in celelbration.
alot of aa batteries were killed.
'the annoucement' in '09
electric worm from 'the mix-up' WHICH WAS HELLA SLEPT ON
and "bodhisattva vow" which is not a single, but i wish is was.