Tuesday, March 29, 2011

full stop!

(ive always liked that english saying for periods)

the decision right now is to stop my big drawing.

i was inspired by mike giant to do so.

my craft and patience has waivered for a long time...

and its time to address it.

after watching the vid below,

i figured i gotta step my shit up

and stop dicking around.

SO, i am gonna concentrate on craft,

no matter how long it takes.

the schedule right now is to step it up by drawing waaaay more!

the blog will get more love,

and quality of everything will go up!

time to put a foot in the ass of everything... LETS GO!

Neighbors: Mike Giant (Full Length) from Agency Charlie on Vimeo.

i found it here: rebel 8 blog



starting to waiver on my drawing right now....

ive been drawing some other stuff on the side,

and im starting to rethink the big drawing.

ive got another idea for how i want to set it off.

do i start over?


nice and smooth made a video for one of my favorite old school tracks of all time.

i found this on vinyl about 5 years ago,

and bumped this track for HOURS.

i kept scratch over the AAWWW YEA, IM WIT DIS over and over.

(from big daddy kane)