Monday, March 31, 2008

just smart!

im done!
my street fighter image is done and sent to the powers that be.
im going to post that image tomorrow to spread out images for posting to this blog.
listening to j-zone monthly mixtapes,
ive been listening to this ignorant kick ass song by mc smart
called "just smart".
it has been on repeat 1 for the last month or so
because its a 90s rapper, who never really made it
but it has that 90s flow.
i love finding these old sleeper 'hits' (if u wanna call it that).
damn this stuff is hilarious.
(first ignorant kick ass verse)
im not too short
but i like to be like
tha man
i call the girls bitches and hoes
cause im a player
i only fucks for fun
i walk across the stage
holdin my big gun
its like a cannon
-----where the video picks up------
ready to explode
pimpin young freaks
so i can wear my gold
just like a gangsta
all the playboy kings
straight from down south
not cali or queens
i dont sell drugs
but im richer than you
crusin in a beamer down the avenue
with this dope sound
and hard ass bass
if a bitch sweats me
she get slapped in the face
cause im a mack daddy
i dont need no bitch
irritating me like a bad ass itch
so imma stomp her tramp ass
before she starts
im not too short
im just smart
im not too short
im just smart (x2)
damn thats pure hatorade for dat ass!
this verse is so over the top its awesome.
alot of people will hate this stuff,
but fuckit. i love nwa, geto boys, too short,
and all of those rappers who got to paint these
crazy stories of pimpin and playerdom.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


today was slow.
i was falling asleep at my desk.
probably from the running/ drinking last night.
beer will mess up a day.
damn i wish i could quit beer, but it is the perfect lampin drizink.
time to relax tonight and rock the graw 2 son.
downloading some map packs, and wreck shit.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

around the park!

i woke up late this mornin and didnt run my usual 7k.
so i figure,
i should run my 7k after work right?
on the way home i was thinking about my old run
around stanley park paths which was around 4.5k.
i ran around the usual stanley park route
and then i decided to run around
the whooole park. (which was 9.6k)
i feel great! my time was around 46 minutes.
i think i could do this faster,
but im going to try to do this twice a week.
i hope im going to be able to run tomorrow...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


been workin on some ghost recon advanced warfare 2 word up.
it seems like they messed it up as far as the single player/co-op stuff.
but i will reserve judgement til i play some more.

on some other ish,
"pass the dutchie" - musical youth...
damn this was the jam.
recently heard it sampled and used by killah cam.
makes u realize how wicked the beat was.
i like alot of the beat selection from the diplomats,
because they take alot from all over.
ive heard alot of kick ass jamaican beatz,
weird 80s smaples, and classic funk.
ill have to dig em up when i can find them.

Monday, March 24, 2008

rockin out, shooting, drawing!

im about 85% thru my street fighter image.
i have to finish my image by friday i think?
it was a buzy weekend,
i worked on the image on sunday,
saturday, i hung out and walked the southside
taking pics of trains,
friday i gots me an xbox 360, rock band,
and ghost recon advanced warfare 2.
ive now enetered the world of n-n-n-n-n-n-next gen!
i will get a ps3 once tekken 6 is out,
but i cant wait for gta4 and get triflin'!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

what to do!

long weekend coming up.
i gotta figure out what i should do.
where to go. hmmmm.
sometimes i feel like im so boring wtf.
but i cant wait for an open 3 days of whatever.

well offa that ish:
here's kool and the gang - summer madness
followed by "dj jazzy jeff + the fresh prince - summertime".
damn that was the shit back in the day.
damn i gotta watch some episodes of fresh prince in bel air.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

da funk!

been on cruise control at work.
im not really fired up to jump on something else,
just winding down from the last project.
so, to combat my own mental fight,
ive been reading books on different photographers
to find out how they get fired up to shoot.
on some other ish:
im still addicted to tha funk and old r+b.
below are 4 of my favorite tracks.
love the "misdemeanor" track,
which later got sampled by dr. dre in "funky enough".
and mtume "juicy fruit",
which later on got sampled by biggie in "juicy".
(one of the best tracks from big ever in my opinion)

Monday, March 17, 2008


aka "dream".
the newest japanese mma organization held its first event this weekend,
and it was cool to see the new "pride".
good fights, new fighters and i love watching in a japanese environment.
plus i love the japanese announcing.
"hidari stu-ray-toe"" "low kick-ku!" and "so desu"
crocop destroyed, but i wish he stuck around in the ufc.
main event sucked but, i look forward to du-ree-mu 2.
above is the one decent pic from the protest on saturday. bleh.
i should have stuck around for a while.
least i got some cool shots in an alley near by.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

and then!

time to rest.
so lets review my saturday.
i ran for my 7k.
had a glass of water.
then i went a grabbed groceries.
then i went and got records (dope jackson 5, janet jackson, heavy d, young jeezy).
then i took pics of the protestors over at the scientology center (it's hubbard's birfday!),
then i went to the adidas store, where i got a dr. j jersey + celtics jacket (dope as f).

then i took some pics of the celticfest that took over granville for the day.
then i went over to the hat shop to grab a new crispy sf giants cap.
then i went to work, to work on what is now a big ass street fighter illustration.
then i got a buncha comics (including
my shatner book).
then i got my hair chopped at the
chop shop (nothing crazy like the pics).
then i went to
tha tomahawk fo suppah.
now im ready to fall over.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


this is stage one of my crimson viper entry for a contest.
since the drawing ive fixed it quite a bit and im workin on the background.
below that is my new moleskine sketchbook,
and just general goofing around during breaks at work.
on some other ish:
im hooked on some old school r&b/funk right now.
foster sylver/the sylvers - misdemeanor
juicy fruit
kool and the gang - summer madness
maceo and the macks - cross the tracks
jimmy smith - root down
marlena shaw - california soul
charles wright - express yourself
this stuff is THE SHIT.
i wish i knew about this stuff earlier.
i dont know anyone who grew up listening to any of this.
to me, its so much more soul than todays crap.
i feel sorry for the kids who have to listen to this.
oh crap,.... i sound old.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

froggin' it!

heres some pics from last friday hangin out at the black frog.
its todd's last day and happens.
on some other ish:
got to play with a 20" wacom cintiq today.
damn that is baller.
wish i had 2 grand to throw down to buy it.
whatever, i gots my graphire, and ill do fine wreckin house
on my capcom entry (to hopefully be posted tomorrow).

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


^above^ they are setting up to shoot for a terry gilliam movie,
"the imaginarium of doctor parnassus". (yes i has to look it up)
i guess this is the movie heath ledger was supposed to be in,
to the big news,...
i got my tax return!
wooo woooooooooooooo!
time to get something!
or pay off some debts......(maybe).

Monday, March 10, 2008


two shots taken on the same day
which happens to have similar clouds with similiar colors.
i gotta find me a theme for shooting.
this has a small tie, but not strong at all.
on some other ish,
i got some half way roughs for a street fighter 4 drawing.
the deadline is at the end of the month,
so hopefully i can pull off a decent drawing to post by the end of the week.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

lack of color!

been a while since i attempted some b/w photos.
i should do nothing but black and white photos for the next couple of months.
its probably the best way to get my composition up quickly.
what a beer filled weekend.
havent had gone drinkin 2 nights in a row in a while.
(more pics tomorrow, maybe tonight)
im so drained. i still did my running sessions hungover. oof.

Thursday, March 06, 2008


experimenting with some filters in photoshop for these photos.
ive upped the saturation and sharpness.
hard to tell from these small images,
but when viewed larger its alot more obvious.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


things are slow at work these days.
ive gotta work on more tutorials during the day and
whoa, it is hella boring.
i guess it gives me time to mess around in the sketchbook,
and come up with some projects in the meantime.
on some other ish,
i played around with a couple of wacom cintiqs today,
holy crap.
look like i maybe getting one to mess around with at home.
(thank you tax return).
ooor maybe i should look into that ol ps3.....

Monday, March 03, 2008


watched be kind rewind last night.
holy crap, what an excellent movie.
michel gondry does it again.
i wanna pull out my hi8 camcorder and "swede" some movies.
everyone was great in it, go see it NOW.
things coming up in the next couple of weeks:
- some preliminary drawings for the website
- drawings in my new sketchbook
- of course more crap random photos, they will slooowly get better.

Sunday, March 02, 2008


damn im tired.
im enjoying the great sun we've been having in what is
an exercize filled weekend so far.
2x7k run, about 15-20k walk.
im reduced now to veggin' out on the computer
or have another round on guitar hero.

i bought
the vice photo book on saturday.
its the kind of photo subject matter id like to cover.
the odd, everyday but not everyday kind of thing.

in the past i bought
vice's do's & dont's book.
this is a really funny book, and id love to know how they
get the photos over the years.
some are actually from canada!