Sunday, December 30, 2007

thursday hot ish: cube!

thursday is the easiest day for posts
since its just plain random hotness.
for me, a top 5 mc that isnt mentioned
on ALOT of hip hop media "lists" is ice cube.
"gangsta rap made me do it"
in this video, ice cube does it again.
his hew stuff takes it back fo sho.
"jackin' 4 beats"
such a kick ass jam.
cube tears it down on the emcee tip.
a snapshot in time with these beats.
"who's the mack"
a video that matches the storytelling.
kinda rare these days.
or how about storytellin' in general.
"are you the one being played like a sucka?
or are u the one sayin' get a job muthaf-----!!"

wednesday influence: the now!

these are all kinda sites i check out when i remember.
wednesday will be dedicated to stuff that helps me get thru the day,
and inspire the next project.
heres some photo sites i check out often:
- cool city night shots,
most of the shots take me back to my nyc trip in '05
- great storytelling type images.
it's definitely something i want to aim for in the next couple of years.
i'm still trying to find my subject matter.

here's something wacky.
these guys posted the new rbk jerseys before they were out.
they do alot of cool stuff.
as a designer i apprieciate the attempt
at weird and radical things they do.
nhl tounament of logos
- i love hockey logos.
i should say sport logos in general.
maybe not the recent ones as much,
but this site has alot of new designs
and "what if" situations.

tuesday styles: oriental!

happy new years biznitchez!
i decided for this first week,
to keep things kinda random in art styles.
(within this topic of course.)
alien 1452
- i found this guy off of a link off of a link off of a link
- is king. former capcom illustrator, he had great run on the street fighter series.
tadahiro uesugi
- very old school style. i love the backgrounds and color choices.
mess studio
- a team of dudes i found while trying to find hyung tae kim,
who makes illustrations for magna carta....a korean rpg.

monday illin': first one is random!

one of the most inspiring places (for me).
love the ol' acad graffiti stairwell.
such a wicked fire hazard,
but its a staple of the school.
going thru my old art links, alot of the sites have died.
i guess i should check em out more often.
lynne naylor
- who has worked on a ton of my favorite cartoons
el coro
- from
jeff matsuda
- i first saw this guy on the cover of play magazine,
found out the later he's on "the batman" cartoon
ronnie del carmen
- i think i found this guy while trying to find
some bruce timm/lynne naylor stuff.


woooo GSP biotch!
back 2 back mma events = cool.
even if ifl is kinda lower tier.
flames win,
and i guess i gotta recognize the pats.
i liked moss until he opened his mouth
and whined about the media.
"waaah... i broke rice's record,
im on the best team,
i get paid alot of money to play football WAAAAH"
i hope they get stomped.
i gotta unload my camera,
i might come up with another post tonight
with some cgy pics.

Saturday, December 29, 2007


finally a card that is top tier. (ufc 79: nemesis)
im going for silva, sokoudjou and st. pierre tonight.
as for upcoming changes to this blog,
ive been thinkin about themes for certain days of the week
to focus and share more ideas.
monday could be illustration,
this could include links to some favorite artists.
tuesday could be painting/drawing influences and trends.
(kinda like juxatpoz mag)
wednesday favorite photos/photgraphers,
thursday "hot ish of the moment"
and weekend post i think will be a focus on current projects.
i would like to start finishing more drawings this year,
possibly showing some work in progress during the weekends.
(force my ass to have something to show by the week's end).
out, to the ski.


back from cgy.
ive downgraded the trip from a 6 to a 4.
it was cool but i didnt get to see everyone i wanted to,
got really sick at the end of the trip,
and photos taken and drawings made were so-so.
the first week was awesome,
second week aaaah, not so nice.
next up is a new format/structure for this blog...
and i have to give it more thought.
grills and a guy i met on the plane ride back
got me thinkin about how to give more.
more on that tomorrow, im 5000.

Friday, December 14, 2007


im watching the pride fc heavyweight tournament from 04.
some of the best moments in mma.
super slam from quinton jackson to ko arona,
super slam from randleman that doesnt ko fedor.
mark hunt's debut,
sakaraba's revenge match,
crocop ko'd.
alexander ko'd.
ninja ko'd.
im 5000.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


more pics from the past couple of weeks.
last night had some crazy wec fights.
ref stopped the paulo filho fight early.
i would want to see another round of that fight.
on some other ish:
i beatdown that cheap piece of shit magaki last night,
in king of the fighters 11.
now i gotta finish with the other teams.
i know no one cares about kof...
something i like about snk.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


damn that tj ford hit was brutal last night

i wonder what the movement is in sports in general.

old athletes had respect for each other.

the philadelphia flyers are cheaping everyone in the league,

(or maybe just the bruins).

nfl has a drug/steroid policy? whatever.

mlb,,.....well, who cares.

the times have changed.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

my fo-fo!

more from the past couple of weeks.
im pumped to get the next year started.
had some inspriational moments in the last week.
what that means...who knows.
wu-tang album is out today...gotta go and cop it.
im probably the only person that still buys cds.
hot ish for the moment:
young jeezy: the inspiration/thug movitation 102
jr writer - writers block 5 + block work
kool keith + kutmaster kurt - diesel truckers
boogie down productions - edutainment
dr. dre - the chronic
(takes me back to summer of 92 word up)

Monday, December 10, 2007

double time!

hey now!
happy fun time double post.
on some other ish...
im back on the sculpting tip.
having fun after droppin it for around 6 months.
very relaxing while watching mma.
i did do some drawing, over the past couple of weekends,
and they turned out *okaaaay*.
i need to work on more compositional stuff,
rather than the concept stuff.
ive been influenced by it for the last 6-7years,
it is just turnarounds,
but i think i need to explore some new directions,
and where i want to take things.
more tomorrow,
jeez ive blabbed on for too long.

back to back!

another fourfer.
had a decent set of photos yesterday...hope to post those b4 the year is out.
maybe some double posts coming up.

Sunday, December 09, 2007


oh snizz.
decided to end off the year with some four fer ones.
after a pretty good session on hastings
2 weekends ago.
i have a buncha leftovers to show before cgy.