Friday, December 30, 2011

the next chapter!

ive got a job!
but im out of vancouver, and canada.
i miss it a ton, but i am looking forward to wilding out in amuricah.
im now in the north baltimore,maryland area.
all of this news is super old since ive been here since september...ish.
ive been working on picking up the pieces and starting life from square one all over again.
it has been tough so far to meet new people but ill try and figure it out.
i dont have the luxury of knowing at least 1 person in town.
oh well fuckit.
time to get inspired and take life by the balls right?
so, as far as drawing goes,
for the last 3-4 years ive been looking for a 40x60 sheet of bristol like in acad.
ive been unlucky...until now.
ive found a comparable paper in baltimore.
the problem is....
its 3 ft high(36"= good!)
30 ft (362"=whaaa?)
i think ive decided to go on a marathon and attempt to finish this fucker.
minimally, itll be bigger than anything done in the past if i stop at say 3x3ft.
but fuckit.
im alone out here,
and im really gonna try and find myself out here.
time to see what im really made of.
not only is drawing going to be effected....
ive got some new ideas for 2012.
since losing my job and setting up shop down here,
ive had alot of time to think about how i want to attack life from now on.
im going to be leanin on my friends for some new adventures,
and venturing into some new directions.
which includes this blog.
the goals for 2012?
1. setup this new team concept with some peoples...
(its cryptic, but i dont want people stealing this shit)
2. continue this massive drawing
3. no.1 will setup this goal, which is expand my knowledge in other areas of art
(to never again get caught if i ever lose my job)
4. trim the fat in all parts of my life.
ever since i got down here, it has been all about...
"out of sight, out of mind"
its time to put things ive ignored in my life,
to the front.
fuck everybody,
2012, lets get it!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

timez iz hard!

sad news.

i havent updated in a while

because i have been layed off from my job.

i have alot of love for nlg,

and id definitely work for them again one day.

but dont cry for me (yet).

i have had some leads,

and will post some images from my travels soon.

the key word here is "travels".

it kinda looks like i might be leaving vancouver soon.

been in talks with a number of places around north america....

all really fun places that i never thought i would ever hear from,

or work at.

updates coming as soon as i can!

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

hard work!

marathon complete,
2 years of hard work paid off.
im not done.
i think running will be a forever change,
and this will not be the last marathon.
i think i will do 1 per year,
and concentrate on losing more weight.
now its time to focus on drawing and learning more programs.
im going to bust ass and try to combine
enjoying the weather and draw A SHITLOAD.

things i realized and will try to work on specifically.
(in my drawings)
consistent ink lines
proportions + wankyness
facial expressions
full body + poses.

it sounds like alot,
but its not.
im going to look back and rework some of my old drawings
(something I NEVER do)
and try to fix problems,
to see if i can level up quickly.

the thing that inspired me to do this?
bruce timm. (batman animated, head of warner bros animation basically)
i read a long ass interview about his process
and think i might give it a try.
books learnin' helpz once and a while.
who knew?

new beastie boys is out!
go get that shit!
i got my cd copy today,
and have 2 vinyl copies (what?) on reserve mid june.

below that is a slammin track.
word to tyler the creator on the beat.
this kid is young as fuck and is killin it!
odd future wolf gang kill them all (ofwgkta) - earl
odd future is my shit right now....
this track is on repeat one all day.
my favorite track on the album so far:

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


im thinkin about tracing all of the stuff ive
been doin lately and going for a second pass.
or i could just do all of the fixes in photoshop.

anyways, time to listen to more beastie shit!
beastie boys - ch-ch-check it out live on late show

Monday, April 25, 2011

tha latest!

here is some stuff ive been messing around with lately,
i plan to go over them again, or color them.
im stockpile-ing alot so i can post more regularly,
(and also have something to post).

ive been addicted to tumblr lately,
finding lots of cool art and photos on there.
here are some linkz:

photo donuts
dope view

currently listening to:
camron and vado - gunz and butta lp
beastie boys - make some noise 12"
beasite boys - to the 5 boroughs lp
beastie boys - check your head lp

group home - the realness
one of my favorite dj premier beats of all time.
i always have this track on my playlists.

beastie boys - so whatcha want live on yo mtv raps!
im getting hype for the new album...

currently playing:
mortal kombat 9 (xbox 360)
marvel vs capcom 3 (xbox 360)
crysis 2 (xbox 360)
homefront (xbox 360)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

full stop!

(ive always liked that english saying for periods)

the decision right now is to stop my big drawing.

i was inspired by mike giant to do so.

my craft and patience has waivered for a long time...

and its time to address it.

after watching the vid below,

i figured i gotta step my shit up

and stop dicking around.

SO, i am gonna concentrate on craft,

no matter how long it takes.

the schedule right now is to step it up by drawing waaaay more!

the blog will get more love,

and quality of everything will go up!

time to put a foot in the ass of everything... LETS GO!

Neighbors: Mike Giant (Full Length) from Agency Charlie on Vimeo.

i found it here: rebel 8 blog



starting to waiver on my drawing right now....

ive been drawing some other stuff on the side,

and im starting to rethink the big drawing.

ive got another idea for how i want to set it off.

do i start over?


nice and smooth made a video for one of my favorite old school tracks of all time.

i found this on vinyl about 5 years ago,

and bumped this track for HOURS.

i kept scratch over the AAWWW YEA, IM WIT DIS over and over.

(from big daddy kane)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

start of the sixth!

finally slowing down at work.
i can concentrate on this drawing,
and my running!
i just finished a 1/2 marathon, i beat my old time of 2h 01min.
(with 1h 54min).
so far on this drawing i gots:
urien (street fighter 3: third strike)
chun-li (street fighter alpha 3 costume)
skullomania (street fighter ex 2)
cammy (super street fighter iv alternate 2 costume)
and scorpion (mortal kombat 2)
im moving into the other games,
just to make sure i can fit them in
before filling in more capcom stuff.
next up:
probably more mortal kombat chars, then tekken.

on some other ish:
marvel vs capcom 3 is out this week!!!!
cant wait!!! that is going to be tha hypeness!!!
not sure about teams...havent seen any chars im really attached to.
maybe: wolvie, c.viper, haggar?
i know as i typed that out
the team is not that competitive.
seems like everyone is going to have
storm, sentinel, magneto, dante on thier teams.
whos knows, but anyways im gettin stupid hype.

currently listening to:
raekwon - only built for cuban linx 2 LP
r.a. the rugged man - legendary classics LP

one of my favorite r.a. the rugged man tracks.
black + white feat. timbo king
renaissance feat. tragedy khadafi + hell razah
(trag always brings it! r.a. blacks the fuck out on the last verse!)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

time to fire it up!

ive been crunching at work, and this month was pretty brutal.
but i did get all of my workouts in, and some drawing.
in the meantime...this time ive decided to really plan out my drawing....
and looking at my older drawings,
i could probably fit around 70 characters
on the sheet, and start to visualize how this thing is going to go down.

ive now finalized my characters i want to draw
for the next drawing and it looks like this:
street fighter 15
mortal kombat 8
tekken 10
darkstalkers 5
soul calibur 4
dead or alive 2
king of the fighters 5
mark of the wolves 2
killer instinct 1
battle arena toshinden 1
battle fantasia 3
guilty gear 4
blazblue 2
virtua fighter 5
power stone 2

i based most of my decisions on how they would look on the page....
the crazier the better!
classic characters,....
my personal favorites to play as....
this will not be the typical scene.
i think ive picked some oddball characters...
but i guess i will reveal as i am drawing them so stay posted.

heres the first five....
top 5 on my street fighter:
sagat (ssf4 version)
cammy (ssf4 alternate)
chun li (sf alpha version)
ryu (ssf2 version)
urien (sf3: ts version)
february its time to fire it up!
i will start this drawing, and try to turn it up and
grind this thing out.
LETS GET IT! 2011 get hype!

Monday, January 10, 2011


damn yo!
its crunchtime at work,
and i havent been able to draw that much!
but i thought i would post the ones that i did
to start off the new yearzo!
im starting to get the hang of the copic markers...
i feel like im in college all over again.

i think i will make the big drawing a fighting game theme.
i will start in february,
since my schedule at work has been so assy lately.
but i will bang off these quick drawings in the meantime.

just bought:
art of capcom 2
some cool ish in there,
i bought it more because im gonna be doin this stuff in a hot second.
art of resident evil 5
i love capcom concepts.
those guys are top tier.

if you have money...
art of street fighter: 20 years
buy it just for shinkiro (who made the ryu pic above).
one of my favorite artist of ALL TIME
he used to make all of the 'king of the fighter' character images,
moved on to capcom,
worked on capcom fighting jam,
bionic commando rearmed,
summo street fighter stuff,
and now marvel vs. capcom 3!

currently listening to:
notorious b.i.g. - life after death 2lp
diplomats - diplomatic immunity 2lp
juelz santana - from me to u lp
jadakiss - al queda jada mixtape