Tuesday, September 30, 2008

what the pho!

i started my collection of wacky establishment names.
some spots i want to get to,...
hair it is,
hair today...gone tomorrow,
hair we are,
(i wonder if there's a theme here...)
gotta find more spots.
finished disc one of season one weeds.
pretty good casual watch. im sure it will ramp up.
got a small piece done on the drawing...
gotta get back in a good groove
and knock out a shit load.
maybe during disc 2...heh.

Monday, September 29, 2008


rock band 2,
ace of spades '08,
drums are fun....
but hard as f.
offa that geekyness,
and major relaxation this weekend.
chilled out and worked on the drawing for a bit,
drank a slurpee,
played alot of rock band 2,
watched some weeds season 1,
watched some football,
an old school '00 type weekend.
for this week....who knows what is goin down.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


a rare weeknight with a slurpee.
one of my favorite treats while drawing on the weekend.
time to chill and draw tonight,
maybe watch some weeds season one.....
currently playing:
warioland: shake it
battle fantasia
rock band 2
geomtery wars evolved 2

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


the first time in a while i can just chill and draw.
i think ill get some quality time this weekend,
pray for rain.
tonight is the ultimate fighter,
maybe ill actually get to the heroes season premiere.
but chances are slim and none.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


no blog posts lately due to homeboy/metalman shane in town.
last night we went to carcass/suffocation/aborted show
over at the commodore.
overall good show, spread out my knowledge a bit on metal.
lets see what happened this past weekend.
played some street fighter iv,
hung out with shane, todd, sean, john g., airika...
boozin, then peelers (first time in van),
sunday was aftermath....
hangin out over on granville isle,
then vallarta's (kick ass mexican joint).
and finally the metal show last night.
hopefully a drawing update image thursday...
(gotta draw tomorrow night)
tonight is, laundry and dream 6 (japan mma event which happened last night).

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

midweek violence!

gotta love ufc fight nights.
its a good midweek break.
im now hungry for hockey games,
or nba games.
i guess the new shows are starting to kick in...
looking forward to heroes,
kitchen nightmares,
biggest loser,
and ultimate fighter: mir vs nogeiura.
im happy for my pvr....
i can watch most of these shows in 10 minutes.
its the only way to watch tv.
well, back to watching the rest of the fights,.....

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

back on the grind!

yep yep,
its back to the grind for many different things in my life.
i decided i want to run the half marathon next year (the bmo one)
and run 2 10k runs (sun run and nike run).
saturday was the first day of punishing training.
the aim: (eventually)
4 yoga sessions in the morning,
4 short 7k runs after work,
+ 2 longer runs on the weekend (anywhere from 10-21k)
with friday as my day of rest.
time to get serious and really lose this weight.
right now,
im at 3 yoga sessions in the morning,
1 short 7k run after work,
and 1 10k run on saturday.
time to let the beat build...biiiiiiiiiiiiiitch!
(to quote lil wayne).
im back to regular drawing sessions,
and im around 30% done.
currently listening to:
lil wayne - the carter 3
the game -lax
de la soul - mosaic thump
beastie boys - check your head
gang starr - daily operation/hard to earn

Monday, September 15, 2008

monster meals!

a classic drink, and a classic meal.
cheese ramen? (kintaro ramen - robson + denman) gotta try it once.
that was tasty.
some other memorable meals good and bad:
the diner dog in edm (wish i could remember the bar)
(hot dog injected with cheese, wrapped in bacon and the whole thing is deep fried).
im a sucker for ultimate flavor/grossness/food.
marco's double burger (marco's burgers - whyte ave edmonton)
double cheese burger, milkshake and fries (peter's drive in - 16th ave calgary)
(sounds normal but it not,....trust me)
any specialty roll + spicy salmon roll (kadoya sushi - davie + thurlow vancouver)
(word to roll combo g)
fajita (monster) burrito (vallarta's - renfrew + broadway vancouver)
damn i love food wtf.
i gots to upload the photos off my phone and show off some of these monster meals.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


had problems with internet at home for the past 2 weeks,
but thats small time news.
to sum up the last little 2-3 weeks....
nolan was in from australia,
(word up, havent seen him for a couple of years)
then virg was in town for a weekend,
(kick ass weekend, had fun just lampin')
saw chris rock,
(he destroyed, very refined set)
then warren was in from tha e,
(word up, havent seen him since i bailed from there)
then virg was back in town on labour day weekend,
(yup yup, did some explorin round town thx to the gps unit)
then mike was in town for a week and we went to
(got some sweet ass kicks, pho and kick ass clothes)
the gorge ampitheatre for the 'rock the bells' hip hop festival.
(which rocked, props to tha cool kids ^above^)
while that was goin on i had some freelance jobs i had to squeeze
in there, so i couldnt do much on the big drawing front.
im ready to chill the f out this weekend.
rock band 2 is out sunday,
and im ready to just cool out with that.