Wednesday, April 30, 2008

full sched!

tons to do right now.
i gotta try and get an image done,
but gta 4 keeps callin.
cant forget bout the cleaning i have to do in my messy apt.
also gotta juggle what seems to be a social life, wtf.
well, for the moment gta 4 wins.
maybe ill jump in on the other stuff later.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


finally back from the holiday,
im gonna try to figure out what the hell i visited
over the whole week.
still tired over the whole deal,
but damn it was good times.
waited in line, and played the shit out of gta 4!
great game.
they made everything in the game better.
(as it should be)
im now in bohan (the bronx)...
about 20 percent donezo.
hope to check out the online part soon.
ill try to fill in details of the holidays over the next couple of days.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

final stretch!

a final run today before the sun run.
i ran hard, and i consistently to the run schedule,
which i am pretty proud.
i went past my expectations and hope it all pays off on sunday.
before sunday rolls around,...
my homeboy mike is in town tomorrow and for a week,
so some chaos may ensue. can't wait.
theres some ideas i have for the week off,
but for the most part, its gonna be...
1.chill out and...
2. chill the f out.
time for game 5,
im 5000.
yo we snappin necks
and cashin large checks.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

three fiddy!

350 posts already, whoa.
its tough, but it has been a good mental excerize
to at least try to come up with some crap 5 times a week.
alot of times its tough,
but i always feel better for coming back
and putting out a random thought for the day.

my random ass ish for today is:
greg nice.
mainly in guest spots for his voice and echo.
the first vid is - beatnuts feat. greg nice - 'hot'
one of the best chorus' ever.
no dancing around, it is what it is.
the second vid is - gangstarr feat. nice and smooth - 'dwyck'
ive posted this before, but fuckit,
i love this song. simple rhymes from greg nice,
but classic.
the third vid is - masta ace feat. greg nice - 'don't understand'
greg is a great hype man.
i would love to see this track live.
the fourth vid - beatnuts feat. greg nice - 'turn it out'
more beatnuts for datass.
i love the 12" cause the flip side is 'turn it out'.
both tracks are fun to try and beat juggle.

Monday, April 14, 2008

a jinx!

im superstitious when it comes to watching my favorite sports teams.
last night was no different.
i had been waiting for last night's flames game all weekend.
when i watched the first 4 minutes,
damn son. (the sharks went up 3-0)
turning off the tv was tough at that moment.
cause i knew deep down they would come back.
i turned the game back on when i thought it was nearly over.
cgy 4, sj 3.
like it should be.
all is balanced in the universe.
i shouldnt be so gay with sports,
since i really cant control the outcome of games...
but fuckit, i do what i want!

some of my favorite dj premier tracks.
i listened to these tracks on the train to and from college everyday.
the first vid, group home - 'supa star'.
this beat is classic.
say no more.
the second vid, jeru the damaja - 'come clean'.
first off, the beat is not your average sound.
i like it so much because it is not sampled from r+b/soul tracks.
it hits just as hard as any east coast track at the time,
but it was so unique...jeru's flow is crazemania.
then the chorus scratch kicks in:
"uh oh, heads up! cause we're droppin some shit!"
(from onyx - 'throwyagunz')
the third vid, jeru the damaja - 'd. original'.
dj premier just went crazy with this album.
broken beats, and broken piano? wtf.
some how it works.
the fourth vid, afu-ra - 'defeat'.
"randomly flip on bystandards."
damn...premier at his prime.
he still has kick ass beats,
i think he needs to do another gangstarr album.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

putting in work!

heres an image of the current project im workin on.
i wanted to really make a sexyhoebootybass piece.
i want to make a 12" picture sleeve for:
positive k -
'nightshift' / 'carhoppers'.
i bought the 12" recently and i only have a black paper sleeve,
and thought about making an old school/blue note remake.
what inspired me to make this image is
another recent purchase of funkdoobiest 12",
bow wow wow/im shittin' on em.
the cover was done by glenn barr.
ive always loved his stuff,
and finally got his book a little while ago.
i wanna make this image kinda
like a homage to his stuff,
and those background painters
like bill wray.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


the shark tank went quiet after that third goal.
oooh it stings.
cant talk trash now, that was only game one,
and the flames arent expected to win this series.
that last minute of the game was crazemania.
i thought they were gonna send it to overtime.
well, its time for game 2,
go flames go!

well, on some other ish,
i like this dude joe bluhm.
do a search on his stuff on youtube,
and u will see a bunch of how-to's.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


i ran hard after work today around stanley park to catch tonight's game.
calgary to the death son!
word to gary roberts for running shit in the east!
(2 goals vs. the senators tonight)

tonight begins a flames run for the cup.
they have a tough team in san jose,
and its a coin flip if the flames show up to play for reals.
(lets go tanguay and huselius!)
if not, they could get run out in four or five.
go flames go!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

too short!

no drawings or photos in the last couple of days to post. wtf.
i started a concept for a drawing for the intro page of my website.
just an idea, see if i can work out a decent image tonight.

"i said beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiitch!"
(str8 comedy)
i posted a little while ago,
a clip with j-zone rapping along to mc smart's
'just smart'.
it has a flow like the originator too short.
i listened to this during high school,
while listening to geto boys, public enemy and juice crew.
too short isnt for everyone,
but to me, everything up to the shorty the pimp album was the shit.
the sound was way different than the sample heavy east coast,
or l.a./compton sound.
too short brought oakland/bay area in the house.
the first video is 'in the trunk'
first rapper i heard talkin about the rap industry,
and tellin it like it is.
what the main purpose of the emcee should be.
(to get in the trunk).
the second video is 'i aint trippin'.
the vocal mix was low,
but this track was some oakland anthem stylez.
something to drive slow and lamp to.
the third and fourth video is 'freaky tales/freaky tales live'.
i like the live version of the track....
too short is the only emcee ive seen that can yell,
beeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiitch! and rock a slow ass tune.
other than ice-t, i think this was the only sex tales
ive heard at the time.
i would love to hear a track with
too short, kool keith, kool g rap and ice-t talkin bout sex.

Monday, April 07, 2008


weekend whipped by, cant belieeve its still raining!
heres the run down of the last three four days.
ran around stanley park again on saturday.
i ran a longer distance this time ,
and still knocked off 10 minutes, wtf.
also watched 'omega man' with charlton heston (r.i.p. what are the odds).
the movie was pretty cool, and had alot of the coolness of the 70s.
now i gotta watch 'i am legend'.
sunday i finished rock band guitar...but i gotta up the difficulty.
drums are hard as hell. my feet just do not compute.
i was suppose to clean, but procrastination rules.
and today,.....
got my ass kicked again this morning doin this yoga thing.
starting to like it, its hella tough.

and for a vid: (main source/large professor)
i think this is nas' first record,
guest starring on main source's 'live at the bbq'.
read the lyrics on the 'about this video'.
damn nas killed it.
the second video is main source - lookin at the front door.
when hip hop use to rap about real subjects.
something simple as boy-girl drama.
instead about rappin about how many chains u rock.
the third video is main source - a friendly game of baseball remix
another kick ass track that says something.
i used to tear up the intro on my turntable..
"aaaaaw a-a-a-aww-aw-a-aw-aw-aw-aw shit!"

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

go to sleep!

o snizz
im watchin ufc fight night,
and karo parisyanj ust got served.
didnt see that comin,
but thats why they fight the fights.
damn tommy speer just got served!

now time to transition into my next project...
wonder what it will be.
the newest juxtapoz magazine is helpful for inspiration.
travis millard is a name ive never heard of,
but i likes the work.

maybe i should switch back to some college stylez.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


heres my shizz entry for the contest.
not what i would like to enter since i ran outta time,
but im glad i finished.
rusty as hell,
but i know what i need to change.
hope i get to finish more stuff in the next couple of weeks.
kinda sparked the fire,
but can i keep it goin?
i think 360 may interfere with the plans.