Wednesday, January 25, 2012

new setup!

i wanted to make more posts more often,
even though ive been super buzy.
time to manage my time better in 2012!

yo check it out!
new ass setup!
ive got a 23" on the left, 27" in the middle and 24" on the right....
this shit is hype!

to update:
i was in cgy last week,
shout outs to
my family....always good to recharge at home!
GRILLS, stebsly, kingevilnob, dhenny, steve-o, toby, wyatt + chad
good seeing everyone,
im super psyched to level up this year!

ive been working on transferring my stuff to mac,
learning mac functions and video programs!
hopefully within a couple of months ill have video posts!

ive got ALOT of weird ass footage of my first month in the u-s of a.

gotta bail, short update!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

best of 2011!

i thought i should post when i thought of it.
i had a talk with my homeboy grills and inspired me.
what i took out of it was,
"stop hitting the snooze button."
if i dont do somthing within five minutes,
or make immediate definite actions towards intended goal within 5 minutes...
then what?
stop sleepin.
i wanted to take the time out to shout out my peoples in 2011.
family first, mom dad and terence i love you.
my peoples that got me through my tough times,
edo, elizabeth and meg. (for real, i would have been lost without ya. thanks for the support)
dave c (for helping me get work, stay up holmes)
my og edm in van crew - sean (wish i saw you more this year...maybe this summer yo!),
todd (thanks for helping me get a foot in the door, all i wanted was a shot and you got it for me,
ill never forget it),
eric (for insight to industry rumblings, and drinks in the summer sun...damn that was a good summer),
des (stay up, it was a hard year but u got a good support circle if u need it, salute!),
russ + andrea (good times this summer, look forward to seeing ya this summer)
(there for me in van, a toast to y'all)
my summer drinking crew -
baba (we supported each other during some shitty times, but damn we had some fun during those times),
petrie + paul (man what a crazy summer, shout outs to the beaver +mullet!)
gary, jung + debbie, (damn i miss seeing ya every day...fuck. ill be back there soon!)
brennan (super shout out to team ui in '11...damn that was fun)
lauren (thanks for the support during some hard times, i hope people recognize in '12)
mah xxxboxxx crew team l0lc4tz - mike, dave and schlippz
(buckin fools in '11)
peace to ken and dhenny,
(always there when im down)
peace to GRILLS and team grills,
(always there to keep my head clear when im doing dumb shit,
you always put life into perspective)
to everyone i still actually hear from,
spokes (always kick ass work dude, i gotta get more active on the blog tip
and keep supporting each other, we are on the rise in '12!)
brian m, (ill get you that game soon! i promise!)
teak (cgy to van right? hope u make down to the states with me!)
stebsly (ill see ya soon in cgy! get dem pinnahz)
mike k (thanks for calling when u heard, it meant alot)
virgil (stay up, hopefully ill see ya in cgy)
shane h (uuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwhhhhhhhhhhh)
warren (thanks for the words)
of course firaxis for giving me a shot...
i hope to do them proud.
greg, thanks for getting me on the radar,
steve og for being relentless in getting me there,
and shawn for working super hard behind the scenes.
yo, i know im missing people.
but ill catch ya in '12, and hopefully ill see u soon.
and shout out to shout outs.