Wednesday, December 29, 2010

five times done dealzo!

i powered through,
and finished this bitch!
time to pull out another clean sheet and start number six.
the possible themes:
fighting games
(because im in the video game industry,
and ill do what i want)
or another off the top freestyle.
ill take the next 2 days to decide
and mess around with more marker drawings.

peace to my peoples in calgary,
ken kabaam, GRILLZ, chad, + triple-triple og thugz online.
i got my recharge in cgy! (in early dec)
time to rep cowtown,
in van to the fullest!

peace to all my peoples out there!
i see new art/schtuff from u guys all the time,
and it keeps me goin!

(don't you think i see what you are up to?
i look out there and see alot of my peoples doin inspiring things all the time!)
make moves in 2011 biatch!

currently playin:
call of duty: crack ops (xbox360)
3x prestige son!
super street fighter iv (xbox360)
playin as deejay (main), cammy (now secondary), cody (testing out)
juri (testing out) and t.hawk (another random pick)
nba jam (xbox 360)
finished classic campaign! rakakakakakakakak! ooooo in yo face!

currently listening to:
the clipse - lord willin' LP (grindin'!!!)
krs-one - return of the boom bap LP (outta here!!!)
de la soul - stakes is high LP
ice cube - death certificate LP
big l - lost freestyles 1 + 2 LP

Monday, December 27, 2010


heres some stuff i did during the break
messing around with copic markers
+ copic airbrush for markers (wtf?!)
i get scared when using the airbrush and switch to my old ways.
soon to use more airbrush....
we shall see how this goes.

on the subject of underrated mcs....
tragedy khadafi aka intelligent hoodlum
damn, the juice crew produced some killers.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

finishing strong!

one of the most important things i learned this year
is finishing strong.
its really easy to go hard at the beginning of a run,
drawing session, year,
....or whatever.
its real easy to give up on goals dues to fatigue, distractions,
injuries, real life shit, ...or whatever.
one thing that can make up for all of that? just finish.
finish anything.
finish first,
finish last,
just finish.
and if you have swagger, style on em...
finish strong.

right now im in the middle of a '96 mindstate.
i remember giving up my '96 christmas holidays to draw.
im blasting tunes, trying out some fun stuff with markers,
and just drawing. (and running hard)
im pounding out this drawing and hope to start 2011
on number six. LETS GO!

currently listening to:
digable planets - reachin' LP (where im from is the jam!)
digable planets - blowout comb LP (may 4th the movement is my shit!!!)
ghostface killah - apollo kids LP
(new far its i-ight, track with black thought is dope)
kanye west - college dropout LP
(old kanye = classic, new kanye = meh)
too short - shorty the pimp LP
(too short is so underrated. in the trunk = bonkers)

forget the other verses...skip to 2:32 RAEKWON BLEW SHIT UP!!!
too bad he cut it off because that verse was ridiculous.
the slang + the flow + the description was off the hook!
reminds me of classic rae. rainy dayz remix with classic ghostface!

Sunday, November 07, 2010

(ric flair) woooooooooooooooo!

i finally decided to collect some pics laying around and post em....
im still a little bit ahead of the latest pic here,
but not that much further.
today i signed up for a 10k and a half in february so im gettin hype for that.
it has been slow on the drawing for the last couple of months...
but the itch is coming back.
i figure as soon as i sit down and draw,
ill be in the zone for a long time.
(hopefully finish this bitch off)

in a change in posting hip hop vids....
i loves me some street fighter.
in these 2 matches ive posted:
are some wicked commentators,
with crazy hype matches.
tinshi (the commentator) gets so hype on a mid tourney match.
not to many commentators actually talk about momentum and get this hype.
3:20 of the second vid is a crazy air parry (with cross up?).
also rockafeller (the commentator) is legend in sf third strike videos.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

down but not out!

final results of the marathon:
34k i cramped out and could not finish.
sad face.
i was bummed out and crippled for 2-3 days.

but its not over!
ive had time to be bummed out and figure out what happened.
but now its time to get back on the horse and come back harder!
training for the next marathon on may 11!
ill start officially in january,
but in the meantime, im going to try and finish 2 drawings,
do some strength training,
and really adjust to a newer running lifestyle.

in the meantime,
ill try to post about 6-10 pics of the drawing in progress.
ive got lots done since the last time...
im now trying to add krs-one, mc lyte, maybe audio 2 and the atlantic posse,
mc shan, big,....and some other east coast heavy hitters.

currelty listening to:
fabolous - there is no competition 2 lp/mixtape (u be killin em is NICE!!!)
big l - the big picture lp (r.i.p.)
rick ross - teflon don lp (bmf is the shit!!!!)
the beatnuts - the beatnuts lp

currently playing:
nba2k11 (xbox 360) this is beast mode!
medal of honor (xbox 360)
super street fighter iv (xbox 360) switched to deejay for a while!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

final monthzo!

one more month of training then its on.
one year, 3 major goals with a shitload of minor goals.
10k, done.
half marathon, done.
full marahton, in progress.
drop 30 pounds by the marathon? right now at 25.
still goin on the drawing, im taking pics as i go along...
but its a pain in the ass to resize em and post.
so ill try to get em all in one gigantor post when im close to done.
but for now,
ill say im 75% done and im going towards the homestretch.

beats for the moment:
beatnuts - reign of the tec
this beat is sooo hype!
m.o.p. - downtown swinga 98
word up cobra! its prime time!
erick sermon - hittin switches
this beat is set in the middle of my running playlist to catch the second wind.
redman - hardcore (originally off epmd business never personal)
damn this got me hype for the album.
and it did not disappoint.
so....whos looking forward to the next kanye, lil wayne or waka flocka album?
full albums are LAME now, look at em's last joint.
and right now,
i dont give 2 shits about new artists like:
waka flocka
lil wayne
wiz khalifa
lupe fiasco
soulja boy
im not grouping these artists for their skills.
i grouped them by (note: these artist obtain 1 or more of these qualities):
guest star gangbang on album,
internet hype but actually wack as fuck,
hyped by new hip hop community but does not stand up to golden era standards,
album has a couple gems, but overall, its WACK.
its more about coming up with a full album,
GOOD production,
and less than 2 guest stars on ya album.
hows about no gangbangs on anymore albums!!
(go look at the track listing for drake's last album wtf)
let the artist live!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

on the photo tip!

had a week off, been on the photo tip.
continuing the running (long run is 31k),
and slowly tearing thru the drawing...
ive almost got the bottom half done, will post soon.
on some other ish,
listening to:
compton's most wanted - music to driveby lp
celph titled - the gatalog 4lp
mc ren - the shock of the hour lp + kizz my black azz ep
krs one - return of the boom bap lp
deathsmiles (xbox 360) super duper hype!
super street fighter iv (xbox 360) my cammy sucks, but still playing (only 700 matches)
guitar hero van halen (xbox 360)
kane + lynch 2: dog days (xbox 360) despite the bad reviews, i like dumb shooters
resident evil 5 (xbox 360) mercenaries mode is still hype!
guitar hero metallica (xbox 360)

Sunday, August 08, 2010


been concentrating on the running so...
no real stuff to post.
i am now up to 22.5 on my longest run,
and will move up to 27 next weekend.
then another 27 the next weekend,
then move up to 30ish.
also dropped 19 pounds in 6 weeks.
puttin in that work!
on the drawing tip,
ive added n.w.a, ice t, and started on the geto boys....
ill try to post a photo soon.
its getting harder to cut down on what i want to throw in there.
currently listening to:
fat joe - the darkside volume 1 LP
n.w.a. - straight outta compton LP
n.w.a. - elif4zaggin LP
marley marl - in control volume 1 (deluxe version) LP
slum village - villa manifesto LP
the roots - how i got over LP (shit is HOT!)
few know about where that sample
'block rockin beats' comes from.
word to philly,
schooly d featuring t la rock on the intro - "gucci again"
the original gucci time was so ridiculously dope.

theres few rap songs i can rhyme start to finish.
but i can say, audio two, top billin' is up there.
i have never seen a crowd this hype.
milk dee could have left the stage and they would still rhymed the whole song.

hmmm... i will have to post my all time party/club favorites
(that i can rhyme to)

Sunday, July 18, 2010


havent been around for a while...
i was concentrating on my final training to the half marathon.

whats happened in the last little while:
im 2/3s thru my 2010 goal.
ran a 10k! (53min!)
ran my first half marathon! (2h 01min!)
now its time to train hard to the full.

after running the half,
i realized i have to:
1. train harder.
2. diet harder.
3. try to adapt to this new lifestyle.

on some other shit,
i got some MAJOR scores on the vinyl tip:
salt n pepa - tramp + remix/push it 12"
(creme de la creme of finds, original pic sleeve)
das efx - mic checka + remix/jussumen remix 12"
capone n noreaga feat tragedy khadafi - l.a. l.a. marley marl remix 12"
steady b - going steady LP
common sense - ressurection + extra p remix 12"
gravediggaz - diary of a madman/constant elevation 12"
cam'ron - s.d.e. LP
cam'ron - 357 12"
tim dog - fuck compton 12"
n.w.a. - express yourself 12"
m.o.p. - bloody murder/nine and two clips 12"
dr dooom - first come first served instrumental LP (aka oh shit!!)
oh yea, and a extra big fuck you to all haters.
and on that note,
i leave u with:
black sheep - for doze dat slept
the game - soundscan (aka the best g-unot diss)

Sunday, June 06, 2010


some notes form the past couple of weeks:
saw epmd! (that show was the shit)
they played all of the hits!
'plug one, plug two, plug three, potholes in ya chest LETS GO!!!'

im now over 4000bp
and over 300 matches online
as cammy in super street fighter iv.
its pretty weaksauce score,
but ill slowly climb the ladder.

on some other shit,
im back into my vinyl and scratchin again.
im finding some hot joints i forgot i bought
when i first came to vancouver.

funkdoobiest: freak mode/the funkiest 12"
masetro frersh wes - let you backbone slide 12"
ice-t - power/girls l.g.b.n.a.f. 12"
m.o.p - 10 years and gunnin LP"
kool keith - varoom 12"
jimmy spicer - bubble bunch/dollar bill yall 12"

Sunday, May 16, 2010

chef and triple six!

recently added raekwon the chef and three six mafia.
ive been listening to only built for cuban linx 1 + 2
and funny three six mafia tracks.
i said 'beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiitttttch!'
three six mafia, ganksta nip, too short
has always fallen into the 'guilty pleasures' category
in my hip hop catalog.
so much shit talk and ho
cant get enough of that stuff.
the main reason i love hip hop over any
other music genre is it can attack ANY subject,
and get to the point.
whether its 'move bitch get out the way!' (ludacris)
or 'the ghetto' (eric b + rakim)
'whats up fat lip' (fat lip)...
man i love this.

on some other ish:
de la soul - keepin the faith
(i never heard this mix, but i like it!)
de la soul feat. redman - oooh

Thursday, May 06, 2010

wit the furs!

im watching funny booty bass vids
and wrestling vids?
what a weird combo.
ive been watching old 80s wrestling matches.
macho man was the shit.
ric flair was the shit.
love all those old fun talks up before matches.
(word to the ultimate warrior, hogan, piper and bobby heenan)

currently listening to:
dj evil dee - beatminerz radio (c'mon kick it!)
cam'ron + vado + dj drama - boss of all bosses 1+2 mixtapes
wu-tang clan - wu-tang forever 2lp
murs + 9th wonder - fornever lp
b.o.b. - the adventures of bobby ray lp
cypress hill - rise up lp
(this is so-so, gotta listen a bit more)
la coka nostra - brand you can trust lp
(on the fence with this one, gotta listen to it more)

i love this beat and music video.
(word to pete rock)
i used to watch the and1 streetball vids.
damn that shit was dope!
(word to hot sauce, skip to my lou, helicopter, professor, escalade....damn!)

and just because....
i love this 'transformers theme' sample.
plus (oscar/academy award winning)
three six mafia has always repped hard as fuck.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

cee oh, double em oh, to the en!

got some ass in there!
im way past this on the drawing right now.
gotta post more often damn.
listening to a bunch of miami joints lately.
lots of 'big booty hoes', 'shake that ass bitch' (google/youtube it)
2 live crew, poison clan...classic hilarious stuff

on some other ish:
since guru passed i thought i would
spotlight more emcees/dee jays that
should get thier shine BEFORE they pass.
ill try to find some off beat dudes,
that dont necessarily come off the top of the head.

first up chi-town.
before kanye, there's this producer/rapper
no i.d. (who mentored kanye)
he produced for common with some ill shit.
first vid is
common featuring no i.d. - check the method
id also like to big up common.
common featuring bilal - 6th sense (produced by dj premier)
'this is rap for real... something you feel'
(even though i recently posted some common, fuckit heres more)

favorite common joints:
bitch in yoo (ice cube diss)
i used to love h.e.r.
the food
soul by the pound
retrospect of life

and heres some other shit found via twitter....
i thought it fits the current subject on my drawing...WORD

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

a moment of silence.

i found out today that one
of my favorite rappers had passed.

rest in peace
gifted unlimited rhymes universal
keith elam.

that was my high school/college jams.
my favorite guru tracks
dwyck (i wreck the mic like a pimp pimps hoes)
take it personal (never the less cleverness cant impress)
so wassup?! (tear that bitchass up... so wassup!)
the ? remains (i remember hearing that for the first time in japan,
its my japan trip anthem)
b.y.s. (to all you phony ass rappers imma bust your shit)
ex to the next girl (must i stop? naw, i think not)
(check the rep when i speak...) check the technique
(im here with the skillz you missed) you know my steez
man... i could go on and just list the gangstarr catalog.

definitely a top tier emcee
that shaped my musical tastes back in the day.
proud that he was a part of the golden era of rap
which will not be touched.
i repeat posts with gangstarr shit...
but its so ridiculously hot!

peace out guru

ill leave with
gangstarr - in memory of....
gangstarr featuring lil dap + jeru the damaja - i'm the man

'ill kick your can
from here to japan
with force you cant withstand
cause im the muthafuckin' man!'


Monday, April 19, 2010

by myself!

drawing moving along slowly.
ive been inspired to work on it,
but ive been holding back from going wild on it.
im going against what i normally do and freestyle it.
time to style on it, level up the game
and breathe easy.

ran 15k on sunday!
after that it was a wrap.
or at least it should have been.
i walked around for 2-3 hours,
then finally sat down
and the feet were in a world of hurt.
good thing this is a lighter week in running woot!

got a ticket to epmd!!!!
cant wait to see em again!
heres 2 harder to find joints
epmd - give the people (jeep/ pete rock mix)
(i never heard this version til this week)
epmd - brothers from l.i. (b-side to crossover)

listening to:
murs + 9th wonder - fornever lp (hotness)
cam'ron + dj drama + vado - boss of all bosses 2
little brother - leftback lp
alicia keys - the element of freedom lp

the new little brother is HOT!
'even when im by myself'

9th wonder/khrysis is killin' it on all fronts!
its like where kanye should have gone,
but turned to the darkside (with autotune wackness).

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


canada, neh?!
my theme for the next drawing is:
hip hop

i grew up on the stuff,
and still learn about hidden 80s/90s groups all the time.
(which makes me love it even more)
i live it all day everyday.
i thought about how to attack this drawing ALOT.
and decided that this is what it means to me,
everyone else can fuck off lol.
ive already made some contraversial decisions,
so we will see in the end how it all plays out.
but in the end, its just another drawing
with a little bit more focus.
hopefully within 3 drawings i can see 20/20.

listening to:
jay-z - the blueprint 3 lp
n.o.r.e. - the iron liver lp
n.a.s.a - the spirit of apollo lp
cool kids - the bake sale ep
capone n noreaga - the war report lp
krs-one - return of the boom bap lp

return of the boom bap IS the shit and will always be top tier.

"back in the day i knew rap would never die"
here's krs-one with my personal favorite track outta here:
'hip-hop vs. rap w/outta here' live on yo! mtv raps
and another version:
'the mc w/outta here' live (word to grandgood)

Wednesday, April 07, 2010


500 posts!
i wasnt really paying attention to the count
until the 490s.

anyways my how things have changed.
to celebrate, i thought i would collect
all four drawings and put them in one place.
i tried to place them in the first post ever,
but blogger has some weak sauce bug.
oh well fuckit.

on some other shit....
been upping my workout routine lately,
i now run 3 times a week,
not too shabby for a tubby dude lol.
in a month i plan to go to
gooooooooo team healthy!

ive decided on a new theme for the next drawing.
i thought this time it will be about mental stamina,
and see if i can push thru,
rather than give up half way and do 'whatever'
like i usually do.
(i will shed more light on the next post)

since it is post 500,...
2006-2010 (aka the vancouver era) most listened to music:
(in no order, just off the top of the head)
notorious big - ready to die lp
ice t - original gangster + home invasion lp
cormega - the realness + the true meaning lp
epmd - business never personal
nas - illmatic
ice cube - death certificate
slayer - reign in blood
kool keith aka dr. dooom - first come first served lp

after writing those albums,
i thought....interesting how there is no new albums.
i am officially old.
fuck new school. heh.

and on that note...
ive been listening to A TON of ice-t lately.
damn it is so classic.
ice-t - it's on
and cant forget COLORS COLORS COLORS

wow late find!
geto boys - i aint with bein broke (live on yo!)
forgot abot that classic single!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

b-i-z + patience!

started on the drawing above,
stopped because i think i can do better.
i like how the biz turned out,
but i need to work on crafting a theme or i will not grow.
to draw something for 2+ months and stick to the same theme?!
here comes the patience.
breathe in breathe out.
also, if you are looking for random ass links (art, photo, b.s.)
go follow me on twitter/twatter--------->
(or check that page every once and a while)

listening to:
method man + ghostface killah + raekwon - wu-massacre lp
dj kayslay - more than just a dj lp
inspectah deck - manifesto lp
ice-t - home invasion lp

's-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-somebody gon' get laid the fuck out!'
meeeean asss beeat!
word to kayslay, this shit is bonkers!!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010


cooooooooooooooool kiiiiiiiiiiiidz!
what it is - one time - pac div!
just uploaded some more ish to flickr.
^above^ pics from the cool kids show from a while ago.
cant wait for the new album!

currently im getting ready to start airbrushing with markers. (wtf?)
i got a decent throw away drawing if i mess up.
i did a half way drawing of evangeline lilly (from lost)
and hope i can half way finish this biatch.
ill show the drawing even if i fuck up.

saturday morning, a whole truckload of hangover hit me.
holy crap that was hella nasty.
but ufc solved all of that.
gsp comes thru....word up.
all he had to to to finish that armbar was lift his hips.
'and it was a wrap'.
but good stuff on gsp,
word to the 2 unpredictable fighters at the end of the show.
wtf? i call it a button mashing fight.
both guys dont look skilled,
but then BAM head kick!
or BAM left straight into right hook!
decent combos out of nowhere.
anyways good ufc steelo.

listening to:
kidz in the hall - land of make believe lp
de la soul - stakes is high lp
pete rock & cl smooth - mecca & the soul brother lp
ice-t - iceberg lp

Thursday, March 25, 2010

diggin in the tapez!

so i followed thru and listened
to my dj premier cassette tapes.
there was a track on there called
'up on prospect' - by the hillfiguz
such a kick ass beat.
i can see this as a skateboarding/bmx track.
if i ever get a nikon 300s, i will make a vid with this beat on it.

the second beat i loved was off the mista sinista tape.
i found 'psychotic nasty' by ill distracxion
holy crap this track had retarded bass.
this back to back with
'hip hop' by dead prez will destroy your system.

and a track i saw posted recently on hiphopdx
dope vid
kidz in the hall f/chip the ripper - fresh academy

Fresh Academy - Kidz in the Hall feat. Chip Tha Ripper and Donnis from Davy Greenberg on Vimeo.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


started number 5.5!
added tha b-i-z!
was listening to:
just a friend
me and the biz
and had to represent with the biz on a drawing.
im gonna try and pour more soul into this one,
and really style on it.

(after writing the whole post
i thought id go back and preface the next bit with:
if u own an ipod or any mp3
i got a small 500mb zen stone, good shit for walkin to work.
BUT something about sitting in
front of your shelves of music,
and BAM! a solid gem! anyway lemme barf out some ish~~)

ever since the cool kids/pac div concert
ive been digging thru some albums i havent listened to in a while.
first off id like to say,
as much as id like to rip all my cds (all 2000+)
i say, fuck ipod.
its not that im really hating on anyone who has one,
its just something about surfing thru collections.
sifting thru my vinyl and or cds
and finding a track i havent listened to in a looong time.
i guess i could have enjoyed the track earlier if it was ripped,
but fuck that im old school.
i enjoy the tracks a billion times more
when finding it all over again.
listening to the common - one day... album,
i forgot (from front to back) that album was the fuckin bomb.
holding in my hand,
and putting it away for another rainy day,
gives me a good feeling every time i find it.
daaamn, im goin to bust out cassettes in a hot minute.

on that tip
j-zone on cassettes:
(btw disco rick is hilarious, got a good laugh)

Real G's Rock Tapes from richdirection on Vimeo.

btw hes right,
ive a couple of roc raida/xmen/mista sinista tapes,
and it has a ton of tracks ive never heard of and
have never been able to find anywhere (damn).

(update: damn!
found an old dj premier mixtape,
shit is fire!)

currently listening to:
common - one day it will all make sense
de la soul - stakes is high
biz markie - i need a haircut
kool g rap + dj polo - killer kuts
m.o.p. - 1st family 4 life

now that i made the name com sense a name you fear
you niggaz is scared!
im your worst nightmare squared!

i forgot how damagin' this track is.
canibus at his best.
common on the battle tip.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

done deal 4.5!

(exhale + sigh)
finally donezo on this, and off to the next.
i wanna do some airbrush marker stuff inbetween these big drawings.
(so i can step up my big drawing game)
the next drawing will be more of a classic format
rather than workin on sihlouettes.
i really wanted to go back to craft on this one,
and i think i stepped it up 2.3 notches.

shout outs on the influences for this piece:
ganksta nip
blaq poet
street fighter iv
and of course all the artists i know personally,
and check out all the time.
oh and i just bought on VINYL:
(whatcha know about that?!)
positive k - carhoppers 12" (the street mix is hella dope)
ultramgnetic mcs - one two one two 12"
tragedy khadafi - thug paradise/true confessions 12"
maestro fresh wes - symphony in effect (!!!!) LP
public enemy - cant do nuthin for ya man 12"
the game + obie trice - growin up in the hood 12"
super duper alonzo 5000

what it is!

what it is one time pac div!
(i saw pac div + cooooool kids!)
cool kids wrecked shit.
pac div wrecked shit.
real hip hop all around.

it brought me back to golden era hip hop shows.
flossin and stylin on the mic, and everyone had some soul.
i think most rhymin today is more about
how many guns + cars u have, or how much drugs u sold.
those rhymes that were done in the past with those themes
had the artist show through, and had some sort of message.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

final stretch!

lets get it!
im on the final stretch on this drawing!
i am super happy with the results so far.
im ready to kill it on the next one!

i have been back posting photos on flickr!
im starting to get the workflow for lightroom,
but still need to get some of the kinks out.
^above^ is my favorites of the olympic photos.

battlefield: bad company 2 - xbox 360 (aka the new crack)
call of duty: modern warfare 2 - xbox 360 (aka still that piff)
street fighter iv - xbox 360 (aka the steady addiction)

Monday, March 08, 2010

a moment of silence.

on a serious note:
found out yesterday
that a teacher i had at acad has passed on.
to reflect:
before i met him
i imagined him like a classic sensei from japan.
all i knew about him before meeting him was,
he was a strict, a hard ass on design,
with a small bamboo stick to whip your hand
if you messed up on the mouse or if u didnt do enough roughs
(which sounds like all acad teachers, heh)
he was different. a super softee.
show respect and respect was given back.
(true japan represent, what!!!)
the hard walls came down once respect was earned.
goin through his classes
he was like,
a tough guy + a zen master,
a hard rock but with soft spots.
one critical point
during my third year there,
i had lots of negative things going on in my life.
to keep the story super short,
i was really down.
in my mind i had already checked out of school,
and was ready to check out on life.
eugene sensed this,
dropped teacher mode,
and sat down for a real heart to heart talk.
i think that was the first time i really
looked at any teacher in a new light.
i remember that was my' tsn turning point'
of my acad life.
strict to get the best out of students,
but understanding and caring.
the last time i saw him in person
was in 2006 while walking through the halls of acad.
it was the first time i had been
back inside the building since i bailed in '98.
i was hoping someone would be kickin around.
it was a good to see a familiar face in the marking room.
a taboo place for students back in the day...
(always wondered what went down in there)
he was in the middle of marking,
but he invited me in and talked for an hour reminiscing.
all the time in the world for alumni.
i can only imagine all the people he runs into,
i can only imagine all of the late nights he dedicated to students.
a great man.
thats how i remember eugene ouchi.
rest in peace.
i will miss you.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

new month's resolution!

check it
here is pics of the last week's worth of work.
added tyson, with the tattoo but u can barely see it.
finally posted some new photos on flickr woot!
also started a twitter account (sugthethug) woot!
now u can follow another lame account!

after looking at my flickr from 2009,
i realized that damn!....i took a hella long break.
i think i got burned out on everything.
trying to take photos,
but not really improving beacause i didnt
take a step back and evaluate any of the photos.
i got stuck in a groove and editing in the same way,
and shooting the same way and not really thinking.
this past year off did me wonders,
as i worked on my drawing and improved drastically.
as far as my photos go, i think ive graduated
to the third year of a four year self taught program.
what to possibly attack this year?
- in studio concept photography (thats a dream)
- shooting more event with tons of people around town
(this was inspiration from martin parr's: small world book)
- some experimentation with tons of different light situations
(lets see where this year takes me)

now that ive seen my photos in a new light,
im ready to go hard and wreck shit.
word to joel meyerowitz.

currently listening to:
dj whiteowl - dipset disciples
blaq poet - the blaqprint
digital underground - sons of the p
slayer - reign in blood

Tuesday, March 02, 2010


first off...
gold canada gold!
what a game, high fives all around,
and im olympic'd out.
no riots, and everything stayed canadian.
i have some fun pics coming.
(stay classy!)
made some progress this weekend on the drawing...
pretty pleased with the quality,
and its the first time ive felt it is a step up (for realzo).
onto the title of this post:
word to blaq poet!
i got the blaqprint,
and the first track off the album is SOLID.
it has been on repeat one for a while now.
the slow triumphant beat,
with the slow stompin rhymes wtf....
damn this is a bridge wars style throwback joint.

'the best that never done it'

and if you dont know about the (queens)bridge wars...
GET HYPE! this beat is ridiculous!
mc shan and marley marl destroying the game.

and if you think poet cannot spit.....
i present 'the original shit starter':
f.a.y.b.a.n. - screwball (blaq poet + dj premier)
word to n.w.a and ice cube
this is the hardest, illest, 'fuck you' shit ever.
and the radio version of this track is comedy.
every other word is censored (ill have to post it sometime).
f--k all you b---h a-- n----s hahahah.
alonzo 5000.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

hello nasty!

yes that is the new remastered hello nasty cd on the drawing.
wicked b-side instrumentals on there.
ive bought hello nasty...
2 original cds
(first one got so scratched up)
2 vinyl versions
(cause vinyl + doubles = dope as fuck)
and now the remastered version for the extra disc
(which is dope as fuck)
and yes, i kinda like the b-boyz.

and now... im past half way in the drawing,
which is awesome,
and i gotta keep grinding as olympics are goin on
(which is going to be tough,
i want to jump out and take a bunch of pics around town)

a random thought:
fuck the protesters (aka babies)
note to protesters: you are 6 years too late!
to me, to wait for 6 couch potato activist mentality.
to not get on the tv,
no protests at construction sites,
not actively believing enough in your cause
to fight it for 6 years. ...
all of these haters are lazy,
and recieve the f minus in LIFE.
also, no one really knows their message after all of this.
double f minus, an ass kick, and a titty twist.

on to some other shit:
too many rappers biatch!
+ turn the everything up!
+ a classic ludacris song!

Saturday, February 13, 2010


had to add my first main character in sf4!
(since i put so many hours into it)
now hes a thing of the past since he was the best char in sf4.

it felt super cheap to win with sagat so i ended up going uphill trying to win with cammy.

my number 1 gesture is my dedication to pride fighting championships.
i miss the grand prix, and all the kick ass fights from those tourneys.

olympics are here!
like in van fashion,
its pissing down like crazy.
good on the great one to carry the torch on the final leg....
vanoc did a great job on the opening (minus you know what).
side note: i only saw the last hour of the opening.
another thought: wow i wrote it down jokingly a couple of days ago,
but damn, steve nash in the final five torch bearers.

currently playing:
call of duty: modern crackfare 2 (xbox 360) almost at level 70!
street fighter iv (xbox 360) 500 tk cannon strikes per side in training mode
tatsunoko vs capcom (wii) trying to unlock frank west + colors

Thursday, February 11, 2010


added an unlaced
superstar to the left,
and my homage to championship mode in sf4.
i have more street fighter ref coming!

olympics are tomorrow.
so blahzay about em, but i guess i should get hype.
(i guess ... yawn)
it wasnt like '88 in calgary where no one had anything better to do than to go to the olympics.
now in van, i think they picked a city thats too big.
we shall see tomorrow night should depict how the olympics will go.
nothing will even come close to the bejing openings...
but one can pray that vancouver/canada can bring it.
rumors round here is wayne gretzky will be the final torch bearer,
which would be a nice pick.
i dont know who else could do it.
calgary picked a random kid (which i thought was hella cool)
and who could possibly be shown as thee athlete for canada?
steve nash to wayne gretzky? hmmmm.

currently listening to:
gucci mane - the state vs. radric davis (wtf?)
capone n noreaga - the war report
lord finesse - the awakening
k-solo - let the world know ny name
epmd - business never personal
lemme say:
lil wayne - rebirth
is TRASH, fuck autotune.
and fuck kanye's last album.
stick to rappin!
leave vocoders to actual singers.
word to zapp + roger troutman!