Thursday, February 28, 2008

holga stylez!

i like the lomo cameras, especially the holga.
amazing what a little bit of blur and saturation does for my photos.
i gotta get a film scanner so i can take more pics with my fisheye camera.
which reminds me, i should scan in some good ol,
fisheye drunken passed out pics. damn thats comedy.
on some other ish,
check out piclens!
its this cool plug in for viewing photo sites.
cool to see my flickr groups i check out
and easily find cool ass photos.
hot gamez for the moment:
- no more heroes (wii) hotness, word to god hand
- street fighter 4 (arcade) 3rd strike is still king until it proves me wrong.
- patapon (psp) cool style, word to loco roco
- king of the fighters 12 (arcade) new sprites = gangsta
- guitar hero 3/rock band (360, ps3, ps2) i suck at it, but hella fun
- samba de amigo (wii) the rise of dreamcast
- house of the dead 2 + 3 (wii) the rise of dreamcast pt. 2 + 3 son!
- tekken 6 (ps3) im still gay for tekken, and will probably buy a ps3 for it.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


getting a bit better at adjusting photos.
i gotta get a decent monitor and learn how to adjust for the web.
i dont take alot of portrait orientation photos since i dont really think of it when shooting.
gotta mention that ive added simon andrews' link------------------->>>>>>
go check it out, top notch paintings.
hot random ish for the moment:
- anticipation for ufc: pride of a champion
word to henderson + kongo, hope they take it
- oscars bookstore (kick ass art store here in van)
- down south hip hop (jeezy, t.i. ugk, cant get enough of the slang + flossin)
- dwight howard dunks (this kid is on fiya!)
- street fighter 4 coverage
(this game looks great, still holding off on a final decision as far as the gameplay goes)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

tuesday: spicy!

i love food.
i love the pho.
during ^this^ meal i put in too much of that red sauce,
and my lips were on fire!
(but i finished it).
in seattle we (virgil and i) hit up what appeared to be
a super ghetto pho restaurant.
when inside it was small.
until i went to the washroom,
and it tripled in size.
damn, i love finding these kick ass dive restaurants.
killer food, and its not your chain restaurant.

Monday, February 25, 2008

monday: tax time!

i dread doin taxes this year....damn.
more on that when i get my return.
anyways, im back from a long ass break
and a whirlwind 2 weeks.
(more details later)
fun times in north van,
around downtown,
kind of all over the greater vancouver area.
some pics will be coming over the next couple of days (i hope).

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

wednesday: first loser!

second place is truely the first loser.
oh well least i got some cash out of it.
alot of photographers have great sites.
ive seen alot of interesting flash tech,
and interesting navigation.
i have some links at work...i gotta remember to send em home.
onward to photos.
lighting rules photography.
after the photo session i had,
it made my camera shots seem pro.
its all about lighting and time in the studio.
taking shots over and over,
and know exactly whats goin on.

matthew mahon
great casual/set up photos.
good knowledge of lighting anywhere and everywhere.
michael zeppetello
cool studio images. top models, and some famous images.
damn i got a loong wayz to go to get to that.
philippe starck
i like photos of objects and rooms, as much as people.
it tells something about the time,
class, personality of the person who owns
or who may own these objects.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

tuesday: gamblin'!

tonight is poker night but b4 i get to the game....
i thought id post some links for some casual surfing.
laser biscuits
a collection of artists and a couple ive seen floating around on tons o forums.
carlos illustration
cartoony and different.
alot more simpler than what i perosnally do.
ink, digital or watercolor seems to be the trend right now.
i like the looseness of the drawings.
something that i need to work on.

Monday, February 11, 2008

monday: the reason!

the reason why i take photos?
well for one,
i love the everyday images,
and documenting of everyday life.
small things captured in an image that take you to that time and place.
to me, its like music.
i can listen to a tune and know where i was.
since for now i cant make beats ( it is very time consuming),
i can crossover and take photos.
easy to learn, HARD to master.
it helped sparked my career as an artist.
ive now learned to see my drawing in another way.
examining light, detail, time of day, location....
kinda seems like it is obvious to learn right away in school,
but it really hit home when going out and walking around trying to take photos.
ive barfed out enough, heres summo influences:
of quiet
i wish i could rember which links ive already posted.
i could easily search, but im too lazy.
on this page, also check out sucka pants
nyc photobloggers
i heart nyc.
wish i could be there,
but i love canada as well.
nathan baker
i went looking around for martin parr stuff and found this guy.
blue collar, working class, everyday people.
it reminds me of friends, family and places ive been to.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

weekend lampin': finally!

finally got thru all of the tutorials.
"i know kung-fu."
now to start the long trek of
figuring out what to put on the site.
i had a layout from 2003 ready to go,
but it doesnt seem to fit what i like to do nowadays.

what a difference one week makes of running.
my legs arent trembling like they were after the first day.
i think i could have ran twice today.
on to what ive been watching this weekend,
and thats dc new frontier,
and some transformers animated.
transformers was kinda wack,
but the at least the characters
had style.
as for dc new frontier,
i always liked darwyn cooke's stuff,
and seeing it animated was very cool.
it looked closer to bruce timm's stuff,
but thats where the influence was from in the first place.

Friday, February 08, 2008

thursday: new yearszo!

for the chinese, in the year of 4200+
(i wish i knew the exact number).
so the run was no fluke,
2 days in a row where i chopped off 10 mins.
about 35 minutes,
and i would love to chop the time down 25 min.
below are some gangstarr foundation joints.
statik selektah - stop look listen with premo on the track.
love to hear q-tip back on the down with styles p.

gangstarr - same team no games w/ nygz
this album was overlooked.

krs-one, blaq poet, marley marl, premo - the victory
krs is still the jam.
i thought this was the best jam on the album.
the roughstyle + 2 super producers = hot ish.
poet has always been a kick ass emcee (to me).
he brings the hard rhymes + the voice

blaq poet + premo - poet's comin'
ever since f.a.y.b.a.n. off the screwball album,
poet brought back an energy kinda like,
canibus in 2nd round knockout.
premier brings this fast, sly,
kick your ass beat.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

wednesday: improving!

word up yo.
running steady,
knocked off ten minutes off my 7k time which is huge.
i will know if this is for real tomorrow
if i can repeat it.

word on,
im listening to some live dead prez,
and want to present this classic.
the intro track to the ol chappelle show.
this is illest beat evah.
word out.

Monday, February 04, 2008

monday: reduced!

so sore from running over the weekend.
the training begins for april,
and im trying to focus on working thru tutorials.
im happy for the running part,
but its hard to stick to the research and crap coding lessons.
no links today,
maybe more coming later this week.
so far on the new years resolution tip.....
im maintaining... b minus.
gotta tighten up the reigns and draw more consistently,
and improve from last year.
well, i guess i have this month to fire things up.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

weekend lampin': big nog and the G MEN!

sounds like a childrens book or movie.
big nog takin the ufc belt on saturday night,
and the giants defeating the pats (18-1).
my sporting weekend is now complete.
too awesome.
that was the best super bowl ive witnessed.
new york has to be in flames right now....
back to big nog...
he came in and snuck in some sweet ass submission,
and took out poor timmy.
i now hope that "handy" (still no r's in brazil)
takes on big nog.