Thursday, January 31, 2008

thursday hot ish: the point of breaking!

check em out! more!
finally back on a decent grind.
found a good subject for a drawing,
took the reference photos for it,
(thats huge)
and ill see where it goes.
im trying to break this terrible habit
of starting things and never doing anything about it.
more mma coming this weekend,
holy crap.
watched the hype up countdown (breaking point ufc 81) show last night,
and it is going to be interesting.
i kinda hope mir wins just to
turn down the hype of lesnar.
also nog to uphold the pride days.
sylvia is boring, i hope he picks it up.
he has potential, but just doesnt put anything on the line.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

wednesday: what the fork!

snow turned into nasty slush.
bleh...ruins my jogging schedule.
slippy slidey....hard to walk on.
in the little time ive been here,
i havent seen this much snow downtown.

Monday, January 28, 2008

tuesday styles: deviant!

heres some of links i dug up from my pile of bookmarks.
its gettin tough to keep diggin,
but whatever,
its cool to surf thru these old links and rediscover these artists.

in the meantime,
im going thru the dreamweaver tutorials...
and what a bore.
sleepy nap nap time.
so i went out and bought records,
so i went out and got some groceries,
so i went out and took photos (at night)
im doing everything to avoid this.
damn, website coding sucks balls.

anyone watch the nhl superskills saturday?
the breakaway challenge was a good idea,
but damn....
they had all year to figure this out and it sucked!
didnt they learn anything from the nba dunk competitions?
its a great way to grow the sport,
but holy crap the first running sucked.
hope they figure it out.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

weekend lampin': score!

just got a decent score from the ol' record shop.
public enemy - 911 is a joke/revolutionary generation
theres was alot of p.e. singles that were tempting,
like public enemy no.1, or give it up + he got game.

ice-t - i'm your pusher/girls l.g.b.n.a.f.
oh snizz, this one takes me back to campin back in the late 80s.
we had a portible tape deck and we kept rewinding
girls l.g.b.n.a.f. over and over.
evil-e in the background "word (word word, echo fade out)"
damn that song is the shit.

funkdoobiest - bow wow wow/ i'm shittin' on 'em
funkdoobiest - the funkiest/ freak mode
the covers were done by glenn barr,
and damn, dj muggs tore it down back in the day.
tomahawk funk -
"i go from letter to letter,
i proceed to get better,
everything rises as i start to set the,
rhymes i taught ya,
i'm about to sort tha,
lines in my head in alphabetical ordah"
funkdoobiest - freak mode

redman - blow your mind/ how to roll a blunt
this single has a place in my heart,...
this was the first live performance i saw on yo! mtv raps.
i stayed up til 2:30 in the morning waiting to watch the live friday segment.
it was at the time this new mc, who was on headbanger + hardcore
offa the epmd albums.

dream warriors - wash your face in my sink/built for the 90's
yo, its that rap that dont talk about guns or killin people.
canada style.

kool moe dee - i go to work
i remember signing this out from the calgary public library,
cause there was no rap around in the stores.
hard as hell to find anything back in the day.

maestro fresh wes - let your backbone slide
canada in the house. this track tore it down on am 106.
drop the needle was the jam too.
had to get it, cause ive never seen the 12" before.

rich boy - throw some d's
is just plain hot. say no more.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

thursday hot ish: (mad) skillz!

more schoolin' on hip hop.
mad skillz is the shit on the wrap up tip.
the nod factor was the jam back in the day.
i wish his albums were tight front to back.
lyrics are pretty solid,
but kinda falls short.
kinda like canibus and cassidy.
ill lyricists, but albums fall short.
all they need is a dose of dj premier, pete rock and extra p
for a whole album.
oh and some marley marl.
word to swizz beats workin on cassidy,
but the directions dont seem to quite fit.
either go hard on the whole album or slow jams.

wednesday influence: the old roots!

i havent hit up the design sites as much over the last 3 years,
but lately, ive been gettin back into it.
solid stuff.
great logos, very illustrative.
old school steez.
i loved their old fonts.
looking at this when i was heavy into mtv graphics.
i love music + gig posters.
the 90s were huge,
when everyone was buying music,
and they had huge budgets for crazy marketing schemes.
tonight im in the middle of watchin ufc fight night.
damn the fights are hella wack.
i guess its better than no fights,
and i guess it is free.
i should stop bitching.
ill hold back until the main event.

Monday, January 21, 2008

tuesday styles: sketchin!

ah yes,
back in the days when i was heavy into
concept art forums, and all that jazz.
it was cool to see new artists come up
and make it in the comics and illustration annuals.
it felt like a movement.
im glad i have the kicks they made for adidas.
graf mixed with cool design,
like haze and shoe back in the day.
nicolas hiltner
lovely paintings. ive probably posted this link before,
but whatever, i do what i want.
robert valley
super stylized joints. gotta pick up some of this for myself.
reminds me of celia celle.
i really enjoy this drawing,
loose + expressive, love the colors.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

monday illin': mashin out!

i getting pumped to sketch out my next idea,
so stuff is coming soon (for reals).
aaron jasinski
good site deisgn....if i had the time, id mack my shit out.
dave curd
its *kind of what i want to attempt to do....
but different.
i like the line style, but i want different coloring
eric joyner
i first saw this dude on the cover of
or maybe it was comm arts ill. annual.
george pratt
i like the loose steez.
i wish i wasnt so anal about linework sometimes.

and now for that kick your ass music!
"its the mash out posse
rugged never smooth!
M F***IN O F***KIN P
the bell ringah
ruckus bringahz...
yum yum eat it up all day!

weekend lampin': riot!

every ufc event should be called rapid fire,
if the event turns out like saturday night's event.
the whole card was mad crazemania!
bj penn brought it and served dat ass,
everyone and their mama got knocked the f out.
one of the best full ufc cards (which was unexpected).

on some other ish,
went to the last day of the roy arden show at the vancouver art gallery.
im glad i caught the show. very inspiring!
he also mixed things up by taking tons of great video in '99.
during the vancouver stanley cup run and riots.
for the love of hockey.....kind of.

below is not roy's...
but a quick search on the riot on youtube is interesting.
way more craze than edmonton or calgary.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

thursday hot ish: empty!

wow what a suckass week for posts
as far as my own content is concerned.
kinda bummed out about that,
but i think i did achieve alot this week
on how i want to attack this year.
also, dreading putting the website together.
i dont know how designers can do that stuff day in and day out.
i want to hang myself doing all of the coding,
and photoshop monkey crap.

ive probably posted this before,
but netik rules on the cut.
roli rho on the juggle tip.
love the ol itf battles, word.
dummy vs. craze was hot.
judges were kinda sketchy at times,
but contestants were mad nice.
i wish the itf was still around...
and last, total eclipse.
the last of the x-men.
a piece of swift, sinista and raida
rolled into one person.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

wednesday influence: street!

i got my photos from the shoot today,
hopefully ill post tomorrow (orrrr, this weekend heh)
^above^ been checkin out the battle scene.
rhymefest and swann has some hot battle skillz.
rhymesayers take it to the house,
i gotta get some scribble jam dvds.

i like this site alot,
lots of cool articles about street photography.
in public
"the home of street photography"

tuesday styles: !

slow start for drawings or photos this year.
been buzy looking at websites and doing research.
also, trying to work on my guitar hero skills.
(which is ass, at best).
the dope graf style
a maf with all kinds of stuff
w k interact
first saw him in nyc '05 walking in the lower east side.
very cool that he is coming up.
kmfdm artist,
i love the drug against war video,
when i saw it on "the box"
in 1992-3sh?

monday illin': word on!

pretty good weekend,
good photo shoot for a bunch of rookies,
i hope i got some really good shots.
(more info on that once i get the shots)
today's post has some of my all time favorite artists.
tom bagley
calgary boy that ruled the gig poster since tha 90s.
dennis brown blog
great colors + mark making
bob peak
aka the man. gotta love old school illustration when drawing mattered.
today's illustration seems kinda unispiring.
flipping thru recent annuals, everything looks kinda blahzay.
there's the odd fresh style, but then theres 50 million copies of it.
eric white
aka "the whoa" aka "word up!"

Sunday, January 06, 2008

thursday hot ish: milk!

heres some ideas for my eventual site,
and a drawing of the new street fighter 4 character.
i definitely messed it up,
but with some practice and better ref,
i think i can do betta.
my links today are about passed over rappers:
unknown but known.
i like the whole album.
hard as hell to find.
audio two / mc milk dee
the milk solo album "never dated".
"go to hell" on that album is so off the hook.
no lyrics rhyme, its just str8
ass kickin.
u have to hear it to understand.

wednesday influence: street fightin' and more!

after messing around drawing street fight characters,
i think should post a bunch more asian influences.
i was really lookin at this stuff 2003-04.
now down with snk/playmore
(you what this is)
magna carta, and he like to paint big ass boobs.
who makes *junk* paintings

tuesday styles: graf!

finally some fresh fresh drawings to post.
i was messing around and looking at advance wars 2,
gate of eternity and breath of fire.
i'm trying to figure out how to residesign or
put my slant on video game characters.
some favorite graf links over the years:

best of 2007!

while i work on my website these next couple of weeks,
i reflect on some of my favorite shots of 2007.
more on the technical side
(for clarity rather than composition).
crawl b4 u walk b4 u run.

monday illin': past and present!

no images today...
or maaybe this week.
i gotta bust a move and start finding new shooting spots.
and start posting drawings for the year.
i think this might work out to force me
to post super fresh drawings
and photos.
heres some illustration links:
found this while looking at alot of bruce timm stuff.
maybe about '02-'03,
i was looking at alot of this stuff
...i still love it.
i like looking at old flash style tattoos.
found this while looking for mike giant stuff,
and he was in juxtapoz alot.
i think i first saw this guy in captain america comics
when i first came to vancouver.
my drawing style changes depending on what i look at.
2 years ago i was looking at cassaday, renato arlem,
john van fleet...realistic with flavor flav.
tomer hanuka makes dope illos.
he is illustration right now.
everyone and their mama is trying to mack his style,
but yo....he is the only
"tru o.g. pimp hustla gangsta playa
hardcore muthaf**kah living today."
(saw the opening to throw in an ice-t album quote)
big trend to use light line work,
+ digital transparent colors,
really muted color pallettes.
i guess its the new chrome + airbrush
(as it was for the eighties)
for the times.