Tuesday, August 26, 2008


i gots ta catch up on everything at home.
gotta clean/nuke my place,
gotta draw and keep it movin,
gotta watch the pile of movies on my desk,
gotta catch up on photos,
gotta take more photos (been slippin'),
gotta talk to people i havent talked to in a while.
listening to:
the roots - rising down
slayer - god hates us all
rage against the machine - evil empire
public enemy - apocalypse '91 the enemy strikes black (thanks to pineapple express)
epmd - strictly business + back in business

Monday, August 25, 2008

3 quarters!

wow it has been a while since ive updated...
since last tuesday,....
i worked the drawing a bit (not much further than what u see above)
played street fighter 4!!!!!!!!!!!!! (which was 3 quarters per play)
saw tropic thunder (which was so-so)
saw pineapple express (super dope)
drank a little sum-sum,
virgil was in town, chillin'....
did i mention i PLAYED STREET FIGHTER 4?!!!!!
fuck yeaaaaa!
it was tits.
yea i said it.
saw chris rock on sunday night,
much respect.
damn i should do some drawing. outzo.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


lookin at the counter, it has been 400 posts.

the pic above is about a week old,
and im now 25% done.
im doubting whether or not i can stick to one theme all the way thru.
i like the randomness and coming up with whatever pops into mind.
its almost like a therapy session.
i can barf out all of the crap goin on,
or attempt stuff that ive wanted to try for a while.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


damn, last night was....
i gots some blur patches.
havent had one of those in a while.
been real hungova all day,
so its movies and photo editing day.
maybe ill get enough energy to head out later tonight.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

must resist!

damn bionic commando rearmed just came out for xbla.
damn i wanna play it,
but ive been on a roll drawin these days.
o well i gots the weekend to mess around.
but i gotta resist downloadin it and ruining
good drawing and reading time.

i think im on session 3 of drawing,
and im about 5% done this new piece.
this one is goin slower since i havent
found that crazy theme that
flow right out of the pen
for hours.
ive had some experiments throughout the
first drawing, where i was buzzed,
no music, listening to stern....
and i think it works best when,
i pencil a little buzzed....
then listen to stern while inking....
and letter while listening to tunes.

damn i gotta get mo beers.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

vid champs!

for those down in the fighting game scene,
evo 2008 finally ended.
world champs crowned for street fight 3:third strike,
super street fighter 2 turbo,
tekken 5.1,
capcom vs snk 2,
marvel vs capcom 2,
and almost every other game on the planet.
now i wait for the other world championships
in japan 'super battle opera' (very japanese name)
aka 'tougeki' in jpn.
damn we need a belt for this shit.
to me its just like ufc (at least in the top tier fighting games).
theres some crazy ish goin down and i cant wait to find
the vids for the eliminations and finals.

Monday, August 11, 2008


day 2 fireworks.
some cool pics came out of it.
there was no wind that night,
so the smoke did not move.
the sky lit up bright red and blue,
but most of the big fireworks could not be seen through the smoke.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

final slaying!

above is the piece almost done
and a final version of the piece.
now started a second one,
found out the paper is actually bigger (27 x39 and not 22x35).
fits in an ikea frame perfect.
and u can see the 360 controller in there for size comparison.
also got some frame for my adam hughes prints...
gotta take a couple of pics of those kick ass covers.
almost done soul calibur 4 story mode with all characters.
been playing the crap out of that lately,
gotta move towards some arcade mode and hit up the online.
on some ufc ish,
st. pierre kicked ass, but i wish he could have finished the fight.
overall good card, good action throughout.
even though there were fights that went the distance,
all of the fights were entertaining.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


heres some shots from the end of
the night on the second night of fireworks.
i have to take the time out to edit the photos taken of the actual fireworks,
cause it looks like it was an actual warzone.
you will eventually see wtf im talkin bout soon).

last night i started work on drawing number 2,
and already, i see higher quality in the lines.
ive got some ideas as to how im gonna attack this one,
so hopefully things go alot smoother.


Tuesday, August 05, 2008

done deal!

above pic is my image almost done,
but right now, im done and its off to the next.
ive been trying to think of a theme for the next drawing,
but fuckit.
i think im just gonna keep freestylin til i have the passion
to dedicate a whole page to somethin.
(or figure out a style for the whole thing).