Thursday, November 29, 2012

new me!

been bummed out for the last little while,
more than expected.
i recharged myself in calgary for 10 days.
i am focused,
and ready to change my lfe.

first off shout outs to everyone i saw while i was out there in cgy AND edm.
it was the first time i went back to edmonton
YO OH! shout outs to dave c, warren and mike....
plus the bioware posse that was still holdin it down out there.

shout out to my family,
ken, dhenny, chad, shannon,
josh, GRILLS, and anyone else i missed...
and i missed out on a bunch of people in cgy,
but ill hit u up next time.

anyways, this is week one of a 3 month "life changer."
a change in diet and cooking.
a change in excerize (now going to run and crossfit)
a change in mindset
a change in scheduling my off time.

sounds like alot?
its not.
alot of friends told me its alot.
i choose to think positive, and i can do anything.
so get hype for me, and its ON.

i will document this somehow.
keep an eye on this page for some ish.

currently listening to:
alicia keys - girl on fire lp (shit is FIRE)
die antwoord - tension lp (shit is FIRE PT 2)
currently playing:
a whole bunch of nothing! (wtf?)

found this song through VICE.
this take me back to starter caps andair force 1s
oh snap! - bill cosby sweater

apathy + dj premier featuring celph titled - stop whatcha doin
"the humpty dance" sample in the chorus is HYPE.
premo doin it like he always doez.

celph titled featuring majik most - baldwin brothers
always loved the nwa beat "something like that" (dre and ren)
which reminds me i gotta blast some nwa later....