Sunday, October 17, 2010

down but not out!

final results of the marathon:
34k i cramped out and could not finish.
sad face.
i was bummed out and crippled for 2-3 days.

but its not over!
ive had time to be bummed out and figure out what happened.
but now its time to get back on the horse and come back harder!
training for the next marathon on may 11!
ill start officially in january,
but in the meantime, im going to try and finish 2 drawings,
do some strength training,
and really adjust to a newer running lifestyle.

in the meantime,
ill try to post about 6-10 pics of the drawing in progress.
ive got lots done since the last time...
im now trying to add krs-one, mc lyte, maybe audio 2 and the atlantic posse,
mc shan, big,....and some other east coast heavy hitters.

currelty listening to:
fabolous - there is no competition 2 lp/mixtape (u be killin em is NICE!!!)
big l - the big picture lp (r.i.p.)
rick ross - teflon don lp (bmf is the shit!!!!)
the beatnuts - the beatnuts lp

currently playing:
nba2k11 (xbox 360) this is beast mode!
medal of honor (xbox 360)
super street fighter iv (xbox 360) switched to deejay for a while!