Sunday, March 16, 2014

house of lies!

whats up, empty as hell in here. 
i have been hording drawings and going nuts. 
couldn't really stop drawing to post. 
i think i will post the best later in the year....just not now. 
it's the first time IN YEARS where im starting to like what i see.

i know this blog is a house of lies,
but whatever at this point.
its the interwebs.
i only have to keep it real with myself.
 i started a drawcrowd page. 
right now the site is wack, since nothing is there. 
eventually i will post nothing but new shit there. 
holla at me if you end up posting on there!  

currently listening to: 
black milk - glitches in the break lp 
lord steppington - step brothers lp 
jr writer - welcome to greatness mixtape 
murs - $hut your trap ep 
vado - sinatra mixtape 

my favorite track off the newest black milk far.