Monday, December 08, 2008


i dont really have the time to find the absolute best stuff
from the stuff i found this year....
heres some of the best of 2008:
laser biscuits
mark behm
maybe some more as i find more links.
this weekend was a trip,
had the company christmas party which was dope.
total hangover on saturday and cold lampin on sunday.
nothing much went down,
but i do have a theme for drawing number three,
and ill show it off once i actually start.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


after the worst of 08 as far as hip hop goes....

the best in hip hop 2008:
of course, tha cool kids
(best beats, and a throwback to the golden era)

busta rhymes - dont touch me (remix)
(another throwback track,
look out for big daddy kane at the end)

ice cube - gangsta rap made me do it
(the album wasnt that hot, but this track was awesome)

j-zone and chief chinchilla gators-n-furs radio show
(for those hardcore hip hop fans that want
some hard to find tracks, and some cool ass themes)

on some other ish:
tomorrow, ill continue the best of 08 trend,
and try to find the best artist/artist releated finds of 08.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

the worst!

"and a good day to you sir"

it's time to jump on the negative tip!

biggest hip hop disappointments of 2008:
kanye west - 808s and heartbreak
(to me, its hella wack)
mos def at rock the bells
(i love mos, but his set was tough to sit thru...
it was a tribute to reggae,
when i wanted to see mos.)
nas - untitled
(it wasnt like this album was a total disappoinment,
but god's son brought back nas.
this felt like nastradamus)
wu tang clan - 8 diagrams
(i generally liked this album,
but listening to their concert on dvd
live at monteux,
this album fell way short of what it was supposed to do)

there's alot of positive stuff that went down this year,
and tomorrow its all pos.

Monday, December 01, 2008


i bought the new kanye west -808s and heartbreak and....
its a coaster!
i like kanye, i liked all his albums but damn...
i enjoy a vocoder/autotune songs,
from people who can actually sing.
(like roger troutman and to a degreee t-pain)
but a whole album of a guy constantly being auto tuned,
and ish is hella wack.
i dont mind exploring new directions in creativity,
just ask the beastie boys about that.
(the mix-up is dope)
then i heard a leak of the new common album.
common is dope,
but this so-so.
hopefully what i heard was throwaway tracks.
i heard ALOT of pharell williams and neptunes beats.
which sounds like a good idea at first,
but not with common.
well on tha flip side....

top good suprizes of 2008 (music):
kool keith - dr. dooom 2
dr octagon (r.i.p) is the shizz!

j-zone presents chief chinchilla: live at the liqua sto
i wish zone would come out with another full lp...
but this is the next best thing.

the cool kids
of course i must show the track of the year!

the bitchwhippaz (is)
dj knowwhatimsayin
uzi sub machine gun
and heineken jones

its the worst rap ever,
but the best shit ever.
it is so over the top,
but nothing is serious.
i love how it sounds extremely white,
but it is hard as f.
theres a track on their last album where they have a rapping parrot
as their lawyer, over the gravediggaz beat.
damn it was bonkers.