Tuesday, November 12, 2013

not dead!

this blog isn't dead yet. 
i was in a dark place for a while, 
so i had to concentrate on myself for a while. 

nothing really crazy, just thought i would focus on other things.

 going home to calgary soon.
can't wait for that.
always good to recharge and get the super powers back.
once you have really been removed from friends and family for an extended time,...
it changes you.

its nothing i can't get over,
its just another mountain i have to climb.

with that,
shout outs to everyone who is down with me.
i am truely thankful for everything friends give.
i am thankful for everything i have.
thank you.

ill post random ass drawing i did during the time of void, when i get back in december.

listening to: a$ap rocky - livelovea$ap mixtape 
pusha t - my name is my name lp 
j-zone - peter pan syndrome
earl sweatshirt - doris
eminem - marshall mathers 2 lp