Monday, March 16, 2009


been a tough couple of weeks.
last week i had a bottle of juice crack open in my backpack,
and my camera died, so, pics for a while.

also, my computer has been acting up
(since it is 5+ years old)
and probably need to be replaced.

new computer and new camera in the next couple of months?
oh crap.

a calf injury has put my training to the side.
now i have to find other alternatives for cardio.
the sun run is coming up april 19th (i think)
and i just found out the half marathon is in early may.
which kinda put 2 events in jeopardy...
unless this injury heals quick!

on the positive tip,
ive bit into the drawing, and hope to
finish the top corner this weekend.
maybe ill post a pic from my other camera later in the week.