Tuesday, August 21, 2007

back from tha bay!

bells officially rocked.
5 gigs of photos and video to sift through later to post.
my top 5 sets:
1. rage against the machine
i forgot how far ahead of their time they were.
hope this sparks another album. who knows.
2. cypress hill
so much weed smoked in the crowd during
"i want to get high"
b-real had the biggest spliff.
3. public enemy
peace. unity. togetherness.
+ flaaaaaaaaaavooooor flaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaav!!!!!
4. epmd
so whatcha sayin'. its my thing,
please listen to my demo,
head banger, you gots to chill.
i wish epmd was on later,
they can put on a show.
5. wu-tang clan
the wu isnt that good live,
more because of the sound engineers.
so many hits, but the music was too low,
and certain mics are way too low.

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