Tuesday, November 06, 2007


after watching both grind house movies...
planet terror is the bomb.
death proof was okay.
the car stuff and kurt russell's character was awesome,
but way too much unecessary (character building?) dialog.
on some other ish:
i found this crazy site with a bunch of fighting game ranking battles.
this means nothing to almost everyone.
but it has some weird ass games (for ranking battles).
karnov's revnege
super street fighter 2 turbo
street fighter three: third strike
cyberbots (wtf?)
last blade 2
capcom vs snk 2
darkstalkers 3
capcom fighting jam
fatal fury real bout special
power instinct 3: groove on fight (such a japanese title)
if you care,
mi-ka-do.net is tha joint for fukdupness.

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