Thursday, May 06, 2010

wit the furs!

im watching funny booty bass vids
and wrestling vids?
what a weird combo.
ive been watching old 80s wrestling matches.
macho man was the shit.
ric flair was the shit.
love all those old fun talks up before matches.
(word to the ultimate warrior, hogan, piper and bobby heenan)

currently listening to:
dj evil dee - beatminerz radio (c'mon kick it!)
cam'ron + vado + dj drama - boss of all bosses 1+2 mixtapes
wu-tang clan - wu-tang forever 2lp
murs + 9th wonder - fornever lp
b.o.b. - the adventures of bobby ray lp
cypress hill - rise up lp
(this is so-so, gotta listen a bit more)
la coka nostra - brand you can trust lp
(on the fence with this one, gotta listen to it more)

i love this beat and music video.
(word to pete rock)
i used to watch the and1 streetball vids.
damn that shit was dope!
(word to hot sauce, skip to my lou, helicopter, professor, escalade....damn!)

and just because....
i love this 'transformers theme' sample.
plus (oscar/academy award winning)
three six mafia has always repped hard as fuck.

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