Sunday, September 12, 2010

final monthzo!

one more month of training then its on.
one year, 3 major goals with a shitload of minor goals.
10k, done.
half marathon, done.
full marahton, in progress.
drop 30 pounds by the marathon? right now at 25.
still goin on the drawing, im taking pics as i go along...
but its a pain in the ass to resize em and post.
so ill try to get em all in one gigantor post when im close to done.
but for now,
ill say im 75% done and im going towards the homestretch.

beats for the moment:
beatnuts - reign of the tec
this beat is sooo hype!
m.o.p. - downtown swinga 98
word up cobra! its prime time!
erick sermon - hittin switches
this beat is set in the middle of my running playlist to catch the second wind.
redman - hardcore (originally off epmd business never personal)
damn this got me hype for the album.
and it did not disappoint.
so....whos looking forward to the next kanye, lil wayne or waka flocka album?
full albums are LAME now, look at em's last joint.
and right now,
i dont give 2 shits about new artists like:
waka flocka
lil wayne
wiz khalifa
lupe fiasco
soulja boy
im not grouping these artists for their skills.
i grouped them by (note: these artist obtain 1 or more of these qualities):
guest star gangbang on album,
internet hype but actually wack as fuck,
hyped by new hip hop community but does not stand up to golden era standards,
album has a couple gems, but overall, its WACK.
its more about coming up with a full album,
GOOD production,
and less than 2 guest stars on ya album.
hows about no gangbangs on anymore albums!!
(go look at the track listing for drake's last album wtf)
let the artist live!

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