Sunday, January 30, 2011

time to fire it up!

ive been crunching at work, and this month was pretty brutal.
but i did get all of my workouts in, and some drawing.
in the meantime...this time ive decided to really plan out my drawing....
and looking at my older drawings,
i could probably fit around 70 characters
on the sheet, and start to visualize how this thing is going to go down.

ive now finalized my characters i want to draw
for the next drawing and it looks like this:
street fighter 15
mortal kombat 8
tekken 10
darkstalkers 5
soul calibur 4
dead or alive 2
king of the fighters 5
mark of the wolves 2
killer instinct 1
battle arena toshinden 1
battle fantasia 3
guilty gear 4
blazblue 2
virtua fighter 5
power stone 2

i based most of my decisions on how they would look on the page....
the crazier the better!
classic characters,....
my personal favorites to play as....
this will not be the typical scene.
i think ive picked some oddball characters...
but i guess i will reveal as i am drawing them so stay posted.

heres the first five....
top 5 on my street fighter:
sagat (ssf4 version)
cammy (ssf4 alternate)
chun li (sf alpha version)
ryu (ssf2 version)
urien (sf3: ts version)
february its time to fire it up!
i will start this drawing, and try to turn it up and
grind this thing out.
LETS GET IT! 2011 get hype!

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