Tuesday, May 03, 2011

hard work!

marathon complete,
2 years of hard work paid off.
im not done.
i think running will be a forever change,
and this will not be the last marathon.
i think i will do 1 per year,
and concentrate on losing more weight.
now its time to focus on drawing and learning more programs.
im going to bust ass and try to combine
enjoying the weather and draw A SHITLOAD.

things i realized and will try to work on specifically.
(in my drawings)
consistent ink lines
proportions + wankyness
facial expressions
full body + poses.

it sounds like alot,
but its not.
im going to look back and rework some of my old drawings
(something I NEVER do)
and try to fix problems,
to see if i can level up quickly.

the thing that inspired me to do this?
bruce timm. (batman animated, head of warner bros animation basically)
i read a long ass interview about his process
and think i might give it a try.
books learnin' helpz once and a while.
who knew?

new beastie boys is out!
go get that shit!
i got my cd copy today,
and have 2 vinyl copies (what?) on reserve mid june.

below that is a slammin track.
word to tyler the creator on the beat.
this kid is young as fuck and is killin it!
odd future wolf gang kill them all (ofwgkta) - earl
odd future is my shit right now....
this track is on repeat one all day.
my favorite track on the album so far:

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