Friday, December 30, 2011

the next chapter!

ive got a job!
but im out of vancouver, and canada.
i miss it a ton, but i am looking forward to wilding out in amuricah.
im now in the north baltimore,maryland area.
all of this news is super old since ive been here since september...ish.
ive been working on picking up the pieces and starting life from square one all over again.
it has been tough so far to meet new people but ill try and figure it out.
i dont have the luxury of knowing at least 1 person in town.
oh well fuckit.
time to get inspired and take life by the balls right?
so, as far as drawing goes,
for the last 3-4 years ive been looking for a 40x60 sheet of bristol like in acad.
ive been unlucky...until now.
ive found a comparable paper in baltimore.
the problem is....
its 3 ft high(36"= good!)
30 ft (362"=whaaa?)
i think ive decided to go on a marathon and attempt to finish this fucker.
minimally, itll be bigger than anything done in the past if i stop at say 3x3ft.
but fuckit.
im alone out here,
and im really gonna try and find myself out here.
time to see what im really made of.
not only is drawing going to be effected....
ive got some new ideas for 2012.
since losing my job and setting up shop down here,
ive had alot of time to think about how i want to attack life from now on.
im going to be leanin on my friends for some new adventures,
and venturing into some new directions.
which includes this blog.
the goals for 2012?
1. setup this new team concept with some peoples...
(its cryptic, but i dont want people stealing this shit)
2. continue this massive drawing
3. no.1 will setup this goal, which is expand my knowledge in other areas of art
(to never again get caught if i ever lose my job)
4. trim the fat in all parts of my life.
ever since i got down here, it has been all about...
"out of sight, out of mind"
its time to put things ive ignored in my life,
to the front.
fuck everybody,
2012, lets get it!

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Jeff Spokes said...

Amazing work, inspired/envious as usual.
Hope life in Baltimore is good.