Wednesday, January 25, 2012

new setup!

i wanted to make more posts more often,
even though ive been super buzy.
time to manage my time better in 2012!

yo check it out!
new ass setup!
ive got a 23" on the left, 27" in the middle and 24" on the right....
this shit is hype!

to update:
i was in cgy last week,
shout outs to
my family....always good to recharge at home!
GRILLS, stebsly, kingevilnob, dhenny, steve-o, toby, wyatt + chad
good seeing everyone,
im super psyched to level up this year!

ive been working on transferring my stuff to mac,
learning mac functions and video programs!
hopefully within a couple of months ill have video posts!

ive got ALOT of weird ass footage of my first month in the u-s of a.

gotta bail, short update!

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