Sunday, January 13, 2013

next round!

super short update:
shout outs to the ravens for an amazing divisional playoff vs the broncos.
one of the best games ive ever watched.
its up there with my top 5 playoff games for any sport.

getting back to work has messed up my flow on the big drawing.
so i will get back to it this week!

letters from iwo jima
flags of our fathers
check it out! with dr. steve brule season 1+2
nick swardson - seriously who farted?
listening to:
a$ap rocky - long live a$ap LP
(i am really enjoying this album)
beastie boys - licensed to ill LP
boogie down productions - edutainment LP
ofwgkta - the of tape vol 1 LP 

boogie down productions - original lyrics

GET OFF MY..... 

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