Wednesday, February 14, 2007

feet 2!

my love is real
some earn it
some are unworthy
walk in the prescence of men
with thoughts to hurt me
they wonder why i throw shade
and stay to myself
cause i'm me
plus i'm not betraying myself
i'm free
from the burden of extending my hand
to my man that don't deserve it
i only trust fam
when I was locked up
you was doing you
you excluded me
you should be happy now that i'm doing me
acting like i won't give up a habit
i got a question:
who came to spank's wake empty handed?
you smile in my face
yet your eyes reveal the hate
next time you talk about me
mention I ain't fake
i'm living my dream
live yours
i gave sweat and tears
you didn't even buy my cd
you say you my man?
you so jealous
your emotions make you careless
i hope when you hear this
it makes you think
before you staring
at your last sight
if your schemin'
i'm reading you your last right
get your mind off primitive thoughts
and get your cash right
i'm not limited
without rap i'd still be gettin' it
yours truly
the dealer slash lyricist
- from "love in love out"

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